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Found 14 results

  1. Create a Smash Bros. Boss. Here's an example:
  2. So, I haven't seen this topic around recently and I'm surprised, it's a pretty generic topic..whatever it's here now. What's your favorite Boss Fight in all of gaming? My personal favorite is Skorge from Gears of War 2. Purely because of the chainsaw battles, riding on a reaver and the room you fight in during the first stage of the Skorge fight, it looks amazing. Another reason I adore Gears 2.
  3. We always wanted to make a Fire Emblem boss, but either being too lazy to make a game involving him/her or not having the rescources. We couldn't. So share your ideas, you can be as detailed or not as you want. But, at least put the name of the villain and a little bio.
  4. What are your favourite boss quotes from any fire emblem game? I'll start off with the obligatorary: 'Who do you think you are, you think you can stand up to Batta the Beast'- Batta, FE7, 2003
  5. One of the things I always did in all my Shadow Dragon playthroughs was to intentionally build Marth up more than the other units; just until he took Hyman down. Then I'd start balancing out everyone's levels agan. I know that there's already the Ogma!Killer Sword + Barst!Devil Axe strat...but I always found that annoyingly unreliable; and I usually don't like using the Map Saves just for beating up bosses. So instead, I'd build Marth up until he got at least 11 SPD; then let HIM be the one to kick Hyman's butt (or even Gomer, the C2 boss; provided he was strong enough by that point). I always liked that, for multiple reasons... --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) I've never found Ogma to be THAT terribly good, outside of the early chapters. He's locked to 30% Speed, even in the Mercenary class; and this is a game riddled with enemy cavaliers and other lance users. While Marth also faces WTD, he, at least, has the Rapier to help with that. 2) Marth is a unit you're required to field in every chapter; so it's in your best interest to make him as good as he can be. 3) Marth, at base level, is too weak to survive a hit from Gazzack (C1 boss). So he at least wants +1 extra point in HP and/or DEF so he can help the others grind him down. 4) He's got a higher STR growth than Ogma, and more levels with which to raise said STR. Get him to B Swords and 11+ SPD before Hyman, give him the Killer Edge, and he (IMO) actually does a pretty decent job of killing Hyman by himself. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Of course, the downsides to this are that the others aren't getting as much EXP. Marth will be entering Chapter 3 at something like...LVL 8-9, while most of the others will be 3-4. Still...I always found it worth it . Anyone else ever try this? Any efficiency runners that'd like to weigh in on this? If so, please weigh in! I LOVE talking strategy!
  6. Which of these dragon do you believe is the strongest lore wise (not based on how difficult the battle was in game-play)?
  7. A couple years ago, I began working on a hack in which Guinevere was implemented as a fully playable character and can be played as for whenever she is with Roy, (So really everywhere but the Western Isles) but to be fully content, I have to add boss conversations. Somehow, I managed to create a boss conversation between her and Narcian about a year ago, and I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to do it again. Not having her talk to Zephiel upon initiating combat with him would leave a bad taste in my mouth. And yeah, I know it could be argued that Guinevere fighting against Bern more actively is wholly against her character, but my Guinevere is a bit different from the canon one. (: I have a good amount of experience with Event Assembler, Mappy, Zahlman's Song Editor (lol), Nightmare 2.0, and FEditor, but I'm not sure where to begin anymore. I've gotten event editing down to a science (again, aside from boss conversations) and I know how to edit the text WITHIN the pre-existing boss conversations (ex. I can make Lilina talk Legance's ear off...) I just don't know how to create new boss conversations anymore. I want to finish this project, if only for my own personal satisfaction, though I do plan on publishing it upon completion. So, to reiterate, I'm hoping to add new, unique, boss conversations, but can't remember how to do that. I didn't want to have to ask, but i've about given up on the project and don't want to let it die quite yet. If anyone knows how to insert a new boss conversation somewhere in FE6, that would be a tremendous help. Thanks sooo much! Any little bit of knowledge helps. (:
  8. So these aren't the world-ending, godly-powerful guys, or the main plot-spanning antagonists of their games or anything, but it's undeniable that FE has given us some pretty memorable (or even memetic) bosses and minor villains in the course of its history. Which ones are your favorites, and why? I always remember Jarod of RD, because not only was did he show some measure of cunning (his plan at creating a trap for Micaiah, which would have worked had the Black Knight not swooped in to save the day), but he also stood his ground and fought to the bitter end to try to keep his hold on Daein (whereas the likes of Ludveck gave up and surrendered soon as he was defeated). He didn't even flinch when he was facing down the Black Knight, who previously decimated every member of Jarod's force that fought against him. The guy also showed some more redeeming traits, in his rage and sadness at Alder jumping in and taking a bullet for him. If only the Capture mechanic had existed in RD, I would have loved to add him to the Dawn Brigade's team. Glass from Blazing Blade also sticks out in my mind, because despite being weak as hell as a low-level myrmidon with terrible stats has the gall to refer to himself as "godly," and scream to the heavens about his "peerless swordplay." Lol, that's just amusing in general. Never realized how fitting his name was for his awful defensive stats until now...
