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Found 18 results

  1. After doing more research on the game, bracketing as a mechanic has completely captured my mind. The fact that you can always predict where a unit will be floored at when given certain resources is incredible, as it helps immeasurably with reliability (especially in a game as silly and reliably unreliable as Berwick), along with progression being guaranteed with both weapon and unit level itself being consistent (enough) to raise. Looking at unit brackets, a lot of them make sense. Units with high bases often have tight brackets, likely so you can't just feed them a few levels and watch them go to town with rigged growths. It's a way of keeping them within expectations (Goodness knows I'd love extra speed/def on Clifford/Ward, but the one point they can basically ever get makes that moot, especially with how aggressive the experience curve is. It's a reasonable piece of design. The offensive mages and thieves have them as well, save for Perceval and Axel, (the latter of the two being a thief mechanically) which makes sense that the magic users are expected to not be able to become *too* powerful (And in Enid's case, effectively guaranteeing a time for her to promote), and the thieves will stay in their lanes. It's rather thoughtful design. Units that you're expected to raise, for the most part, have loose brackets. It's a way of indulging that pleasure of watching the boxes tick up (example below, spoiled to compress the post): The fact growth units have loose brackets makes sense mechanically, as well as in the interest of effective anecdote generation that keeps conversation about these games going. You're gonna have something different every time, and you may have new stars of the show that surprise you every time you play. However, not all growth units have loose brackets, and therein lies the reason I wanted to make this post and see what people thought. Because some units that you'd expect to have tight brackets given their capabilities have loose ones (Perceval being the primo example, as he's a magic user. I'd argue Reese fits too, as he's a force deploy and you'd hope for consistency from a mandated unit), and some units that are meant to be projects the player uses through the game have tight ones. Notably, the units like that (Dean, Arthur, Sherlock, and Enid [how special! She gets to be mentioned in both the praise and attempted disassembly of brackets]) are ones that I don't think you would ever want to not use, unless it was a self imposed challenge? These units are consistent powerhouses who you can always rely on to be useful to you. They aren't prohibitively expensive, permanent recruitment of them is accessible (or, for half of them, free), and they're all very good at killing and providing utility that well, you always want in Berwick. (Especially Enid's hit aura. Sometimes I'd deploy her to fill the slot not just to raise her fire rank and be good chip, but because that hit aura is an incredible thing on side chapters when you don't have Reese's aura) These units being consistently good and effective roster mainstays isn't necessarily a problem. It's good to always have units you can rely on! Rather, I wanted to ask (and provide my own potential answers to) two questions, to hopefully learn something. What units would benefit from tight brackets, and what ones are fine with their loose ones. Faye's the obvious answer for tight brackets, given both her plot relevance, the fact that I swear the greater fan community loves their female myrms, and the fact that, even if as it stands now she is a bad unit, she's satisfying to use because of progression. She's probably the only unit in the game who can reliably avoid attacks without a bane skill. While frivolous, especially since Berwick is in 1rn, the optics and pleasures of that are, at least to the metaphorical lizard brain, a tempting thing. Tight brackets would hurt her dodgetanking (likely something that would fit better with the intended play of the game, unless you kill eight people) but it would actually mean that she can fulfill her intended mechanical and narrative purpose significantly better (Plus, it would help blind players deal with Chaos! That was a rough time). Foresight may be the number one thing to improve the capabilities and how "in control" a player feels in a strategy game, but I'd argue that thoughtful design and making sure they have the tools goes a long way as well. That, and it turns her from an unreliable female myrmidon into a somewhat squishy, yet reliable unit. She doesn't have the overkill combat of her other reliable buddy, Dean, but I think it would do her a great service to not be as wildly variable. I think there's also an argument to be made for Sylvis, as well (2 strength takes her to Faramir's 33 with Rossweisse+mithril arrows that I swear feels like the one shot threshold for a lot of enemies.) I don't know if this is a common take, but she's kind of... middling? Maim isn't an active skill, which is both understandable for balance yet terrible for it's intended usage. Sure, you can make that Aperion early for the somewhat more reliable cripples, but with how a lot in this game is command skills, it'd be nice to have it on a cooldown or a command thing, even with the limiter. (Plus, Aegina/Perceval exist for incredible capture duos. Let her have this!) Her bow progression isn't incredible, and while she does have aim+overwatch+deadeye as options for her that other archers don't have (deadeye being unique to her), it doesn't feel like it puts the ball enough in her court to use her over other archers. Esteban's got a better progression and doesn't break the bank to use, even if he's half a meme. Sherlock is well, Sherlock, the moment you get past that middling early game he becomes a demon. Faramir has the bases and five movement! The thing is, unless you want to recruit her/do her map/some certain overwatch cheese that Sherlock just hasn't gotten enough experience yet to do, you can basically always field another archer. Tight brackets would hopefully give her some reliability that makes her worth using, even despite her frankly concerning recruitment costs. There's likely arguments to be made for Ruby (can get nothing but one speed before promotion) and Larentia (She's already incredible because she's on a wyvern, and the best indicator for the unit quality of a woman in an SRPG is "is she on a dragon," and it's not like she's an incredible combat mainstay, she's just Enough, like Christine) but I don't have as intense thoughts on those two as I do the others (despite me using Larentia every map I could since her joining, and her out-levelling Ward. There's just always something she can be doing!) so I'm curious if others have any thoughts, or if this is discourse I've missed for one reason or another. Bare minimum, I think brackets are genius and I hope to see other strategy games take advantage of similar systems to further emphasize player capability and predictability.
