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Found 5 results

  1. So I've noticed something weird with Binding blade. I've played through it twice and both times I recruited everyone and kept them all alive. However I did not get an A rank in survival either time. Is this some sort of bug or am I missing something?
  2. I'm playing cog of destiny at the moment and it seems I can't trigger the wyvern rider reinforcements no matter how hard I try, making it impossible to recruit Vaida. I've killed all enemies except Linus and I've been moving units all across the map for dozens of turns and the wyvern reinforcements still wont appear even though I go into the zone that is supposed to trigger them. Anybody Have any idea what's going on? Also to be clear I did not kill her in the earlier chapter where she appears so that is not the reason why she wont appear.
  3. So I'm in the process of making my 30th FE4 run (or something like that, I just love this game...) and I've two things to ask about: One concerns gameplay, what I think is a glitch I've never seen (or even seen mentioned before) and one is a question about a storyline aspect that I never really thought about too hard before. First the 'glitch' - so, on this play-through I'm doing some unconventional and silly things I've never done before - the relevant part of that is that it's taking me AGES, without a doubt the slowest play-through I've ever done (Just started chapter 4, 60+ turns taken on both chapter 2 and 3! good lord are foot units tough to use consistently in this game...) and I at least think this caused the strange effect. As soon as Tiltyu was recruited, Azel's love was listed as her though they've spent zero time together, obviously, while her own... is still listed as none. And this still persists in Chapter 4. How did that happen? Did the latent love growth just pair them up while I was taking forever in chapter 3? Even though Tiltyu "didn't exist" yet? I've never seen something like this before and I just have no idea what happened here and how or why it created the only one-way relationship I've ever seen. I promise it wasn't caused by a runaway AR code or anything like that, I don't have any enabled. Second, the storyboard bit. Again this just never really occurred to me before and I'm wondering if I missed something or am misunderstanding. Okay: In Chapter 2 one of the cutscenes with Manfroy has a Lopt dude telling him Kurth has been assassinated, so this is presumably the moment that Vylon goes into hiding/on the run/whatever. Then, most of a year passes in between in end of Chapter 2 and the start of Chapter 3. Afterwards, Sigurd & Co. end up in Silesea where they spent another year? Once Chapter 5 starts, am I to believe Vylon has spent the last TWO YEARS fleeing from or hit&run fighting against Rangobalt's forces?? That's... insane. That's somewhere between very stupid and incredibly badass, and I can't make up my mind which.
  4. I'm a pretty green modder rn, and I've run into two errors concerning an fe8 rom hack I've been making. 1: Several of my magic using characters are displaying the "STR" stat instead of "MAG", and display physical weapon levels instead of the magic weapon levels. Is there any reason for this? None of them have physical weapon levels, btw. 2: I replaced several of the characters with my own OCs, planning on fleshing them out later. Testing them out in vanilla Sacred Stones and everything was working fine until the chapter where Moulder and Vanessa are recruited. Instead of being replaced with a Wyvern Lord and Troubador, they were the same classes as before, a Priest (Moulder) and a Pegasus Knight (Vanessa), and their inventory was completely unchanged. Even more curiously, the unit portraits, base stats, and growth rates were all changed according to what I had inputted. This led me to believe it was something I had forgotten to change in the Unit Placer, but I checked both the character editor and unit placer and nothing seemed out of place. Anybody have any ideas? Help out a tough boy?
  5. Greetings forum, I am a bit...at my wits end here... No matter how I kill Oboro I cannot get Anna to spawn. I've killed her before the samurai spawns, when the samurai spawns, while the samurai is moving (well before she reaches her fort) all without success. I've tried 12 times now? What I do is send Camilla paired with Ryoma over the gap directly to the south of the gate. Kill the archer guarding the door than immediately kill her. Her intro video usually doesn't play. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you kindly. Edit: there are way more than fifty mementos if my math is correct, so I can skip this one if necessary, it's just frustrating.
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