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Found 6 results

  1. Newest map, but not the newest couple. Infernal map: Infernal foes:
  2. No topic yet? Leif and Nanna wait for you all in the north. Infernal Map Infernal Enemy stats & skills (OT solution is ready, need to go home to record).
  3. They need to be more careful with the pre-battle dialogue. I almost died. Hard/Lunatic Map: Infernal Map: ~ Nice of the enemies to be so close. Less nice of Idunn to be so bulky that she survives and one-rounds Naesala. @Landmaster
  4. Didn't see a topic yet so here we are~ Here's the clear though~ Featuring one of my favorite builds, the TANKLISE! Wasn't really an easy way to approach this map without getting blown back so with some stat stacking, we just decide to unleash HS!Elise's inner wall~
  5. This is one of those thread were you talk and help others beat the stuffing out of Ninian and Hawkeye. And while the BHB isn't up by the time this get's added, we can speculate as to what the map looks like, what all the units skills are, what is different about Ninian and Hawkeye, and what their banner will look like. So, chat away! (As for why the question mark is there, I haven't finished Blazing Sword and don't know the relation between the two)
  6. Well here it is people the FEH events in September. Seems BK's GHB isin't here so we need to wait another month for him sadly. 2 tempest trials and bound hero battles looks.. intresting. And confirmation that new units are coming the 15th due to the log in bonus, and the new update is coming Thursday. Go speculate your thoughts now!
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