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Found 2 results

  1. So... I'm working on a new team for my dear old L!Ike and I think I found a good synergy with Soren, B!Lucina and Peony. However, It's a very expensive team, so I wanted to ask your opinion: (Hope this is the right topic since it's the only one avaiable for me) L!Ike (Neutral Ivs) Weapon: Ragnell Support Skill: Reposition Special Skill: Radiant Aether A Skill: Warding Breath B Skill: Special Spiral 3 C Skill: Even Atk Wave 3 Saced Seal: Close Defense 3 Soren (Neutral Ivs) Weapon: Wind's Brand (+Eff) Support Skill: Swap Special Skill: Moonbow A Skill: Fury 3 B Skill: Chill Spd 3 C Skill: Joint Hone Speed Saced Seal: Atk/Spd Bond 3 B!Lucina (-Atk +Spd) Weapon: Geirskögul (+Eff) Support Skill: Reposition Special Skill: Luna A Skill: Fury 3 B Skill: Chill Def 3 C Skill: Drive Spd 2 Saced Seal: Drive Spd 2 Peony (Neutral Ivs) Weapon: Flower of Joy Support Skill: Gentle Dream Special Skill: Luna A Skill: Triangle Adept 3 B Skill: Aerobatics 3 C Skill: Spur Atk/Spd 2 Saced Seal: Chill Res 3 L!Ike is the leader of the team with a classic Mixed Phase Special Spiral 3 build, but with Close Defense instead of Quick Riposte: the strategy here is to boost L!Ike's speed to secure Radiant Aether even in Player Phase and take less damege at all. I'll have to keep Soren near him and maybe B!Lucina in order to activate Joint Hone Speed, Wind's Brand effect and Atk/Spd bond. B!Lucina is not supposed to fight at all but she can boost both L!Ike and Soren. Peony is here to even more support through dance and boosts. Joint Hone Speed + double Drive Spd 2 + Geirskögul + Flower of Joy is a +17 speed for L!Ike, total speed 47. My fastest unist are Kronya and Claude with 42 speed so... 47 should be enough to double in a lot of scenarios and I'm not counting Spur Atk/Spd 2. For the last slot I also considered Naga (Fury 3, Chill Speed 3, Divine Fang) or W!Eirika (Fort. Res 3, Wings of Mercy, Atk Opening) instead of Peony. What do you think? Is it good? Improvable? Or it's completely trash?
  2. You guys remember a year ago back in august when the first brave heroes came out and someone translated the text on Lucina's lance with it reading something along the lines of "anime project success". Whatever happened to that? have there been any new developments regarding this so called "anime project"? I'm curious cause it's been well over a year since this info surfaced and I haven't anything about it since.
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