  2. Here's some random changes I did on feel to berwick saga, lunatic txt file is a readme/script file for bws editor xdelta is a patch file, use either to patch it onto a translated berwick saga iso, which uses the aethin 2.3(starts with two) version translation patch. Have fun ig BWS_Hard_mode.xdelta BWS_Lunatic.txt
  3. Hi everyone I just done play Fe three House for 3 Ng+ And now think about play Berwick saga since it looks amazing But I got my few questions since I can't find guide or other hope someone here can help me 1 did this game got multiple ending? If yes please explain how to get it if you can 2 did this game got romance between character affect by support? Like if we marry one character if got maximum bond like on class Fe thing? I kind hope there romance story on this game
  4. I captured Minas and killed Theodore in chapter 6, but they didn't show up in the final chapter. Did i mess the questline up or is it bugged?
  5. Today I will show my Berwick Saga cheat which was made by myself.The format is RAW code *** No Weapon Replacement upon taken 2016DE70 03E00008 2016DE74 0000102D * Use alongside of this code Prevent Game from deleting banned weapon 20175110 03E00008 20175114 039E0027 *** All weapons that can cause status ailments in the game are replaced by normal weapon whenever the player manage to get a hold of them.I think this gave the A.I an unfair advantage over the players.This code will prevent the weapon replacement and allows player to use those weapon if they can get it. *** Get All Weapon upon Defeating Enemy 2016CEBC 3BE21998 *** This will make all weapon by the enemies droppable when the player kill them.A fun code to try, note that I don't recommend you using this code on your first playthrough, it could make the game too easy and ruin your experience. *** Controllable Enemies 0038EAD0 00000004 0038EB7C 00000004 This cheat will allow you to control your enemies on player's turn.It is best used when almost all of the enemies have finished their turns. *** Can view civilian's stat 2055D0AC 00E50023 * With this cheat you can view all NPC's stat when you are not supposed to.This code does nothing other than that,it is just to show that this is possible. *** Berwick Saga Map Modifier (L2+Left On L2+Right Off) D05039EA 0000FE7F 20550A20 240300XX D05039EA 0000FEDF 20550A20 8E030000 Where XXXX is Map ID Map ID with a * will be replaced by this chapter's Main Map 00: Invalid 01: Take the player back to office 02: Looters * 03: Stolen Swords 04: Food Supply 05: Champion of the Streets 06: Cruel Brothers 07: Mining Town * 08: Keith of the Mist * 09: Fledgling Knights 0A: Maria's Wish * 0B: Born a Knight * 0C: Situation in the Armory 0D: Color Chord 0E: Combat Training 0F: The Alter of Raze 10: Triple Counterattack * 11: Lumiere 12: Hero of the Sea 13: Ancient Treasure 14: Liverleaf * 15: The Phantom Corps 16: You Are In Command * 17: Yellow Killer * 18: A Knight's Pride 19: The Veterans 1A: The Labor Camps * 1B: Supply Line * 1C: Island of Exile 1D: Impossible Dream 1E: St. Stefano 1F: Ponies and Thieves 20: Maiden and Mercenary 21: Deadly Ballista * 22: Mountain Hunt 23: QUESTMAP34 * 24: Killing Blow * 25: In Pursuit of Thieves After 25 there are a lot of useless values so I will not go investigate on them. 26: Wife's Keepsake (Auto win) 27: Villain Hunting (Auto win) 28: Neam Medicine (Auto win) 29: Three Axes (Auto win) 2A: Barker's Poetry (Auto win) 2B: Shield of the Empire (Auto win) 2C: Nobleman and Girl (Auto win) 2D: Parental Love (Auto win) 2E: Stubborn Old Man (Auto win) 2F: Raijin Arrow (Auto win) 30: Mistake in the Shop (Auto win) 31: Forgotten Item (Auto win) ... Note: You must have at least 1 sidequest open to do this trick.If you don't want to start next chapter then you have to use the room mode and enter room 0x24 to reset the chapter.Note that chapter 1 can't be reseted. *** Berwick Saga Room Mod (L2 + Up to Enable, L2 + Down to return back to normal) D05039EA 0000FEEF 20555384 380600XX D05039EA 0000FEBF 20555384 8C460714 where XX is: 00: Office 01: World Map 02: World Map 03: World Map 04: World Map 05: Look like meeting room - Conversation with Formar the first time - The second time Formar gives you 10000D - Keep going to this room will always gives you 10000D 06: - Conversation with Rockefeller - The second time Formar gives you 7000D 07: Near the sea - Conversation with Elbert the first time - Second time Elbert gives you 7000D in your office 08: Dungeon 09: Black arena (soft locks) 0A: World Map 0B: Mountain - Conversation with Corona, there are also 4 ballistas there 0C: Sword and Shield Shop 0D: Spear Seller 0E: Bow Seller 0F: Seasonal Market 10: Stables 11: