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Found 3 results

  1. Given certain (not so) recent events, I figured I would be the one to introduce this iteration of our wonderful yearly pastime. It should be said that we should still be civil with each other when discussing football. Even if certain people in the football fandom are gone from the community, we have to be mindful of how we conduct ourselves. To kick off actual conversation, I believe if the Titans perform all year as they did in the latter half of last season, I think they will comfortably take the AFC South.
  2. Any Baseball fans here? I'm a lifelong Cubs fans, with my grandfather and mother being particularly diehard growing up. I hope to raise my kids right to be Cubs fans as well. This year has been very nice so far. Last year was good, after slogging through years in the cellar. I saw a football thread, but nothing for baseball, so I figured I'd get the discussion started.
  3. So a update to P4A is coming soon and in it Junpei and Yukari are being added. Yukari uses her bow and excels at wind-type “Garu” skills, and has top-notch speed. Her bow attacks are very fast, and not something you can easily dodge using your reflexes once the arrow takes off, which is said to be one of her notable strengths. Additionally, her arrow can have a “Maha Garu” effect, which lasts momentarily on the screen and acts as a guided missile, giving Yukari a tricky element to her play style. While she excels at long-ranged attacks, she can also use jump and Persona for rush attacks at close-range. Junpei is a power-type character who uses various attacks with his bat. His strength lies in his long reach that allows him to hit his opponents from a slight distance. Since he uses a bat, his abilities revolve around a baseball system, that involves runners advancing and scoring, which adds to its strength. Also inculded is the ablity to play as your shadow self I've been looking for a eason to pop in P4A again wonder how their story is going to pay off Apart from Yukari and Aigis having a catfight about Makato.
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