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Found 4 results

  1. I'm using Nightmare to hack Shadow Dragon; but it doesn't seem as though there's an option to give stuff like the Falchion stat bonuses like what most other games do with their divine weapons. Does anyone know of a way to do this, or...is that feature just not in Shadow Dragon? Thanks for your time, and God bless you.
  2. I'm trying to give weapons various stat bonuses, including negative ones, the only problem is that instead of displaying say a -1, the game displays a +9, but the bonus is a -1. This clearly seems to be a problem with the graphics display in the game. So does anyone know how I can change this so the game displays negative stat bonuses?
  3. Hi, I'm just a little confused regarding the pair up system. In fire emblem awakening when paired up you get stat boosts but also bonuses such as Crit Chance and Avoid, Hit Rate and Dodge, I'm just wondering whether this system of bonuses works the same as Awakening or if there is a different system for this. If anyone can direct me to an already present thread or have any idea how it works it would take the ease of my mind.
  4. I'm currently writing an FE story, with an interesting twist on a large quantity of units. Basically, the villain has summoned Magvel and Elibe to join Tellius, and as a result, units from Magvel and Elibe join the party to help defeat the villain. Shortly before the final battle, however, the villain destroys all of his summons, including the playable roster. Of course, in an actual game, this would be a massive slap in the face (the first unit like this joins in Chapter 5, and the loss happens in Chapter 24), so I've developed a compromise that fits all right into the plot: The units add a flat bonus to characters that don't disappear, plus whatever stats they've gained since recruitment. Would this be considered a fair compromise, in terms of gameplay? Most characters give bonuses to characters of the same or similar class (Lyn gives her bonus to the Lord, Hector gives his to Ike, and so on in such a fashion), and I believe that the army you'd get out of this would be serviceable, even if you had used nothing but these units as soon as possible (and even then, you'd get a lot of experience out of the early levels), and there are a handful of good units near the end... I'm just fishing for thought, really. Would this kind of final chapter be all right in gameplay form?
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