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Found 1 result

  1. I've actually encountered this argument a LOT of times, and it's never gotten a definite conclusion. Naga carved Falchion out of her fang, and the might of this weapon has been able to defeat the likes of Medeus, the Earth Dragon prince, who later became a Dark Dragon. It was stated by Gotoh in both Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem that without Falchion, there was no hope of defeating Medeus. By Awakening's time, Falchion in its full power is said by Naga to rival her own might, and can be used to seal Grima away. A Valentian Falchion by Echoes has been used to defeat Duma, another Divine Dragon. However, now we go onto the Book of Naga. As Kaga stated, its a magical tome that Naga placed her will and power into, and Forseti claims that without Naga's power, it was unlikely that they would be able to defeat Loptyr. Loptyr is a powerful Earth Dragon that seems to also have cases of being a Dark Dragon as well. Now here's the question. Which is stronger? Falchion or the Book of Naga? Both were created by Naga, and both were the only weapons that could defeat the dragon (or dragon powered) enemy that the heroes were fighting against. And Falchion has been stated by Kaga to be created in a similar method to that of the Jugdral Holy Weapons. But unlike Book of Naga, it seems that the Falchion does not have the case of the will of Naga possessing the host. Would that make Falchion inferior? There was never any confirmation on that being the case, and by Awakening, Falchion has been confirmed to rival the might of Naga herself. And this is where the other topic comes. To question on whether Falchion or Book of Naga is stronger, which is stronger for the dragon that was used against for it? Medeus or Loptyr? Which Earth Dragon was stronger? So share your thoughts on who you think is stronger, and therefore which weapon is therefore stronger as well. My personal belief is that Falchion is the stronger of the two, or at the very least, the two weapons rival one another.
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