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Found 2 results

  1. List your top 10 favorite characters in blazing sword and why. The reason can be character or combat based but there has to be a reason. 10. Bartre- Hilarious supports But my goodness what a rough base speed. 9. Vaida- As a unit, decent. Supports are hilarious and some profound. But that awful Dorcas support anchors her. 8. Sain-Kind of one note but.. still hilarious. 7. Guy-I just love my crit monkeys and his crit animations are superior to Dart’s. I also find his character kind of cool but the wandering swordsman has been done to death. 6. Canas-He’s quirky and funny and has a very fun unique class to play with. 5. Matthew-He’s plucky, cheeky and witty and has a compelling if sad love story. Falls out of plot relevance too soon. 4. Lyn- Better crit animations than Guy and I honestly find her story better than the main. She’s a fierce strong female orotagonist Andy was the original ninja beforebfates did it. (Ninja Girl was my nickname for her for dodging so much) 3. Nino- aghast said it better than anyone. She’s the girl that deserved better but my goodness what a character arch! Haven’t used her Ina while but have to give her props where it is due. 2. Rath-Strong silent type and meh character development but... something about him is SO COOL! 1. Priscilla-Cornwall subplot is best in the games and her class is spectacular. What more is there to say? She has the best utility of any unit in the game and a compelling character to boot. LOVE HER!
  2. So I finally completed hector mode and I am done with the game. My final party consisted of Eliwood, Lyn, Hector, Athos, Sain, Hawkeye, Oswin. I definetely prefer serra over priscilla serra just feels more versatile. Definetely Sain over kent I can honestly say its a good game I am now moving onto binding blade. Favorite character: Hard to say probably lyn I like swordsman more than ax users, Hector was always a beast and eliwood surprisingly came out ok also.
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