Atelier 12: Kingfisher Pavillon 13: Local Tavern 14: Mercenaries Guild 15: Veria Temple 16: Abbey 17: World Map 18: World Map 19: Lower Street 1A: World Map 1B: Merchant Guild - Warning : * Speaking to Alex will show the credits but the game continues afterward 1C: Collector's House - First conversation with Erzheimer, after this you can unlock Collector's House 1D: World Map 1E: World Map 1F: World Map 20: Conversation with Axel near the beach 21: World Map 22: World Map 23: World Map 24: Chapter Main Scenario 25: Unknown Storage house (Soft lock) 26: Smithing Guild (can exit) 27: World Map 28: A different version of Mercenaries Guild, used for VS Mode? Loading the END save when prompted will enable you to replay the last missions with Reese and Ward 29: Black area, (soft lock) 2A: Black area, (soft lock) 2B: Outside of Abbey , conversation with Luciana 2C: Black area, (soft lock) 2D: Black area, (soft lock) 2E: Office, conversation with Lynette and showing credit 2F: Mayor Office 30-31: Cannot enter - Can save every turn 201D635C 00600011 - How to hack Berwick Saga characters * First you have to get PCSX2 dev build which you can find by Googling PCSX2 nightly build When on game, pause by pressing Esc and click on the Debug tab/Open Debug Window - The debugger will be open, but since the game is paused you won't see any code, resume gameplay. Press CTRL-G while in the code window and input 0018D5A0 - After you go to the address double click it to add it to the breakpoint list - Now in game press Triangle to view the information of the character you want to edit, PCSX2 will break(pause until you hit Run) - Take note of the value in the s0 register, it is 0x01E1869C, We will add 0x20000000 (to get PCSX2 address) to it making it 0x21E1869C.We will only care about the 4th column from left to right.The other columns are useless even if it has values - After you got the address you can remove the breakpoint and click Run.PCSX2 will resume normally. - We will fire up cheat engine to change the player's info.Here is what I have found(replace s0 with the address which is 0x21E1869C in my case: * Name (2 bytes) = s0 + 0x0A * Class Address (1 byte)= s0 + 0xF * Avatar Address (2 bytes)= s0 + 0xC * Unit Type (1 byte) = s0 + 0x1C - 0x68: Player's Unit - 0x69: mercenaries or guests - 0x00: nothing - 0x10: enemies * Skill: s0 + 0x34 to s0 + 0x40 (which means 0x34, 0x35, 0x36,...->0x40) where each address is the sum of: Skill 1 = s0 + 0x34 - 01: Axe guard: Use axe as shield - 02: Longbowman: +1 bow range, -15Hit - 04: Huntsman: Ignore forest Avo when using arrows - 08: Aim : Arrow + 33 Hit - 10: Swimmer - 20: Resistor: +3 Res within 5 hexes - 40: Search: Look around for items - 80: One-Two: Take two attack actions in one turn Skill 5 = s0 + 0x39 - 01: Deathmatch - Attack with 5 rounds of combat - 02: Swap Horse - 04: Throw - Range 1 attack with +10 Hit - 08: Parry - May negate attack, but damages weapon - 10: Prepared - Auto-switch to weapon that can counter - 20: Robust - Cannot be injured or crippled - 40: ??? - Not Shown - 80: Focus Chant - Magical attack with +30Hit, +10-30% Atk Skill 6 = s0 + 0x3A - 01: Siblings - + 100 Crit to Reese when adjacent - 02: Horse Lover - Restore 20 HP to horse after chapter - 04: Robbery - 1/4 chance to steal from defeated enemies - 08: Despoil - Acquire gold off defeated enemies - 10: Knock Away: May unequip enemy shield upon hit - 20: Iaido - +33 Hit, +3 Crit countering with sword - 40: Pulverize: Double power of attack at the cost of defend (Axe or Blades) - 80: Mug II May steal an item on hit Skill 7 = s0 + 0x3B - 01: Miracle - May avoid a lethal blow - 02: Armsthrift - Slow down weapon degradation - 04: Hide - Become invisible in various terrain - 08: Hurry - +1 Mov , but can only Wait if used - 10: Lance - Can Equip Lance - 20: Blade - Can Equip Blade - 40: ??? - Not shown - 80: ??? - Not shown for example if you want Axe Guard and Long bow man then at offset s0 + 0x34 you should add 1 + 2 = 3, do it the same for other address - How to capture any character When the cursor is on any character, put the breakpoint at 0x00178554 and read the v0 register.The 4 bytes status flag is at v0 + 0x5C, if you +4 to the address and add 80 to that value that character will instantly become crippled and can be easily captured, use this method you can capture anyone instantly instead of reloading the save again and again and hope that the character is injured, and just because he is injured doesn't mean he will be crippled before he dies. - How to hack weapon View the character info using Triangle and put the breakpoint at 0x0017C590, after that read the s2 register it is their inventory address.
