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Found 2 results

  1. Hey all, I’d like to propose a project to improve something a lot of people, myself included, typically have issues with when playing the FE GBA titles. The support system. Obtaining supports is slow and clunky, not to mention limited given both the 5 support limit and the A supports being the end of the line most of the time when it comes to exploring a character’s supports. I think this is pretty easy to solve, all that needs to be done is use one of the more modern support systems used in GBA hacking for each of the games, and possibly provide an option beyond A supports for players who are still learning about a given character, and aren’t sure which pairing they want to commit to yet.
  2. So, I made another patch, almost exactly like my other patch for FE8, but this time it's for FE6 (working on Fe7) Same general rules apply- All maxed out and promoted characters Roy is already a Master lord Bolting, Purge, and Eclipse have 30-35 uses each All other weapons, including vulneraries and elixirs, have infinite uses REALLY lowered difficulty Short bows have 1-2 range- don't hate me The sacred weapons are incredibly overpowered, and the sealed sword is good enough to one shot zephiel with a crit(not) Bosses have upgraded weapons and stats Known Issues- Occasional small glitches Anyways, here's the patch:Improved OP Binding Blade.ups Have fun and please let me know if I can fix it! Thanks!
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