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Found 1 result

  1. There are people in the streets literally playing piano and only eating salad in support for PewDiePie beating T Series. VoiceOverPete read the entire Bee Movie script for this cause. Logan Paul declared peace to declare his support. For years, YouTube has moved away from the singular and independent creators on its platform in favor of traditional corporate prospects. When T Series, a bitch lasagna that makes music videos for Indian pop stars threatens to take the number one spot, it represents the ongoing struggle of YouTube's priorities. It represents the threats of aristocratic conglomerates to creativity and individuality. A platform where you are ostensibly supposed to "Broadcast Yourself" instead becoming a glorified streaming service for trifle filtered through focus groups. Is that what we want? Is this the reason we use the internet? So we can watch television with a lower production value? So we can try and bring back MTV? Is that what the internet is for? So that success can be hoarded by the already wealthy in the sick cycle which curses every facet of society? To step away from the great leaps it promises us and back into the domain of the familiar clique? I say no. I did my part. Now do yours. Subscribe to PewDiePie.
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