  6. I remember hearing that you can get a free repair on some of Reese's equipment if you capture all the bounties. I'm on chapter 8 now and Vasquez is hiding in a house. How does one go about capturing him?
  7. I recently stumbled upon Kaga's blog, and while going through it found some interesting entries about Berwick Saga. At a glance it didn't seem as though translation already existed, so I decided to do it and share here. Surely I can't be the only one interested in reading what Kaga got to say about his last official game. Here's the link to original post: http://zeeksweb.blog120.fc2.com/blog-entry-30.html?sp Translation follows: >> Regarding the concept, there's a lot to be said, but putting it simply I strove to create an ultimate SLG, one to shatter the conventional state of consumer games)) I feel that being too focused on storyline and characters in my previous work (Yutona), I sacrificed the strategic part and the game balance, the things which should be the most important to begin with. Reflecting on that fact I have made drastic changes to the system to ensure the balance being kept until the very end, to maintain certain degree of tension throughout it, and have thoroughly balanced and designed every stage. TS (Tearing Saga) turned out to be extremely easy once the player got (raised) a couple super units, but BS (Berwick Saga) demands that the player himself possesses "qualities of a commander", demands him to possess abilities close to those of Caesar or Napoleon in order to beat it. And thus, though people wouldn't appreciate me saying such things, this one might not be suited for people who aren't that good (keen) with strategic SLGs. >> I think it's natural for hexes to be more suitable since it's a war SLG. Due to problems with resolution and control it was too hard to implement hexagonal field but it finally became possible with PS2. I'm sure you will understand why hexes are better by playing BS. As for simultaneous (mixed) turn system, I went after reality and to deal with problem of tempo. In the usual alternating turn system there's no escaping the fixation of tactics. The ones called "landmine" and "baiting", no matter how complex you make the CP thought process, player will always have the advantage. But with the simultaneous turn system, since computer also chooses a unit to move as you move one of yours, the standard tactic of "keep the distance, bait them out and gang up with overwhelming numbers" cannot be used, and player is forced to adapt to each situation. There's also no waiting time. As you're unable to look away from the screen the tension never eases up and is quite speedy, in return it's 10 times as draining compared to TS)) You can save every 5 turns so I suggest you take a short break after each save. >> The reasons I increased the difficulty compared to the previous one include the ones I already mentioned, but there's also my own kind of commitment to turn-based SLGs. In the recent years we see real-time SLGs being at height of popularity throughout the world, and the reasons behind it are that turn-based SLGs happen to be "too bothersome", "forced to perform monotonous tasks", "takes too much time" etc. On the other hand, the merits of turn-based SLGs are that the player can utilize their intelligence to ascertain the situation, analyze the options and take time to strategically proceed with the plans, and these things are impossible in real-time SLGs. So then, doesn't that mean that a turn-based SLG with meager strategic elements have no reasons to exist? (SRPGs are a different story. If they have a brilliant plot allowing to get emotionally attached to characters, then I think even ones with low difficulty are actually fine...) I deliberately chose turn-based system for BS in order to have players think things thoroughly. Unless one gives up, there's always a way out of any situation. The harder the obstacles, the greater the joy of overcoming them, wouldn't you say? >> As for the world, there's no direct connection to the previous one. That is due to difference in vectors of the games. (TS was a heroic fantasy with focus on plot, BS is a historical war account with focus on tactics) There are tons of characters and mechanics we discarded. If we feel something might be off during the test-play we just redesign the whole thing. >> I can't give any specifics, but they all have their own reasons for being mercenaries. Perhaps one day they'll quit being mercenaries and join the Sinon Knights. In any case, a leader of an army needs to be paying attention to things. Try to get them to like you. >> If there was a unit with 100% evasion rate, then they'll become the so-called "landmine (immortal)" unit, and player will be able to win without using their head. Appearance of such units break apart the game balance. I have thoroughly adjusted everything to ensure that won't happen in BS. That said, there is good enough potential to achieve the hit rate of 100%. Raise the weapon skills (no need to defeat enemies) and obtain first-class weapons. >> Yes, the 0 range attacks step into the tile enemy is on. If they have a melee weapon equipped there's a chance for retaliation, but ranged weapons have no such worries. In this case both units receive the panel bonuses of the opponent's tile. Range 1 attacks stay in the spot and perform attacks with ranged weapons. That would be crossbows and throwing spears, throwing axes, etc., and if the opponent has a melee weapon equipped, these attacks won't be countered. (As an exception units with combat speed higher than 11 may perform charging counters) In other words, even with same positioning advantage changes depending on different weapon type being used. For example, think about the situation where you got a spear and a throwing spear on a forest tile and there's an enemy armed with crossbow on a plain type tile next to you. If it was me I'd use throwing