  9. Which of these final bosses do you believe is the most powerful? Please base your decisions on the the lore of the boss and not how difficult the boss was in game play.
  10. Hey I was curious how many of these are in the game because when I was playing Revelation, one of the NPC bosses had their own critical quote(s?). Do all bosses have these or certain ones? For the boss in question, massive Revelation spoiler so read at your own risk! Back in Awakening, I know Validar had one, which is why I am curious if more bosses have these. But it might be hard to gather them up without some cheating or some way to force them to trigger skills/crits. Or just being lucky.
  11. With the new wave of DLC being announced for Japan and I think there is one more wave after it, it got me thinking on something. What would you think if they added a sort of Boss Rush where you face off against all bosses from previous games and fates in a row? I think it could be an interesting challenge for them to do. Perhaps only a small group of units could do the challenge to make it even more difficult? Rewards could be a new class, or something like an Ultimate Emblem or even a powerful skill. Be really cool to fight all the bosses with the amiibo characters at my side. Lords of FE, unite!
  12. I'm thinking this could lead to very interesting runs. You only use Kamui when you absolutely have to, Zero/Orochi, and their bosses or generics you capture. A thing to note is enemy units and Bosses keep all their stats and skills on the harder difficulties, aside from the enemy exclusive ones(Luna+ becomes Luna for example). Some of the bosses such as Gazzak also have powerful skills out of their class such as Pavise, Ravenstrike and Stubbornness. I've heard something about Captured characters being transferable across files. Me personally I'm going to try to go for a Bandit run composed of the Bosses! Then later I'll try one with the generics.' Nohr Generics Hoshido Generics
  13. Based off the info known so far, do you have any thoughts on the bosses that can be captured? Basically vote for your favorite. On a sidenote, I put Hormone and William together because it doesn't seem right to put separate them. If you're unfamiliar with the bosses, check the capturable boss section here. http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/other-characters/ Pics of each for those who don't wanna check out the Link. Gazzak William and Hormone Banba Nacht Dragee Daniela Funk Senou Daichi Kumagera Haitaka Vashala
  14. I decided to try and take down the Apotheosis secret boss in one hit and managed to succeed. ******Spoilers Ahead****** Here's the formulas we will be using. Attack = Strength or Magic + Weapon's Might + Weapon Rank bonus Critical = Weapon's Critical + (Skill / 2) Hit rate = Hit rate + Weapon triangle bonus + Support bonus - Enemy's (Avoid + Terrain bonus + Support bonus) [%] Damage = Attack + Weapon triangle bonus - Enemy's (Defence or Resistance + Terrain bonus) Critical rate = Critical + Support bonus - Enemy's (Luck + Support bonus) [%] Dual Guard rate= (Lead & Support Unit's combined Def or Res / 4) + Support bonus + Skill bonus [%] Avoid = (Speed x 3 + Luck) / 2 First of all, we're going to need to crit, so achieving 100% crit chance is what we'll cover first. Anna has 65 Lck, so we can edit our formula to: Critical Rate = Weapon crit + (Skill / 2) + Support bonus - 65 Sol Katti, Forged Wilderwind, and Ruin are the 3 weapons with the highest crit, but swordmasters have a higher skill stat. We'll be using the Sol Katti for this. The Sol Katti's crit stat is 50. Critical Rate = 50 + (Skill / 2) + Support bonus - 65 Critical Rate = (Skill / 2) + Support bonus - 15 Next we'll put in our crit skills. These are Wrath:+20, Zeal:+5, Solidarity:+10, Anathema:+10, and Gamble:+10. This totals an additional 55 crit. Critical Rate = (Skill / 2) + Support bonus - 15 + 55 Critical Rate = (Skill / 2) + Support bonus + 40 Next, the support bonus can go up to 20. Critical Rate = (Skill / 2) + 20 + 40 Critical Rate = (Skill / 2) + 60 This leaves us with our skill stat which will have to make up the difference. Skill >= 80 Since we're also going to need a good strength stat to be able to deal enough damage, Morgan's parent will be Gerome. Gerome's father will be Virion. Morgan's mother, the avatar, will have a +Skill -Def Asset/Flaw. As a swordmaster, Morgan's max skill stat with Limit Breaker will now be 60. 80 - 60 = 20 We'll then get 8 skill from the pair up bonus, 2 skill from the skill tonic, 4 skill from rally spectrum, 2 skill from rally heart, and 4 from rally skill, though I used a barracks boost for the 4 skill in the video. The pair up bonus will give 2 skill from support level, 3 skill from the 30+ skill stat bonus, and 3 skill from the sniper class, totaling 8 skill. 