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Found 9 results

  1. It‘s Thracia, but you play the bosses and fight against the original cast! Follow lord Veld, his trusted knight Raydrik and his merry men, the deadlords, on a magical journey after the malicious prince Leaf and his pawn, baron Finn, kidnapped Velds love interest Bharat and find out that the real treasure are the ~40 generic-looking friends they make along the way! This hack replaces every playable character with a boss or NPC and vice versa. Since there aren‘t enough bosses to replace every unit, August, Dorias, Julius and Ishtar are included as playables. On top of that, Lara is unchanged since she funtions as both your thief in Manster and your dancer. This hack also gives most bosses who appear as a general or baron in the base game a new class, as there wouldn‘t be any variety between units otherwise. Update: Version 1.1 of the hack is out! On top of some fixes, this version is updated to version 1.08 of Lil' Manster, allowing you to access all the new and amazing QoL features of that version. Many thanks to Miacis for helping me with the switch! Note: This hack does not alter any dialogue, it‘s gameplay only (apart from some memes). Download Link The complete changelog can be found here. The Folder also includes a 0% growths version and an Everyone Is Largo version. The creeping realization that everyone is Largo is something I just wanted to share (his portrait gets reused like 5 times in the game). The Optional QoL/unit reordering patches from LM are also included. Known Issues: - Stoning bosses before they can participate in certain events (like Leaf in chapter 5) can cause soflocks. Just don‘t do that. Stoning bosses in general is fine though – and hilariously broken! - If a unit gets stoned, then recruited (like Trewds or Mishas replacement, at the end of the chapter), they‘ll stay stoned as the status doesn‘t get cleared between chapters. - If The door to the arena is opened while Eichner is on the field in chapter 5, he sometimes remains on the battlefield even though his sprite is gone until 1 othe action is completed. If you step on his tile while he's still there, the game crashes. Thanks to Tortuga Jr.#6373 on discord for reporting this Note that I might have missed some bugs and glitches. If you encounter anything that looks like one, please contact me immediately on SF or on Discord (user Blade of Light#6050). Thanks!
  2. So outside of Genealogy of the Holy War, which had a lot of throwaway recolored female bosses pictured above, its noticeable minor enemy bosses like Batta and Gromell are always male. And before anyone states Clarisse or Pheros, those characters are not minor bosses with no story importance like Lumel or Campari are. I'm talking about bosses that just walk into a map and die with no fanfare. This is speculation but it is quite possible the lack of minor enemy female commanders could be due to the developers not wanting to design female characters with the ugly/evil look that minor bosses have. Similarly outside of the aforementioned Genealogy of the Holy War, Thracia 776, and Tear Ring Saga which occasionally sprinkled female generics among the otherwise male enemy forces, generic enemy units are almost always male outside of female exclusive classes like Pegasus Knight or Troubadour. We know lore wise, nations like Macedon, Grado, Plegia, Bern ETC have female soldiers and commanders from the recruitable characters those locations, but the rank and file enemy grunts and lowranking commanders are always male. Several games like New Mystery of the Emblem even punish the player for attacking female generics the rare times they appear. This is again another guess, but I speculate that the developers avoid female generics to avoid making the player feel bad. I''m asking everyone what do you think the reason for this is and would you like this to change? *My original version of this post was deleted when my browser glitched so I had to retype the whole thing.*
  3. Since Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is the first Fire Emblem game that have Post Game Content, but I do like to see if they add more stuff to the Post Game Content for the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch title. I do like to see something like they do it similar to like the Pokemon games' Post Game Content like new events, more lines, more maps that aren't in the main game's story plot, explore more villages and new ones as well, new maps and locations, etc.. What do you guys think if Intelligent Systems will handle the Post Game Content for the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch title? I do like to see if they can add more stuff to the game's post game content such as new events that can't be used in the main story line and can be unlocked after defeating the final boss of the game, unlock maps, explore more new villages that aren't in the main story plot line, have some villages unlock more stuff that can't be used in the main story line, have characters can comeback and meet them in a reunion like have the player can explore the castle or village and happily to see his/her friends after they survived the final battle explore more area just similar to like how the army in Valentia can travel Archanea and but bigger than that. Also, I do like to see if they can add Boss Rush Challenges like beat every available maps that can unlock the Boss Rush Modes and none of the characters won't get killed (act more like as Casual Mode style defeat) in the Challenge as well or replay one of the maps similar to like Fire Emblem Heroes.