spear (if the two had same characteristics) without a single doubt. Because if there's a chance for getting retaliated, it's far more advantageous to throw the spear from the forest as it boosts your own evasion. (With the forest bonuses and application of ranged evasion it gives close to 20% advantage) >> Characteristic of this story is that main character doesn't have any "complicated blood relations". Reese's father was just another knight who was bestowed the title of Duke through his valor and achievements. He is technically the lord of Sinon, but to other lords he's of a lower status and gets talked about as a "country bumpkin who got entrusted with a small remote country" behind his back. Reese joined the royal army under orders of the king as the representative for his father with only a 100 men. Narvian people do not even know the name Sinon, other lords are making fun of him, king dislikes him, and as the result poor Reese has no time to chill. The first part consists of modest (trivial?) story revolving around Reese, but the second half will show a rapid development tied into the grand scheme of things in the world. >> Reese is not the typical protagonist (hero), and you might think of him as being plain, but I created him in my attempt to draw a young man who lived through time of turmoil. As I already mentioned, BS is not a heroic fantasy, it's a human drama taking place on the stage consisting of history and war, so those of you who came after playing TS might feel it to be a bit boring. >> Oh, and the story of the people surrounding Reese progresses simultaneously. You can watch the endings for everyone in a single playthrough, but that would be difficult as there's a lot of them. I'd say completing about a third on your first playthrough would be enough. >> The protagonist of BS is Reese, but Ward and Tianna are important characters who become player's eyes and ears. Ward on the battlefield, Tianna inside the castle are the facilitators of the story progression. Especially Tianna is an important lady with potential to be the image character for BS, and if one was to say "isn't Ward enough?" I'm sure she would feel blue. >> Equipping shields is of utmost importance in BS. The "tanking" is impossible to perform without equipping a shield. There sure is a technique of increasing the evasion by unequipping a shield, but I recommend always equipping it unless it negatively impacts activation of skills (combat speed). That said, with low proficiency in shields there will be many instances of missing, so try to increase the shield proficiency by equipping the cheap leather shields. Skill proficiency in shields will not grow unless you equip one. In addition there's the "Shield Proficiency Skill”. It is possible to achieve activation rate of 100% by raising the skill mastery of characters who possess it. They will be able to shine as excellent shield tanks. That said, shields are expensive and wear out quickly, so I recommend always having two kinds and alternating between them. >> I think the best weapons to use depend on what the player prefers, but I like cheap and durable ones. If you want to stash some cash it's most efficient to take away enemy's equipment and using it. Especially the Kingdom Issue series are quite good, so try using them till they break rather than selling them. Their sub par accuracy can be covered by unit's abilities and tactics. >> One might deem axes to be at their strongest in BS. Variations are abundant and easy to procure, and the cost efficiency is extremely high in comparison to other units. BS has 4 axe users and all of them are nice guys with distinct personalities. >> Experience points are limited in BS. They cannot be obtained through simply dealing damage, so you need to be efficient in getting them. We have conducted extensive testing so no exploitable glitches will be found (I think). Also, the units who are not assigned to missions do their own training back at base so though not a lot, they do receive some experience points. >> The furniture should be looked forward to as something to indulge in on your second playthroughs or even later. Game is balanced so that there's no need for them. Furniture was placed as something to play with for expert players. Use any means and just keep stacking that cash. There are no ways of obtaining them other than through purchasing. >> Collecting and processing materials (craftsman workshop) is a very common idea in RPGs. This time we decided to implement it to give more range to strategies in terms of maps. Think of it as a sort of jigsaw puzzle, it should really show individuality of each player through decisions on what to craft and when. >> The collector Eltzheimer is a noble who fled the royal capital, and though source of it is unknown he looks to be quite a wealthy man. Clara the maid... she doesn't talk much and I myself don't really know her. As for capturing, making sure it succeeds can be aimed for through usage of different skills and items. Of course, it does require precise calculations... >> Time an average player might take to see the ending? ... I do not know what is "average", but the volume should be roughly equal to that of TS. That said, you can ignore sortie requests so depending on how you do it you could cut it in half. I wouldn't recommend that for anyone who's not a master level player though... >>> These look like some sort of notes from an interview but I'm not sure exactly what they are. I sound a bit condescending due to the high tension right after finishing the project, and (you know how it goes). Just look at these as some sort of reference. I don't think I said anything wrong. (Translator note: this part too is translated)
  8. Pretty simple question. The EmblemWiki says the Menu is random, but I've noticed when resetting a chapter the menu stays the same. So I assume it's not set when starting a chapter, at the very least.