2 + 4 + 2 + 4 + 8 = 20 This will give us our 100% crit strike chance on Anna. Next, we have to be able to kill her. Anna has 99 Health, 55 Def, and the skill Dragonskin. Counter is irrelevant since she has to live through the attack to return the damage. Dragonskin halves all damage, and if the damage is a decimal number, it rounds down. First, we'll calculate our attack. Attack = Strength + Weapon's Might + Weapon Rank Bonus The Sol Katti has 8 might and the weapon rank bonus for swords will be +3 attack. Attack = Strength + 8 + 3 Attack = Strength + 11 We can then put this into our damage formula. Damage = Strength + 11 + Weapon triangle bonus - 55 - Enemy's Terrain bonus Damage = Strength + Weapon triangle bonus - 44 - Enemy's Terrain bonus The weapon triangle bonus will result in Morgan losing 1 damage. Damage = Strength - 45 - Enemy's Terrain bonus Vengeance will give us half of our missing health in damage, which is 42 damage. Damage = Strength - 45 + 42 - Enemy's Terrain bonus Damage = Strength - 3 - Enemy's Terrain bonus The enemy terrain bonus if Anna has not moved will be 3 from the Throne. Damage = Strength - 3 - 3 Damage = Strength - 6 The critical hit will multiply our damage by 3 times, but the Dragonskin skill will reduce it by half. Damage = 3 / 2 * (Strength - 6) Since we need at least 99 damage, our formula will be this: 99 = 3 / 2 * (Strength - 6) Morgan will have a stat cap of 54 strength as a swordmaster, so we need 18 from everything else. The pair up bonus, like with the skill stat, gives 8 strength, and rally spectrum, rally strength, and rally heart will give the remaining 10. Special dance and strength tonics will also give 2 strength each. 54 + 8 + 10 + 2 + 2 = 76 99 = 3 / 2 * (76 - 6) As long as Morgan meets these conditions, he will have a 100% chance to kill Anna in one attack. Finally, Morgan needs to survive Anna's Vantage+ Skill to be able to attack. Although in the video Morgan and Kjelle's dual guard rate was not optimized, let's assume it is in our calculations. Barracks surge: +4 Def, +4 Spd on Morgan, +4 Def, +4 Any on Kjelle Dual Guard rate= (Lead & Support Unit's combined Def or Res / 4) + Support bonus + Skill bonus [%] Dual Guard rate = (Combined Def / 4) + 10(S Rank) + 10 Dual Guard rate = (Combined Def / 4) + 20 Stahl gives Kjelle the most defence out of all of the fathers that can pass sniper, so her max defence as a sniper is 52, and Morgan's is 43 with the defence flaw. Special dance will add another 2 defence, rally spectrum, heart, and defence will add another 20, tonics will add another 4, barracks surges will add another 8 and pair up bonus will add another 7. 52 + 43 + 51 = 146 146/4 = 36.5 Since decimals are rounded down: Dual Guard rate = 36 + 20 Dual Guard rate = 56% Anna starts off equiped with the Spear rather than the Brave Lance, so we will assume only 1 attack will occur. If Dual Guard activates, it will block both hits of Aether, should it occur. Aether has a 65% chance of activating. Anna's hit rate is 232, so using this, we will calculate her hit rate. Hit rate = 232 + Weapon triangle bonus + Support bonus - Morgan's ((Speed x 3 + Luck) / 2 + Terrain bonus + Support bonus) [%] The support bonus is going to be 20, the terrain bonus will be 0, the weapon triangle bonus will be 10. Hit rate = 232 + 10 - Morgan's ((Speed x 3 + Luck) / 2 + 20) Morgan's speed cap will be 58 as a swordmaster. The pair up bonus will grant 3 speed, rallies will grant 10, tonic will grant 2, and barracks surge will grant 4. Morgan's luck cap is 54, pair up will grant 3, rallies will grant 14, tonic will grant 2. Hit rate = 242 - (((58 + 3 + 10 + 2 + 4) x 3 + 54 + 3 + 14 + 2) / 2 + 20) Hit rate = 242 - ((231 + 74) /2 + 20) Hit rate = 242 - 172.5 Hit rate = 69.5 Hit rate = 69% Throw in charm and we get a 64% chance to hit. So to sum this all up, Aether has a 65% chance of activating, and if it activates, he has a 56% chance to block both hits, or he has a 36% chance to dodge each hit, which he needs to do twice. Otherwise, he has a 56% chance to block and a 36% chance to dodge the single hit. Probability of Aether activating: 65% Probability of surviving Aether: 61.7024% Probability of surviving normal attack: 71.84% Probability of surviving Vantage+: 67.2% I may have made a mistake in that I'm pretty sure Kjelle doesn't have the highest defence stat out of all the children, but it's close enough. To get Morgan down to 1 health, get him to 51 defence and place him within range of 3 of the generals on the first round. Each will do 28 damage, totaling 84 damage. When killing Anna, have someone with Solidarity stand next to Morgan and someone with Anathema stand by Anna. Here's the video showing it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaLoUQVt_Mo&list=UUE5HFE056sNd_sIljaTnILg
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