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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to the Ascendant Floret Thread! This is an Ascendant Floret. Give it to someone you love. It's occurred to me that this new crystal flower thing is both a very awesome thing and a very easy thing to screw up, so I thought it warranted its own thread. What is an Ascendant Floret? Ascendant Florets are a new item introduced with Ascended Heroes. Upon being given to a Hero, that Hero will gain a second Asset in a stat of your choice. Have you ever pulled your hair out agonizing over Asset selection because a certain Hero has two optimal stat choices? Fear baldness no longer! (But if it's more than two, then I'm sorry, there's no saving your follicles.) How do I use it? The appropriate menu is located under Allies > Traits/Equipment > Ascend Traits. You may have to scroll the menu to to click the button. I think this is the first time anything in the Allies screen has been scrollable... Once there, you'll see the long list of all the Heroes you own. Find the Hero you want to give the Floret to, and you'll be sent to the Trait selection screen. The Asset granted by the Floret works just like a regular Asset: normal Assets boost the Trait by 3, and a Hero having a Superasset in a particular Trait will boost it by 4. If the Floret is dropped into a Trait that is currently a Flaw (subtracting stats rather than adding), then the Flaw will be cancelled out. If the Hero gains a merge that cancels that Flaw, then the Floret Trait will become a proper Asset. Conversely, if the Ascended unit is used as merge material themselves, then the inheritor will gain the Floret in the stat it was previously boosting. Bare in mind that this can lead to a problem if the Ascended Asset is already an Asset on the inheritor, which means the Floret will have no effect. This will have to be corrected in the "Change Traits" menu -- more on that below. For those having seen my videos, I'm sure my first choice of who to Ascend will surprise exactly no one. If a Hero has had a Floret used on them, it will be reflected in their stat screen -- a little Floret will be displayed beside their Rarity, and tapping the boosted Trait will show it as an "Ascended Asset" rather than just "Asset". How many Florets can be used on a Hero? One and only one. Once a Hero eats a Floret, they'll be shoved down to the bottom of the unit list with a red X to denote that you can't feed them again. How does this change Arena scoring? It doesn't. The Ascended Asset is not factored into score calculation; it's for performance only. This means if you need a Superasset to go up a BST bin, it must be done with the regular Asset and not the Ascended one. Know the difference in case scoring is a concern! Wait, my Ascended Hero says it costs no Florets to boost! What gives? That's unique to Ascended Heroes. They've already got that sweet, sweet Ascension juice, so they don't need a Floret -- just pick a Trait and go. Ascended Heroes who have already ascended a Trait will also be grouped at the bottom of the unit list. I screwed up and picked the wrong Trait! / I merged the Ascended unit into a different unit, and the Asset and Ascended Asset are overlapping! Don't panic, there's a way to fix it. Go to "Change Traits" in the Traits/Equipment menu (it's right above "Ascend Traits"). When you change the Hero's regular Asset there, you'll also be able to change their Ascended Asset at the same time. Be aware, however, that this will still cost you 100 Trait Fruits. Try not to mess up the first time -- ask for advice if you're unsure, that's why this thread is here! (Unless your merge target's Asset was the preferred one and there was no chance to fix it beforehand, in which case you'll have to pony up the fruits and suffer in silence.) Oh no, a Hero I gave a Floret to was manual'd/sent home/lost through Skill Inheritance! You absolute goddamned fool. There's no fixing that -- the Floret is as gone as the extra Skills and Dragonflowers that the unit took with them. Don't let this be you! Remember to Favorite your most used Heroes, especially ones you Ascend! For the uninitiated, "Favoriting" is done by tapping the Heart icon on the unit's stat screen. Favorited units can't be lost under any circumstances unless you manually remove their Favorite status. Where do I get Ascendant Florets? One Floret is given to you for free just