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Found 4 results

  1. I don't think people give gordon enough credit it Fe3 book 2 and here is my reasoning. Gordon joins your army at level 5 meaning he just needs 5 more levels to use the Orions bolt you get at chapter 7. In-between chapter 1-7 are a lot of Draco knights that a lot of your army has trouble dealing with (the exception being mages and archers). even if you only use gordon for these enemies he should still easily get to level 10 before chapter 7 the snipers class bonus's are absolutely insane giving plus 5 in both skill and speed, 2 strength and defense, 3 res, and best of all 2 mov. snipers are generalists. generally being useful on a larger portion of maps then horsemen. by the time gordon promotes, his stats should straight up be better (unless he gets stat screwed) than George who you also get in chapter 7. having 2 partia users is a very useful thing. I feel like archers get a deservingly bad rap since in most games since they do suck. but in Fe3, were javelins kinda sucks. having archers are very useful. but what do you guys think?
  2. so after seeing ghasts little post on twitter where he says that he actually likes surtr I've been thinking. Is surtr a bad villain? It's a question that's plagued me for while and I think I finally have an answer. Yes, he is a good villain though he just does not work with the "world" he is placed in. Let me explain. I think the main problem with people criticizing surtr as a poorly written villain is that they are criticizing him as a narrative villain. and well as a narrative villain, yeah he's very poorly written in that regard but he's not a narrative villain. He is a force of nature villain more along the lines of the joker or for another FE example Grima. Both types of villains fill the same role in that they move the story forward, but they do it in different ways. A narrative villain, in essence, is just another character with their own goals, motivations, backstory, etc. and it is those things that make up their character which drives the plot forward through trying to act on their innate human desires. A force of nature on the other hand isn't a character but rather they're more so a representation of some primal aspect of reality. They don't need a backstory, or motivation, or logical justification for what they do because that's not the point. The point of a force of nature is that their mere existence creates conflict and it's through that conflict that authors are able to explore different aspects of the world, characters, ideas, and themes of the narrative. Now if we look at surtr through this lens, then things start to make way more sense. Surtr is a physical representation of the ferocity and destructive force of fire. From his personality, goals, abilities, etc. all those things link back to that core idea. So if that's what IS was trying to do, then they succeeded. Hell his sort of "immortality" plays into this as well cause no matter how many times you extinguish a flame, it'll always come back so long as there is fuel to burn. It's actually quite neat to see how much thought went into writing him. Surtr on his own is not a bad villain if anything he's actually a pretty good one. However the reason he doesn't work is because well the main characters lack any kind of depth. Force of nature villains only work because of what they allow us to explore about the other ACTUAL characters in the story. The joker for example allows to really explore the idea of order outside the law and if that is truly orderly and just and that works because of how deep and a complex a character bruce wayne is. The askr trio and nifl siblings on the other hand. Yeah there's not much to explore there. Really the only one out of that group to get any sort of development is alfonse which is by far one of the best moments within book 2 because of how it shows what he's willing to sacrifice in order to stop the greater threat. That is where force of nature villains truly shine best in allowing us to develop and explore the other characters. Why else do you think helbindi and laegjarn are so well liked because they are perfect examples of what happens when Surtr's role in the story is actually done properly. Again Surtr in it of himself isn't a bad villain. He's just not utilized properly because of how flat the other characters are.
  3. I created this a while ago and figured I'd post it here for those who are interested. The playthrough goes for full recruitment and growth rates have been set to 0. Here is the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLz9xZUchaeBVxe3hTWLBxuMBxyXeUURH I found out afterwards that I could save a turn by promoting Yumina by chapter 11 which would reduce the turn count 105. With growth rates I could save a turn training up Marth to kill Hardin instead of Chiki which would further reduce the counter to 104. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Ok so I ended up reworking my old run. I managed to save 2 more turns than I thought bringing to total to 102 which is pretty cool and I think the fastest ever done in full recruitment. I suspect this to be the fastest possible on full recruitment with or without growths.
  4. I've played through FE3 many times and I know you're supposed to get the Silver Card from a thief that spawns on turn 10 during Chapter 10, but for some reason this stupid thief won't spawn. I've tried literally everything but I can't get the thief to appear, this is really bugging me and I really don't want to skip getting the Silver Card.
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