  4. A couple years ago, I began working on a hack in which Guinevere was implemented as a fully playable character and can be played as for whenever she is with Roy, (So really everywhere but the Western Isles) but to be fully content, I have to add boss conversations. Somehow, I managed to create a boss conversation between her and Narcian about a year ago, and I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to do it again. Not having her talk to Zephiel upon initiating combat with him would leave a bad taste in my mouth. And yeah, I know it could be argued that Guinevere fighting against Bern more actively is wholly against her character, but my Guinevere is a bit different from the canon one. (: I have a good amount of experience with Event Assembler, Mappy, Zahlman's Song Editor (lol), Nightmare 2.0, and FEditor, but I'm not sure where to begin anymore. I've gotten event editing down to a science (again, aside from boss conversations) and I know how to edit the text WITHIN the pre-existing boss conversations (ex. I can make Lilina talk Legance's ear off...) I just don't know how to create new boss conversations anymore. I want to finish this project, if only for my own personal satisfaction, though I do plan on publishing it upon completion. So, to reiterate, I'm hoping to add new, unique, boss conversations, but can't remember how to do that. I didn't want to have to ask, but i've about given up on the project and don't want to let it die quite yet. If anyone knows how to insert a new boss conversation somewhere in FE6, that would be a tremendous help. Thanks sooo much! Any little bit of knowledge helps. (:
  5. Hey I was curious how many of these are in the game because when I was playing Revelation, one of the NPC bosses had their own critical quote(s?). Do all bosses have these or certain ones? For the boss in question, massive Revelation spoiler so read at your own risk! Back in Awakening, I know Validar had one, which is why I am curious if more bosses have these. But it might be hard to gather them up without some cheating or some way to force them to trigger skills/crits. Or just being lucky.
  6. I'm thinking this could lead to very interesting runs. You only use Kamui when you absolutely have to, Zero/Orochi, and their bosses or generics you capture. A thing to note is enemy units and Bosses keep all their stats and skills on the harder difficulties, aside from the enemy exclusive ones(Luna+ becomes Luna for example). Some of the bosses such as Gazzak also have powerful skills out of their class such as Pavise, Ravenstrike and Stubbornness. I've heard something about Captured characters being transferable across files. Me personally I'm going to try to go for a Bandit run composed of the Bosses! Then later I'll try one with the generics.' Nohr Generics Hoshido Generics
  7. Based off the info known so far, do you have any thoughts on the bosses that can be captured? Basically vote for your favorite. On a sidenote, I put Hormone and William together because it doesn't seem right to put separate them. If you're unfamiliar with the bosses, check the capturable boss section here. http://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/other-characters/ Pics of each for those who don't wanna check out the Link. Gazzak William and Hormone Banba Nacht Dragee Daniela Funk Senou Daichi Kumagera Haitaka Vashala
  8. Hello everyone, who´s your favourite final boss, you have faced in Fire Emblem? And maybe why? (boss theme, difficulty, design of the boss/level, atmosphere etc.) I look forward to all you choices :)
  9. Hey everyone :) Who is your most hated boss in the whole Fire Emblem series? The boss, that you would kill first, if you could. I made a list, but you can leave your own suggestion(s) maybe with reason(s). Maybe I misspelled a few bosses, because I don´t know every FE game 100%. But I hope you can identify them. I look forward for all your suggestions :)
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