  9. Play me! Once, it was ruled by a vast empire called Lazberia. The god-kings of Lazberia built their empire on the blood of the enslaved citizens. For centuries, it stood untouchable. Yet still, time brought it to ruin. But the people lived on. From the ashes of Lazberia, they built two great nations. One, the Empire of Raze. The other, the Kingdom of Veria. Endless blood was shed in the name of holy war. Chaos, slaughter, destruction and hate consumed the hearts of the people. And now, a young man comes of age in these chaotic times. My initial plan was to wait for Aethin to drop the next patch, and/or April Fools. You know, so I could prank everyone by starting a thing for real the day people don't start things for real. But then the crownvirus happened. Did you know that "corona" in Spanish means "crown"? Those of you who have read my other stuff know how much it peeves me when people use spanish words as names. It's like ours is some kind of alien language! Anyway, I was doing an internship, and I was pretty happy with my workplace, for once. Learning more than in the past two years put together, my boss was surprisingly awesome, I actually looked forward to going there every morning. But now I'm stuck at home with nothing to do. Also, my oldest cat died a couple days ago. So I decided, "what the hell". Let's do this now. Thus, the time has come for us to ask ourselves one question. Are we ready? Are we ready for a journey... ...filled with death, tragedy and despair... ...but also happiness, hope and glee? Are we ready... ...for this intro to end already? Nah, just kidding. I love this intro. I recommend that you go and find a video of the full opening, because it's seriously gorgeous. But I'm running out of things to say. This was supposed to be shorter, but the gifs were too big, so I had to split them into multiple parts. Still, you won't deny that it was worth the effort. These visuals, man! Why did you have to go 3D, FE? You're so ugly now! Well, no matter. The important thing is that it's time. Time for... Title screen! Hello, everybody! Remember me? It is I, Saint Rubenio, the guy who can't play FE, hates just about everything and is moderately entertaining on occasion! I have returned with an even more obscure game, because that seems to be my thing. I couldn't play the popular ones and get all the views, nooooo gotta play this one that's only been played by 776 people. Anyway, yeah, I'm back! I already said everything I needed to say between the awesome gifs, so without further ado... Wait, hold up, hold up! What is a Berwick Saga? I didn't know Ricky Berwick got his own game! Don't be silly. TearRing Saga Series: Berwick Saga: Lazberia Chronicle: Chapter 174 (rolls right off the tongue) is a game made for the PS2 in 2005 by Shouzou Kaga, the legendary creator of the forum's titular series (which, I imagine, requires no introduction). This game only came out in Japan, but it has been fully translated by the amazing @Aethin and his programmer partner, Lightgazer. It is also Kaga's greatest work, and the best strategy game I have ever played. This isn't like my past LPs, where I played games that I loved and hated in equal measure. This is a game that I have a profound love for. Berwick Saga stars Reese, heir to the March of Sinon, and his advisor and general, the veteran Ward. They travel to the city of Navaron to respond to the call to arms of the King of Veria, the country that leads the Berwick League, which is waging a losing war against the Empire of Raze. There, his life shall change forever... It's a game that sort of looks like FE on the surface, but then you start playing and you realize that it's way different. And better. Those of you who have played it, I welcome you to witness as I fail miserably to get through it without casualties. The rest of you, take my metaphorical hand and allow me to show you around this masterpiece. And, well, also watch as I fail miserably. It's one of the selling points of my LPs, after all. Ruben, the rules. Yes, yes, of course. In my first LP, I broke every single one of my self-imposed rules. In my second LP, I forgot to make any, and had to improvise. In my third LP, I covered my back by making a bunch of exceptions, but I couldn't take advantage of them because of a few unfortunate losses I hadn't foreseen, and then I broke the Ironman. With any luck, we'll actually do something right this time. Though I'm not too hopeful. - This is an Ironman run. That means anybody who dies remains dead. Prepare yourselves to watch your favourites die at the hands of my incompetence. - On the matter of game-overs, this game has saves every five turns, so if I get game-overed, I will only go back to the latest save I have. Any units that died before the reset will be used for the remainder of the chapter, but they will be benched forever afterwards, as if they were too injured to fight any longer. - At the moment, I can think of two exceptions to these two rules: two critical captures that I might have to rig. Capturing is RNG-based in this game, so if I want to showcase as much as possible, I might have to save-scum those two captures. I reserve the right to make up more exceptions as we go. Don't worry, though, this won't be an "Ironman on the second attempt" or anything like that. I will not use this to undo my own failures. - As always, I will not be warpskipping. Mainly because warp is not a thing in this game. Ruben, are you going to be doing your lame sidestories here? Yeah, probably. See, in my past LPs I sort of winged fanfics to go with the main story. Mostly for fun, as a nod to the veterans, and to flex my mediocre skills as a spriter. If you find it to be too cringy for your tastes, though, you can just ignore those segments. I will not change the main story in any way, save for a quick joke. Speaking of the story, how will you show it? Same way as in the last LP: by painstakingly transcribing everything, with portraits to go with the text. Since I poured my heart and soul into this self-portrait, I will be using it to speak my mind during dialogue. Also, italic text, because now that I am in the artstyle of the game, I don't stick out as much. I want you to use X unit! Go ahead and tell me to do it! I won't make any promises, but Berwick Saga is much more flexible in terms of what kind of a team you can have than FE. You don't necessarily have to stick to a single team, so most units will see at least some use. So do throw some suggestions my way, and I'll see what I can do. Don't even mention Volo, though. Why? Because I despise OP edgelords. I let Navarre die in FE12, I sacrificed Rutger in FE6, I made Vega into a mere shopkeep in TRS, and you can be sure that I'll screw over Volo as well if I must. What if I really really feel like spoiling something? I know just about everything this game has to offer, but not everyone does. If you want to talk about something spoilery, do it, but put your spoilers in a spoiler box, and place a big warning on top. Just so those who have never seen this game before know not to click. What will be the schedule of the LP? Same as usual: when I'm done with the update and when I'm not busy facing technical problems. Normally I try not to take longer than a week, but we'll see how it goes. DISCLAIMERS This LP will contain: - Profanity. I swear like a sailor on a bad day. - Blood and gore. The game doesn't have any, but one of my gimmicks is that, when people die, I edit their portraits to be all bloody and awful. Watch out if you can't stand those things. - Dark humor. Also bad humor, at times. - Injokes that new readers may not understand. I cannot imagine what a nightmare it must be to start reading my stuff and encounter the same five recurring jokes that I've been using for the past two and a half years. See what I meant with "bad humor"? - Intense hatred for the most popular titles in the FE series. I am elitist scum who despises everything that's made FE into a mainstream franchise. This will be first and foremost a Berwick Saga LP, but be warned, I will often stop to say "man, this game is SO much better than Three Houses!". Other titles that I dislike include, but are not limited to, FE9 and FE7. If that sort of thing infuriates you, exercise caution. - Unhealthy amounts of character deaths. Growing fond of playable characters is unadvised. Is that everything? I think that's everything. All right, then! Fasten your seatbelts, ready your prayer books, and let's dive right into the world of Berwick Saga! ...not right now, though. As always, the first update will take a few days to come out. But at least you know it's coming, so it's all good, right?
  10. I just finished my first (completely blind) playthrough of Berwick Saga and decided to look at a tier list to know what the community thinks about the different characters. The first (and, to be fair, only) one I found was made on reddit and left me a bit confused... I hope some of you can enlighten me. First off, why is Sherlock considered the best unit in the game ? I used him, I thought he was pretty good, but him being the best seems strange to me. The same goes for Dean, what makes him so good ? I know I am being a bit unfair with him as I only used him in the first map but he left me fairly unimpressed... I never managed to promote Elbert but I can see him being in High. My question is how much is Provoke part of his utility ? I assume Arthur is in High because of his good bases and his mount... or is it (also) because of his skills ? I found Flurry to be pretty anecdotal, while Desperation and Hurry were nice but not amazing, but maybe I'm wrong. I agree with Volo being in top just by virtue of Deathmatch, but then I don't understand why Leon would be 2 tiers lower. While I agree he is worst at combat, I never thought the difference was that important and having a mount is a real boon. Am I missing something ? Finally, I want to ask about Izerna. It feels a bit nitpicky as Upper Mid is still a good tier but it seems a little low to me. I feel Berwick's gameplay heavily rewards taking the initiative and waiting for the ennemy to engage your units is usually counterproductive. Having a healer then seems particularly important as you don't want your combat units to waste their turns drinking vulneraries instead of attacking... For reference here is the tier list I'm talking about: https://www.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/7w5fs0/a_berwick_saga_tier_list/ Thank you for reading.
