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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, I’m creating ideas for a remastered version of FE Three Houses. I really want to improve on it’s mechanics more than anything. I would love it if we could incorporate new characters, classes and locations. Note: please do not include memes or replacing characters
  2. Requirements: - Byleth must have must certify as a Fortress Knight (B Axes and C Armor for 34% chance of passing). Needs to also have 6 movement and the Rushing Blow Combat Art (C Brawling) equipped. - Ashe must have a Steel Shield, an Iron Lance +, a Training Axe, and a Iron Bow + in his inventory as well as a Stride Battalion equipped. - Dimitri must have Authority Skill Level 4 and Model Leader Equipped, a Steel Shield, and a 1-2 Range Weapon. Lance Breaker and an Accuracy Ring are also recommended. - Dedue and Felix's Paralogue must be completed, and the Aegis Shield must be obtained. - A Giant Shell must be obtained. Easiest one to get is located in the North chest of Chapter 8. ------------ Explanation: The goal of this strategy is to have a durable Byleth tank most enemies hits with the hopes of taking little to no damage from as many enemies as possible. To this end, Byleth must certify as a Fortress Knight, as doing so bumps up their defense to a base 17 Defense before class modifiers. So as something such as an Enlightened One, they'll have 19 Defense without having to rely on any Defense Level ups at all. To further increase their Defense, you should then equip the Aegis Shield and Duscar Heavy Soldiers Battalion. At max level the Battalion will provide +10 Defense, which with the shield will give 35 base Defense as a Enlightened one, making Byleth more durable than Gilbert. Adding on the Giant Shell and Forest terrain will make Byleth become immune from damage from most enemies in the map, only taking damage from Assassins and Snipers. Here's some actual proof this in actual play: https://imgur.com/a/EccEin9 ------------ The Strategy: The main goal of this strategy is to aggro and defeat groups of enemies before they can cause other groups of enemies to trigger and start moving out to attack Annette, Mercedes, or Ashe. To start with, Byleth must use Rushing Blow on the Mercenary towards the North of their starting positioning while Dimitri must move into the Forest at the starting position. This will avoid drawing in the Sniper in the Center in particular, who if moves will cause the other enemies to do the same. It should look something like this: https://imgur.com/a/kiG96Hp On the Second turn Byleth must equip the Sword of the Creator and Gambit the Sniper to stop them from attacking out of range. A Grappler will also start to move out where Dimitri is and will attack him, but he should be able dodge at least one attack and survive. Equipping a strong weapon also may have him decide to gambit rather than attack normally: https://imgur.com/a/wkSBQ2J On the Third turn, Ashe and Gilbert will show up near Byleth while Mercedes and Annette will show up near the South. So long as you don't move the south group into range, the enemies will not rush towards them. Make Ashe trade all the items in his inventory to Gilbert and have Gilbert take out the Sniper if not already disposed of. Dimitri then use Wave Attack on the Grappler and should also be prepared to take on a Thief and Archer with a Blessed Bow headed his way. https://imgur.com/a/TmTvOP9 The next turn will have Ashe Stride Byleth and Byleth attacking the Sniper with Rushing Blow to make the Assassin and Thief go for them over Mercedes and Annette. Gilbert should go near the entrance to where Dimitri is and act as bait for the Sniper: https://imgur.com/a/hJmXYkk Have Gilbert and Dimitri take out the Sniper and act as a bait for the Assassin and Grappler near Byleth, while having Byleth Rushing blow the enemy south of him to ensure that a Thief doesn't go for Annette and Mercedes: https://imgur.com/a/FYGfSUg Finally, move Gilbert and attack the Grappler with the Iron Bow leaving Dimitri to finish him off with a Wave Attack and finish off the Assassin on enemy phase. ------------ And that's it. At that point you can get access to Ingrid, Sylvain, and Felix from the East and can take the rest of the chapter at your leisure. There are multiple things you can do to improve this strategy, such as making Mercedes and Annette Fliers to not have to worry about them or having Dimitri be more aggressive with his wave attacks, but I wanted a clear that didn't rely too heavily on those factors in case one didn't want to invest in those unit's too heavily. Thoughts? Problems? Potential Improvements? I'm open to criticism.
