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Found 1 result

  1. Charlotte, The Banshee Stats HP: 43/46/49 Atk: 33/36/39 Spd: 29/32/35 Def: 21/24/28 Res: 16/19/22 Introduction Staying true to her Fates counterpart, her stats have a very "Fighter" class-like appeal to them. The way you see it, is generally how she's going to play out. And while 32 Spd is pretty much the definition of average, she does have room to play with it without being heavily detrimental. Packing 36 Atk, it may come of no surprise that she's basically entitled to a Brave > Death Blow setup. It's simple, straightforward and tends to get the job done. Even with this modern meta, I find she's one of the few that holds that kind of setup- and I might even say it stays up to date, with the latest addition of skills like Death Blow 4, Special Spiral, Odd Atk Wave, etc. One of her other small nich├ęs is her fairly high HP. She can consistently Panic Ploy a lot of characters (maybe even some Armoured units) or go for Infantry Pulse team support- or both, actually. Preferential IVs
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