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Found 5 results

  1. Need some players to do a beta test on my chapter 1 for ragefest echoes. Need as much data as possible as soon as possible. I am sad to say I have been playing Fire Emblem Heroes for too long and I can't trust my judgement in the testing phase at the moment. Have some images to make you curious What I am looking for: - This hack is suppose to be brutal, if you can't beat it please tell me why. - If you can beat it tell me how you did it and in how many turns. - Opinions and criticism on the overall difficulty and suggestions. - Names have not been edited so bear with it Patch is attached, please get back to me as soon as possible. Preferably before monday. Going to spend the rest of the day coding chapter 2. RFV Chapter 1 Demo.ups
  2. No one posted this here yet, so I'm gonna do this. Some of you may have already heard about this one. In 1997, during a Japanese event (Spaceworld), some lucky players were able to play a first version of Gold and Silver. You probably heard about the two other starters Honoguma and Kurusu. Well, earlier today, someone lealed the whole beta, and hackers are working hard to data mien the game. You can find all the information here And here is a colorized version of all the new Pokémon present in this demo (all 100 of them). And I'll also link you to the Johto Map which was radically different This is pretty big. You can see that there weresupposed to be far more baby Pokémon and evolutions than we had known. Some made their way into gen 4 (notably Leafeon, the last Pokémon in this image. It evolved with a Leaf Stone) Pancham isn't the first Panda Pokémon, and Slowpoke's shell (referred as Shelder in the Pokédex) was a real Pokémon. Togepi and Ho-oh also existed on their final form already. Some Pokémon had radically different design (Politoed and the legendary beats come to mind. Beta Suicune may remind you of something else ("Ed.. ward") ) Honestly, to me this is a far bigger new than Pokémon Let's Go announcement.
  3. I did saw the Post Battle Mourning did have Berkut was meant to be playable in the beta along with Frenand besides the Rise of the Deliverance. But, I managed to found a video that Death Chaos (the same user who posted the Post Battle Mourning Voice Clips Quotes) managed to find more of Berkut's quotes that he very well most likely have been planned as a playable character during in the development. I did not see anyone posted a thread about all of Berkut's unused lines in this forum section and this video was posted around May 25th. By the way, the user named Death Chaos managed to post the timestamp in the description that showed what timeline that one of those voice audio clips belong for any of Berkut's line in the game data:
  4. I said I was going to get started on RFV early and I'm glad I did because my free time is shirking by the day. So I figure why not release it to get some testing while I do other stuff. The gameplay works and is polished enough to throw it into the field and there is some dialogue to give hints on what is going on. Since this hack is suppose to be multiple chapter based, the focus is tighter as well as not too ambitious to get confusing. So without further ado... Hack: Rage Emblem Story: You are a tactician with amnesia, according to your companions, your group just stole the legendary Rage Emblem from an old tomb you are still in. Your job is to navigate the tomb and it's obstacles to escape the guardians that want to add you to the pile of failed treasure hunters. Patch: RFV Demo Pictures To Do list: What to Expect: Will update with later chapters when I make them. (hopefully soon) As always, feel free to be brutally honest.
  5. "KelssFE" Beta testing begins: Soon™ Demo release: Soon™ Hey, everyone! I'm making an FE7 mod. It's actually been in progress for the past half-year or so, but thanks to school it's gone really sluggishly. I'm trying to have a "revival" of FE modding for myself now that school is winding down (I still have a class, but I still have time to do stuff), so as my first step of that I'm posting this thread here... because honestly, when I'm posting stuff on a forum it gives me a lot of motivation to continue. I'm shooting for a full game of about 15 chapters, with a demo containing seven (prologue~5+one side chapter) planned for this year's Fire Emblem E3. So what's this all about? Our story begins in the northern reaches of the continent of Aertz, in Arnsk, a small country sandwiched between the eponymous Kelss in the north and its historical southern rival, Clarenz. Founded by a hero who rejected both sides of an old war and raised a land on his own terms, Arnsk has since fallen on hard times, trying several times to join both Clarenz and Kelss to no avail. As the lands of the north and south become wrapped up in their own problems, with Clarenz policing its eastern neighbors and dissatisfied rebels springing up like weeds in Kelss, a Kelssian envoy is sent to Arnsk to offer the small nation a chance to join a federation in exchange for contributing fighters to the ranks of the loyalist Kelssian Guard. Joakim, the Duke of Arnsk, sends his right-hand man, Theln, to meet the Kelssians and accept their offer while he musters the entire Arnskian military to answer the call to arms. But this is only the beginning, and as the conflict begins to escalate, more and more of Aertz's nations will become involved... Without further ado, here are some teaser screenshots from the prologue!: Top: Joakim briefs Theln and introduces some helpful traveling companions. Bottom: Theln talks with an excitable comrade on the road to Kelss, totes a longsword and bow, and an enigmatic hunter stands in our way. Not much, yes, but I'll post new stuff often (likely decreasing in frequency as release draws near). This mod will feature several never-before-seen custom battle animations (for main characters as well as some normal units) as well as music imported from other games and some new gameplay concepts: I'm actually showing a lot of restraint in just posting six screenshots that aren't very informative right now, but I'll reveal more and more minutiae about the project as the month goes on. If you like beta testing and want more on your plate, let me know! I'll be recruiting beta testers very soon, and with the game having several ways to play through it I'll be wanting enough testers such that everyone can test a different route.
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