for accessing the Ascend Traits menu for the first time. Treasure it! As for where to get extras... that's where things get messy. To add to your Ascendant Floret count, you must summon an Ascended Hero. They (usually) debut in New Heroes banners that otherwise lack a theme or special unit. Similar to Legendary Heroes giving you their appropriate Blessing when they join your barracks, an Ascended Hero will give you a Floret for pulling them. Unlike Legendary Heroes though, a particular Ascended Hero only supplies the Floret the first time you summon that specific Ascended Hero. Extra copies of the same Ascended Hero will not give you more Florets -- whether you Spark them, summon them from a different banner, or obtain them from some kind of event, only the very first summon of that Ascended Hero counts. What this means is that outside of the freebie or whatever cockamamie events IntSys hosts, there will never be more Florets than there are Ascended Heroes. Florets are not just rare -- they are finite, and you don't get them back once they're used. They are also the only resource in the game that outright require Orbs to obtain outside of gifts. DO NOT GIVE AN ASCENDANT FLORET TO A HERO UNLESS YOU'RE VERY SURE! Seriously, this cannot be stressed enough. You don't get enough Florets to hand them out like Dragonflowers; Florets are absolutely the sort of thing you give to your most favorite Heroes and only your most favorite Heroes. And again, Favorite the Heroes you Ascend! CURRENT MAX FLORETS: 18 From accessing the Ascend Traits menu: 1 From summoning each Ascended Hero: 15 From events: 2 ...Well, that sucks. What's the best way to get Florets without gutting my wallet then? There is thankfully one cool thing about summoning Ascended Heroes: New Heroes banners feature Sparking (that doesn't require Feh Pass!) as well as Summon Tickets. "Sparking" (I forget if Fire Emblem Heroes has its own term) is a free Focus Hero summon of your choice after a certain number of summons on a specific banner that features it (denoted by the banner having a "# / #" number on the bottom-left of the screen, usually 40 summons). Summon Tickets give you a free random pull from their featured banner and are usually found from Quests or Events (usually Forging Bonds, which is commonly paired with a New Heroes banner and comes in a set of 4 tickets). Putting Sparking and Summon Tickets together, you can drastically reduce the required Orbs to pull the featured Ascended Hero if your luck doesn't let you summon them normally. You usually need 200 Orbs for 40 summons in a worst case scenario -- the usual banner free pull and 4 tickets subtracts that by 25, and pulling multiple Heroes in one session costs gradually less. A Spark typically takes anywhere between 175 to 135 Orbs, depending on your willingness to snipe specific colors or pull full wheels. So who are the Ascended Heroes anyway? Fjorm: Ice Ascendant Laegjarn: Flame Ascendant Joshua: Resolute Tempest Idunn: Divine Demon Mareeta: Astra Awakened Ishtar: Echoing Thunder Florina: Azure-Sky Knight Celica: Valentia's Hope Hilda: Helping Hand Eir: Life Ascendant Tiki: Awakened Blood Elincia: Devoted Queen Fir: Swordmaiden Ced: Sage of the Wind Merric: Wind Pontifex Is dumping the Orbs worth it? That's up to you. Bare in mind though that you're not just going for the Ascendant Floret. The Ascended Hero that gives you the Floret is a very strong unit in their own right, and they may or may not have some Skill Inheritance that your other Heroes could want. That being said, you don't have to go for the Ascended Hero and their Floret right away. While I advocate Sparking as the easiest method simply because it subverts the RNG entirely, you and your wallet might not (or cannot) appreciate the Orb investment with IntSys's sporadic banner schedule, in which case there's always next time -- as New Heroes, Ascended Heroes are moved to the general summoning pool after their introductory banner ends which means they can pitybreak you later, and God only knows what Events they could show up in. Now that all of that's out of the way... Now comes the fun part: discourse and showing off! I will now open up the floor for showcasing what you've done with your Ascendant Florets, as well as questions on how to best use your Florets if you're unsure. I look forward to seeing what abominations we create!
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