  3. I have played all routes, and BL even twice. Hard mode, classic. Am deciding if I should do maddening without NG+. In the meantime, entertain me with your best teams! Here is mine. BL a 2nd time, after completing all routes. Flier emblem, speed cap dedue, some horse emblem?! http://imgur.com/a/MFBHo1B
  4. Basically what it says on the tin. I am aware that some say that the game does not give you enough time to really make a good decision, but still. Based on what you value in a student-teacher relationship, as well as your own personality, which House would you pick if you were in Byleth’s shoes? As in, a mercenary who would suddenly need to be a teacher? Personally, I would want a relatively easy year if I were Byleth. So, I would go for those most willing to learn. Those are the best students, at least to me. I’d also not want any trouble-makers, no matter how they make trouble. For these reasons, I would actually choose Blue Lions. As Dimitri says, he, Annette, Ingrid, and Ashe seem to fit the description. And I would not see anything wrong with Dedue and Mercedes, either. The only two possible trouble makers here would be Felix and Sylvain. But I can take a sharp tongue to philandering any day. The Black Eagles have three that I think would be big trouble makers: Caspar, Linhardt, and Hubert. Caspar is the loud, muscle-headed dude who would probably pick fights on campus, Linhardt would be sleeping in class, and Hubert would just feel fishy to me. As for those who fit the description of the student I look for, Edelgard and Petra seem to fit. Ferdinand does not seem to have anything going on other than his rivalry with Edelgard and his nobility, and Dorothea and Bernadetta just don’t seem to say anything to me, either. The Golden Deer, on the other hand, would have Claude (he even says he is the embodiment of disrespect, but guy is just unpredictable in general) and Lorenz (arrogance and not shutting up. Claude even says he doesn’t) and maybe Hilda (laziness, as Claude says) as troublemakers and Lysithea and Ignatz as those students I’d want. Though, Leonie is also someone I’d like to have as my student, because of links to Jeralt. Raphael and Marianne do not say much. For me, it would be BL>GD>BE.
  5. Here's something I'm curious about. With something I'm wondering is that who here would prefer them break conventions and have each house be their own thing, as opposed to there being a Revelation-but-better situation where the three lords eventually join forces and you have the force of all the game's playable characters on your side (with "true ending" not necessarily meaning "all sunshine and rainbows ending"). My personal opinion is that I prefer the latter because I have an affinity for "true" endings because I like the closure they provide, and like having all the characters be available, but I'm interested to hear what everyone else thinks. Thoughts?
  6. I was trying to find some info on all the students' default class line that were used from all four routes when they weren't recruited before the timeskip. I know that Fates did it the same with showing all the retainers' and others' default promotional line up from all three routes back then (including the Family Royale DLC) and I kinda wanted it it similar for my Three Houses Playthrough. I am currently playing the Black Eagles route in Chapter 2 and I am planning on promoting every Black Eagles students as well the recruitable Blue Lions and Golden Deer Students to the specific class that they were used from Blue Lions and Golden Deer Route in the future. Did anyone played any of the routes knows what the students promoted when they were enemy units? I noticed I watched few videos that noticed some that I am not too sure if I got this right, can you correct me on this one from judging through the timeskip portraits: I think Petra is suppose to be an Assassin I think Dorothea is suppose to be either a Dancer or a Warlock I think Hubert is suppose to be a Warlock I think Caspar suppose to be a Wyvern Rider or Fortress Knight (It's hard to tell from the armor he's wearing) I did saw Mangs's video that Cyril was shown to be a Wyvern Rider, I heard people mentioned about he was supposed to be a Sniper (Can anyone clarify that Cyril wasn't ment to promote as a Sniper in Black Eagels route?) I did saw that Reunion video battle showed Bernadette is a Sniper I think Leone is suppose to be a Bow Knight or a Paladin like Jeralt. I think Ferdinand, Sylvain, and Lorenz were supposed to be Cavaliers. I did saw Dedue and Raphael were Armored Units. I know that Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude have exclusive classes of their own.
  7. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gZgsmLXotKzW7f-t55rJXL-6J0N73wvv0MzHWd2znbY/edit?usp=sharing Here's an Imgur Gallery for those who want to a more mobile friendly way of viewing them: https://imgur.com/a/OKu6iXs
  8. Hello, everyone. I'm planning to play the Blue Lions route when Three Houses releases, but there's a problem: I'm not really sure who to make the dancer in the Blue Lions. There's a small group of females in the group (I'm guessing dancer is female-locked as I saw evidence of both Hilda and Dorothea as dancers, both female) but the thing is that the three females in the group already have other planned jobs within my team. (I want Ingrid to be a flier, Mercedes to be a priest, Annette to be a normal mage). I understand that you can freely change classes, but if I want a dancer for one map (mandatory in my eyes) I will skip out on the other niches that the girls happen to fill. I'm probably recruiting Ferdinand to the Blue Lions to complete my plan of usurping Edelgard... also because I like his character a lot. Do you all have any suggestions?
  9. I was thinking about how there are topics asking what house people will pick for their first playthrough of Three Houses and something occurred to me. We still aren't entirely sure what happens to the two houses that aren't picked. There have been speculations about the stories merging later or possibly the other two becoming enemies or rivals, but nothing has been confirmed quite yet. Which would you prefer; joining the party or enemies? And that brings up another question. Since there is so much customization for classes, do we still get to choose classes for the houses other than the one we pick? Or will those characters default to specific classes? There's a lot to think about and a lot to discuss here, so I'm hoping to hear everyone's thoughts!
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