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Found 5 results

  1. After looking on the script, one thing that confused that about SoV story was the relationship between Rudolf and Berkut. At first I though that Rudolf cared for his nephew, however the more looked at things I noticed that Rudolf doesn't say anything positive about him. While it is true that Berkut repeatably lost to Alm's forces. He doesn't tolerate his multiple failures well. Rudolf seems to have more faith in the destiny Alm will have. It's it just the Rigelian way of teaching or Rudolf cared little for Berkut?
  2. "First in line to the Rigelian throne. Prideful, but loves Rinea with all his heart." ___________________________________________________________________________________ Analysis: Max Stats at 5 : HP 43 Str 34 Spd 22 Def 31 Res 24 Berkut, Prideful Prince was the reward of the 12th grand hero battle. His main strengths are his high HP, Atk and Def. His Res is low, but still higher than some other Blue Cavaliers. His Speed is his worst stat. Because of his high HP, Atk, and Def Berkut can perform well as a frontline attacker or a physical defender. His weapon gives him +4 Res when attacked, which can be upgraded to +7 Res when attacked. When upgrading his weapon he also gains HP +5 and Atk +2/Spd+3/Def+4/Res+4. Berkut is a great unit, but is held back by his low Spd. These builds show ways to overcome that problem. ___________________________________________________________________________________ My Builds: Ranged/Mage Counter Dueling Defender Brave Lance + QP Firesweep Damage ___________________________________________________________________________________ Submitted Builds: Renewal TT build - submitted by @Javi Blizz Images of the builds from FEH Unit Builder - https://feh-stuff.github.io/unit-builder.html
  3. So, I'm new to the site... not at all new to the games. I've been playing since I was born. I started with 7 and have now made my way through the entire series except for Thracia 776 (for the love of God please link me a working patch). Okay, introductory note aside, I've been doing some thinking. Recently I was listening to Echoes's amazing soundtrack. When I reached the song 'Prince of Darkness', something hit me... So, we know that Fire Emblems 1/11, 2/Echoes, 3/12, 4, 5, and 13 are all part of the Archanea Timeline. So, certain demons and monsters such as both Loptyr and Duma exist in the same world. Julius was always referred to as the Dark Prince, while Berkut was referred to (through the soundtrack) as the Prince of Darkness. Let's also not forget that when Julius was killed in Genealogy, he morphed into a dragon before he finally bit the dust. So, and I mean to say this is just a thought, is it possible that Duma (having taken the form of a dragon before) is the same Loptyr that Jugdral came to fear? They even both utilize similar fighters on the final levels in their respective games: the Deadlords and the Duma Faithful. Along with that, we learn in Genealogy that Loptyr once ruled some sort of Dark Empire, sounding extremely similar to the land Duma was ruled with an iron fist. I'm not saying this has to be the truth, but please use your complete knowledge of the series and really get some good insight into the evidence that supports this. If anybody has some other evidence supporting it or something to put it down, please make a post. Seeya fellahs!
  4. I did seen the same user named Death Chaos (the same one who found Berkut's and Frenand's unused lines) who posted the playable Berkut and Frenand showcase. I know that Frenand can only be playable in the Rise of the Deliverance DLC maps only without hacking. But, I did saw Linkmstr's video that showed the Battle of Zofia Harbor and Seige of Zofia Castle that characters can't level up in the maps. But, does anyone know if there is an unused line from Frenand besides the Level Up Quote and Silque healed Frenand actually not used in Frenand's battle during in the Battle of Zofia Harbor and Seige of Zofia Castle maps? I didn't download the DLC maps yet.
  5. I did saw the Post Battle Mourning did have Berkut was meant to be playable in the beta along with Frenand besides the Rise of the Deliverance. But, I managed to found a video that Death Chaos (the same user who posted the Post Battle Mourning Voice Clips Quotes) managed to find more of Berkut's quotes that he very well most likely have been planned as a playable character during in the development. I did not see anyone posted a thread about all of Berkut's unused lines in this forum section and this video was posted around May 25th. By the way, the user named Death Chaos managed to post the timestamp in the description that showed what timeline that one of those voice audio clips belong for any of Berkut's line in the game data:
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