  11. Hi all! I've just finished Berwick Saga and I was a bit surprised that Christine and Ward never had a scene where they come to terms with their relationship. Ward's distance as a father and devotion as a knight was a big sticking point for Christine, as she never forgave him for being an absent father. I know Elbert helped Christine see things a bit from Ward's point of view and encouraged her to talk to her father, but this never happened! Is there a different, better, ending between the two of them? Maybe if you need to promote Christine to do so? I know most of my other characters got ending cutscenes/closure so I was surprised Christine was left out.
  12. Anyway to up the growth rates for the characters using cheats? Maybe a perfect level up code (if you have positive growth, no need to gain magic for fighters)? I don't see that it would be too broken since the "Brackets" seem to limit how high the stat can go depending on level, I just hate getting stat screwed. The translation looks amazing! Gratz to the translator and thank you for your hard work!
  13. I struggled through the chapter with various attempts and cannot figure out a way to manage the chapter without a) spending a lot of money on vanish/escapestones and rushing to Thor to kill him: This does not seem to be worth it, as you will need at least two units with vanish/escape stones and the Raze Etoile seems like such a crappy weapon? Hit is not all that great and durability is D b) taking my time trying to deal with all the dragons on the map and get all the hidden items: Dealing with the dragons seems like such a pain, when they're confused, 50% of the time they will just attack me again and they're hard to kill (I'm only using Olwen currently and trying to kill them with Sherlock/Chris with magic arrows they're weak to), but the hidden items don't seem to be too great. Am I missing something/does anyone have a good strategy for tackling this chapter? I thought of stuff like Dean with vengeful and Sherpa with Killing Edge, but they seem too risky and I've already continued with the story, I'm just curious to see whether anyone is playing this game/chapter 😄
  14. im currently using both, but i wanted to know other peoples opinion on who they thought was the better unit? on my next playthrough i want to use percival, so im going to cut one of them from my perma team.(i generally want to use units i didnt in my first playthrough, like Ouro, who i dumped for using faye/faramir) My thoughts so far Aegina you get her first near the beginning of the game immediately useful as your first magic damage dealer once her wind skill goes up enough her multi-hits are extremely useful has pretty good speed, so shes a decent dodger. but she is very frail, 2 hits will usually do her in she has accuracy issues at first with wind magic, so its sometimes better for her to use fire magic at first to secure kills Enid starts with the lady sword, making her pretty accurate and lands a lot of crits starts with elite, making leveling her up pretty easy actually has a defence stat and a (admittedly low) growth in said stat. making her the tankiest mage. when she does promote she will have 7 magic, this along with her slightly higher growth in magic than aegina will mean she will probably have more magic than her. specializes in fire and thunder magic, meaning she has more options for attacking at range 2, rather than at range 1 keeping her out of danger. fire magic and especially her personal tome, deals the most damage. being able to use swords as well as magic gives her versatility on the other hand she must promote to use magic joins right before the middle of the game, at a low level, making leveling her up a little difficult. does anyone eles have any opinions on these 2?
  15. Honestly I didn't expect to like it this much. I was a bit turned off by the bracket system, but stats aren't as important as they are in fire emblem. I'm just at chapter 6, and it may be my 3rd favorite game in the fire emblem family. At first all the things you have to manage seem a bit much, but a few maps in I got into the groove. Graphics are gorgeous, and I always liked having more unique classes like tear ring and the jugdral games. So I just wanted to Know everyone else's first impressions. I actually just love this game. Thank you so much for translating it, the story is quite good as well
  16. out of curiosity i was wondering if there was a editor for berwick saga like the nightmare editor and the tear ring editor?tried searching for one but i couldn't find it, if it doesnt exist oh well but i would like to know if one does, thanks guys
  17. More specifically, what are the current obstacles toward translating what seems to be the most interesting game on this site? Lack of interest? Difficulty with hacking PS2 games? Or is it something else entirely?
  18. In light of the previous thread I made for this goal, and some advice I've received, I've decided to make a new thread. The purpose of this project is simply to translate the whole of Berwick Saga-- turning it into a patch would be nice, but isn't a priority. To this end, I'm slowly gathering screenshots of every line in the entire game, and will link them in this thread as they accumulate. I won't be able to translate them on my own, though, so for that I need any and all halfway-decent translators in this Forest to help. Links: Interface (Narvia, etc.) Other (intro, sidequests, etc.) Chapter 1 (in progress) Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15
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