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Found 1 result

  1. So let us assume that you have a captain who presides over each stat and that these captains are the ones who score highest on that stat in the Barracks sort option. Who are your Captains? Also lets just assume that we aren't intentionally min-maxing for this. Just your standard/current setups. I included the next in line, the lieutenants if you will, as well just for fun. HP - My Captain of getting hit is Arden(5*) at 60HP .No surprise there. Beating his HP total isn't an easy task. His lieutenants are Amelia(5*) and Felicia who are both have 52(4*) HP. Yeah apparently Felicia has one of the highest HP stats in my army. ATK - My Captain of hitting people is Lilina(4*) at 58 Attack. She has three lieutenants. Ike(5*), Minerva(5*), and her papa Hector(5*) all tie at 55. Hector must be so proud of his little girl, yes? SPD - My most hyper Captain is Felicia at 43 Speed. Felicia. . . wasn't being Arden's lieutenant enough for you? Do you need to stack your plate even higher? Her lieutenant is Eirika(4*) at 40 Speed. Had Eirika one less speed, Felicia would have had a large number of lieutenants, all women. I wonder if that would have been her way of trying to tell me something? DEF - The Captain who holds the line is Draug(4*) with 44 Defense. He relies on Lukas(4*), 42 Defense, to cover his back. RES - And should I ever be overthrown and reliant on the resistance to put me back on, my Captains would be Sheena(4*), Lute(5*), and Felicia all who possess 39 points of resistance. Because when fighting for the throne it is best not to put all your eggs in one basket. And dang it Felicia how high are you planning to stack your plate?! That is going to make such a mess when you inevitably trip and fall! They are rather strapped for resources and so they share a single lieutenant whose name is Deirdre(5*) and possess 38 resistance. Felicia sure is determined to help out around the barracks. I guess that is what happens when her summoner supports her! Anyways just figured it might be fun to do this. Though sadly Felicia may not hold all those positions for long. I am thinking of switching out my summoner support at some point. Might just support Tharja for the TT. Or maybe I'll leave Felicia and use her as my healer. Decisions Decisions. Edit- Maybe a bit boring, but apparently my Captain of Captains(if you use the Rating sort) is Amelia at 207, with Nowi(4*) Assisting her at 201. Edit2- Saw folks sharing 4*/5* for their captains. Many of mine are merged 4*'s. I prefer to merge to make room rather than sending home.
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