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Found 1 result

  1. So, after an eternity of wanting to play PoR and RD, I finally can. I got to max out some units, but some obviously didn't since I'm doing two blind playthroughs more or less. But, one thing I know is that Bond Supports appear on a units screen under the supports section. You can't attach supports to said unit, but you can keep them from PoR. But, as I've been playing, I noticed some, discrepancies. Supports I didn't fill out, had Bond bonuses, and so on. And I had transfered my save. A few notable ones were the Tormod and Sothe supports I wish I had gotten but never did. So, in reality, I don't know why these aren't appearing. Even the Ike x Elincia supports I kept throughout the game didn't pass over, but instead she got full Bond Supports with Geoffrey (who I didn't even use more than once cause XP Drain) and it's just, confusing. Am I not supposed to be able to see said Bond Supports in the Support page? Or did my save just not pass on right?
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