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Found 4 results

  1. Azama: Carefree Monk One of Hinoka's retainers, Azama is a prickly fellow with a curious stat spread. As a reference to Azama's low magical growth in Fates, Azama's attack is the lowest of all units in Fire Emblem Heroes. As a result, Azama's stats are concentrated in his bulk, particularly his HP and defense, which can make him obscenely difficult to defeat. And do not let his low attack fool you as his default Pain staff guarantees 10 damage after combat if he can attack allowing him to pile damage upon damage. The release of the Weapon Refinery has strengthened this further by giving him access to Pain+ which inflicts 10 damage to his target and enemies within 2 spaces of them. So, let's get ready for the pain train as we go over a bit on Azama. Level 40, 5* Base Stats Note: Bolded indicates stats that increase/decrease by 4. HP: 40 | 43 | 46 Atk: 18 | 21 | 24 Spd: 23 | 26 | 30 Def: 29 | 32 | 35 Res: 22 | 25 | 29 Default Weapon and Skills Weapon: Pain+ Assist: Martyr+ Special: Imbue and Solid-Earth Balm A Passive: None B Passive: None C Passive: Threaten Atk 3 General Overview and Universal Skills As with my previous analysis of another character, I'd like to go over some general things about Azama such as skills that he can use for any build unless specified for a particular build. This is to try and reduce unnecessary clutter and redundant explanations. The topics here will be healing spells (his Assists), Close Counter, and B and C passives and Sacred Seals. Iron Monk General use, physical wall, defensive Mystical Monk General use, mixed-magical tank, defensive
  2. So the new staves have me eager to theorize how best to use them. I have one idea. Azama is naturally the tankiest staff user, I mean he's not super tanky but with a little over 30 on both def and res he can usually take a hit as long as it's not from some glass cannon like Arya. Wich brings me to my build plan, one of two actually. 1- pain+ + Savage blow + Savage blow seal. That's over 20 damage in a radius around the target. That will certainly soften up the enemies, the down side is that might activate some B abilities that work at 75% or less health. 2-option B is to give him Sakura's attack reducing staff on top of attack smoke to just decimate their attack stats What are some thoughts on these
  3. Yes. Azama is absolutely hysterical. He’s the antithesis of a traditional holy man– impatient, condescending, and a bully. Now, now. I know what you’re thinking: He’s a monk but a dick! Of course that’s why he’s funny! He’s a hypocrite! However, best put in his wise words, “I’m sorry that you’re totally wrong about everything.” Azama’s cruel behavior corresponds to his personal philosophy more than you understand. Despite it being the wildly common claim, he’s actually not a nihilist. Azama’s an absurdist. Absurdism is the third, lesser-known sibling to existentialism and nihilism.Existentialists believe humans can imbue meaning to life while nihilists think life is intrinsically meaningless and trying to ascribe some kind of meaning is futile and irrational. Yet it could be said that absurdists are like a paradoxical combination of the two schools of thought. Absurdists believe that while life is indeed intrinsically meaningless, one ought pursue the experience of life itself anyway– to live on in spite its contradictions and dilemmas. One can “reject” the absurd in two ways: 1) suicide and 2) religion. Suicide outright denies the experience of living, and to place faith in a religion is to willingly stay ignorant about the ultimate insignificance of a life. [x] But Azama’s a monk! Yes, yes. I hear you, and you see, that’s exactly how Azama has embraced the third option: to accept the absurd. He’s not necessarily a pious monk. (Whether it be enemy soldiers or bears, he has no qualms over killing.) Furthermore, he originally became a monk in hopes to mitigate his horrible temper. In meditation, Azama has found something that works for him, and he’s making use of his time being a monk with the full awareness that him being a “holy man” utterly holds no value. That’s why he doesn’t take being a monk and a healer and a retainer seriously. He may realize he’s smarter than most, but he also realizes that he’s truly no holier-(or-more-important)-than-thou. He never questions his comrades for their morality, just their stupidity. Arguably, he’s the most grounded character. Because instead of establishing a god-complex for all his talents and imparting his knowledge onto simpler minds, he doesn’t give two shits about anything since he knows no creation is any more more special than the next. So who is he to try and pretend like he’s someone better? Azama’s a dick because…might as well get some cheap laughs out of a ride you didn’t sign up for. Right? [x] ~~~ Whoever worked on Azama for the localization deserves a huge bonus– they did their philosophy homework! See?! I’m learning something as a philosophy major in college! [ugly cries]
  4. So, I prefer pairing people up based on their support convos rather than stats (I do take classes into consideration, but it's not a huge dealbreaker unless the child wouldn't get any new classes). I've been trying to find someone to hook up with Azama, because he seems like the most difficult to pair up because of his personality? I know he can be kinda wise sometimes but he's also pretty rude. The only people I haven't support grinded for him are Oboro, Hana, Mozu, and Sakura (not sure if I want Sakura to marry anyone though). And from the people I've grinded, Orochi, Azura, and Rinkah have ok supports with him...What do you guys think?
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