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Found 6 results

  1. Anyone remember the old Fire Emblem bootleg? Well I decided to go and make a translation patch for it. This patch is only a menu patch and does not translate the story. In case of issues, please post in the thread... and don't forget to read the readme. It probably mentions the untranslated item you've spotted. The rom is called Super SLG (Unl) [C].gbc, so it mightn't work if it's called something different for you. Don't rule things out though. And before anyone asks, no. I won't link the rom. Bootleg roms are still roms. Now go and watch Leaf and friends have a rather strange journey. Here's some (Chinese) gameplay for those who don't know what this is. EDIT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/otbmtda9msdf2n4/Bootleg Emblem Translation.zip?dl=0 I am an idiot.
  2. It has the European names (Shiida, Doluna, Akanea, Nabarl, rather than Caeda, Dohlr, Archanea, and Navarre). But it has a legit ESRB E10+ Rating on the sticker. Here are pictures I took that I think may help... http://imgur.com/kI0korl Here we have the front of my Cart, with the ESRB rating, looking like an American copy. http://imgur.com/lflWuRb Here we have the back of my Cart. http://imgur.com/RUXdBS4 Now, our first noticeable part of the bootleg once I pop it in: Archanea is Akaneia in this supposed bootleg... http://imgur.com/w3EWUQ1 Next, we see Dolhr is its European name, Doluna. http://imgur.com/4GG7qNT Caeda has her European name, Shiida... http://imgur.com/GLLO0L6 And a comparison to 4 of my non-bootleg DS games. You can see that my Shadow Dragon copy is slightly darker. So, is it a bootleg? I can't show the case because I only recieved the Game Cart when I bought it.
  3. ...known as Pocket Monster Saphire (yes, spelled like that). Have you ever wanted to see Pikachu fight for his friends? Check this out. Also, one of the songs in this game (not shown in the video) sound like a slow version of the first part of Beneath the Sky from Binding Blade.
  4. Okay, so I realize that this isn't the first time this has been posted about, but for some reason this old bootleg Fire Emblem game caught my eye. I was able to track down a ROM of it and start playing it a little. I don't really fully understand the way the game is structured, but I did take several screenshots of it. I'm kinda curious what the characters' names are (although I've heard the main hero is just "Marth" despite looking like a blonde Leif), so if anyone who knows Chinese can provide translations of any of this, however basic, it'd be much appreciated. [spoiler=Screenshots]The title screen. The main title and subtitle are actually pretty nicely animated which is neat. Doesn't have the traditional Fire Emblem theme for this screen, though, which is kinda not surprising. Some intro snapshots. The text in this part goes by really fast; I dunno if it'd be easily readable even for a native speaker of Chinese. And now we get to starting a new game. This Shield of Seals pops up with some more of what I can only assume is expository narration. Here is, of course, Firstboss McBanditman, as per series standard, giving some cocky rant probably. Player and Enemy Phase banners. Basic map menu and unit command menu, respectively. Some snapshots of the battle preview and interface. Characters seem to have little damage knockback animations which the official series didn't have until Path of Radiance, so that's pretty cool. Also, the battle theme's cool, but the intro's kinda long so you don't usually get to hear much of the rest of the song, sadly. And finally, all the starting team's stat pages as well as a generic enemy's. Probably should've screencapped the boss instead but eh.
  5. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Used-Nintendo-Game-Boy-Advance-Fire-Emblem-GBA-SP-NDS-DS-LITE-NDSL-0088-/330983091966?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4d10212efe I can't seem to tell if this item is a fake. It seems suspicious because of the extremely low price and the fact that it's from China, where Bootlegs tend to come from. The seller has positive feedback, but there is still something off about this bid. My apologies if this is in the wrong section or against the rules. Although i don't think it is.
  6. Someone brought up that good ol' GBC Fire Emblem bootleg the other day, and I thought it would be nice to revisit it and shine some light on it. Of course, the best way to do so is always a FIRE EMBLEM EFFICIENCY STYLE RUN. There's not too much else to say, since the videos and their descriptions kind of speak for for themselves. Note: These videos are done in real time, so there are a few mistakes here and there and I might lose a turn or so each chapter since I can't rig hits. With that in mind, enjoy! FULL PLAYLIST: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL4y9vIwFHQJowbbh25CfmvpTg6fAwfAmO
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