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Found 4 results

  1. Hello to all the people of Serenes Forest! Long hibernating member HHS here with a new Fire Emblem romhack. Well, sort of new. Years ago my friend Mariobro3828 and I started the Romhack Fire Emblem: Decay of the Fangs. Well it's been a hell of a year and after nearly a decade, the story will finally conclude! I'd like to introduce: FIRE EMBLEM: BLACK FANG (Link above for the Wix Website) The Fang's Justice is Absolute The Four Fangs have fallen. The Black Fang is dead. Its purpose polluted, its vigilantes vanquished, it's now up to a small band of survivors to vindicate its legacy and in the process, bring revolution to Elibe. Take command of a rogue faction with a never-say-die attitude and a penchant for violence. Directly following the events of Fire Emblem and setting the stage for Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, Fire Emblem: Black Fang is an original story of disenchanted renegades fighting to survive against cutthroats, the nobility, former allies, and gods among men. This is a game about survivors of the Black Fang being forced to find new meaning after Hector and Eliwood decimate their army. Tonally this game is a bit darker and more adult oriented than most Fire Emblem games with a few serious and earnest moments, but it is mostly intended to be a bit silly. The game is inspired as a tribute to the members of the Decay of Dragons forums whom many of the characters are based on. If some jokes don't land for you, please overlook it with this in mind. The game is not finished but it was important to me to lay down the bones of the main story. It can be played from prologue to epilogue, all 25 plus chapters. I'm working on a chapter guide on the Wix site with the chapter unlock conditions (though later chapters will often have characters explain what to do in the prep fortunes). At the time of writing, not all supports are complete but just about 180 are (meaning 60 through to A rank). Some actions have consequences. It is impossible to keep every recruitable character alive. Patch: The UPS can be found here. (Apply to Fire Emblem Blazing Blade) {UPDATED 1.07 2/22) Discord channel: https://discord.gg/hhwtCjUbU2 Gallery (avoided major potential spoilers) This Fire Emblem Romhack could not have been possible without the extensive support of software, art, and music contributors. As the project is almost a decade old, I have lost the names of some of the early contributors. If you have designed a sprite or software that was used in game that was not properly credited, absolutely do not hesitate to let me know. I will immediately add your name to the list of contributors! If you would prefer to have your work removed, please contact me via Discord (link below). Discord channel: https://discord.gg/hhwtCjUbU2 Bugs can be shared in through the Discord as well as general thoughts about balance and design. I'm certain there are better programmers out there that could make suggestions as well and I'd be thrilled to tap into any and all resources to make this game the best possible. Development is an ongoing process and errors/mistakes will be made, please be patient. Special thanks to Supports can be viewed in game because all are unlocked in the menu without triggering them in game. Meaning you can go back and read everything without having used it before. BEWARE you may spoil late game surprise characters if you view this on your first playthrough. Completed supports can be found here: Supports As mentioned, this passion project is still a work in progress so please post any constructive feedback, questions or advice here or in the Discord. I kinda don't know what to expect because I haven't been active in the romhacking community in recent years.
  2. Yo so basically a while back I had an idea for a game that revolves around the black fang and I just saw this cool box art and it reignited my interest. So basically in this game, it would start off at around 5-10 years from lyns story, and before Nergals infiltration of the fang, it would obviously give some backstory between the members of the black fang, (such as why they joined their history ect) show the black fangs slow downfall by Nergal and how the members reacted and tie in some events that happened in elibe. one example I had is that Ostia recruited the fang to assassinate house Cornwell leader (raven and Priscilla's former houses) while the ostian troops destroy the soldiers. I think the game could work as a spin-off or something, there are certainly enough characters to have a balancedish cast and you could just fill out the blank spaces with characters, that got killed later on in the story.(probably by legault) anyway tell me what you think down below, i love making these kinds of idea threads
  3. Hey, I don't know if anyone has said this before but... I have a theory that exp, is actually quintessence. It seems logical, to me at least, that when you kill someone in Fire Emblem, you get their quintessence. How else do you explain someone training and training devoting themselves to their skills for years, and they're still level 3. But as soon as they start killing people... Boom! Level 12 in 4-6 levels. I know there are going to be inconsistencies when we start getting into this. (Full disclaimer, I have not beat the game yet, I'm going off of what I know so far (Ch26 Battle Before Dawn)) But kinda what I was thinking was, that when you kill someone you get thier quintessence, but it takes that special magic to harness that quintessence into a storeable form, so that you can then give it to SOMEONE (Nergal), or use it for certain rituals (Like summoning dragons). I thought of this Theory during one of Marth and Kris' supports (FE12). When Kris was talking about the rush got when he "Basks in his newfound power" after defeating an enemy. Thank you for reading my weird theory, I hope you enjoyed on some level ^^ __________________________________ Just finished chapter 26, and did a little research, we see quintessence taken from people alive and dead, so if it just is residual someone might be able to absorb part of it? It is a very mysterious substance this far in the game. Again dark magic is there to take ALL the leftover quintessence, or all of it if the person is still alive. I think that through discussion this is making more sense, to me at least.
  4. Hola ! Que tal amigos, mi nombre es Alexander un gusto a todos, yo se que esta pagina es " only english " but i can speak both ~ So ... i wanna do friends, americans, mexicans and everything i live on Mexicali Baja California Mexico, a side of California USA, 5 minutes exactly.. I am a graduate of the university and I am currently working in the police of Mexico :D My favorite Fire Emblem is 7 : Blazing sword, and Lyndis is my favorite character of all games XD I am faithful and I will always follow " The Black Fang " - El colmillo Negro , este gremio/guild is inmensamente increible, poderoso, bien organizado y todo eso... lastima que fue corrompido por las garras de Nerghal :c , en fin.. Saludos/Greetins to all ~ PD: If anyone of you wants to make discord and is from mexico like me, I invite you to my channel is: https://discord.gg/yqtBDdy
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