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Found 7 results

  1. So I was playing fe3 and the game froze whenever I put Julian on the spot to get the lote shield by the throne. Maybe this is just my emulator? I'm using Openemu on the mac to play this so maybe that's why this is happening.... I'll try to figure it out, but here's my savestate if you want see the problem. Save-Game-3 2020-05-25 203833 -0500.oesavestate.zip
  2. I was playing Sacred Stones on my 3DS today, attemping a Seth pseudo-solo. I got to Chapter 15 and had to restart a couple of times. However, on my 3rd or 4th restart, I noticed the pattern in which Ephraim, Duessel and Knoll joined the battle had changed from its typical diagonally-down-from-the-left formation; instead, all three units joined in a straight vertical line directly against the left wall of the map. On the run before this, I placed Ephraim in the bottom-left corner of the map on low HP (and mistakenly had him Wait instead of heal himself, which prompted the restart to begin with), but that's all I can remember. I haven't been able to replicate this anomaly. I have pictures and a video proving the turn count if necessary. Does anyone else remember having something weird like this happen?
  3. This is basically a page where you can share the weirdest things you've run into in video games, be they bugs, glitches or programming errors in the games code that you find interesting and want to share with others. Not really any rules or regulations sooo, yeah have at it. I personally ran across this gem a while back when I was desperately searching the web for a way to save a certain lower girl form meeting the end of a certain white haired mamas boy's sword. It actually one of the most mind boggling things I've found on the internet and somehow actually works too! I have personally tested and used this "glitch" (I'm not sure what to call it honestly) and I still have zero idea why this works in the first place. If I had to guess, I would say that there was some sort of overlay in the map data of Saga Frontier and FF VII since they were developed by the same company at roughly the same time and there may have been some sort of budget constraint. Nevertheless it still boggles my mind how this thing works and has basically zero negative side effects. feel free to share your experiences with any fun glitches/bugs you've seen below!
  4. Pepole, recently i started a run of FE:F Revelations, and at chapter 12 i got a bug (in witch i've previously found when i was playing Conquest for the first time ) that consists in not showing the charactes portrait and halting the game for a while ... Then crashing afterwards. My solution to this broblem was delete the game and re-download it at the eShop, but then i would like to ask, if i delete the game from my 3DS will i keep my DLC and the other two paths or i lose them forever ? (Also will i lose my castle progress and those badges i got when clearing Conquest and Birthright ?).
  5. Hey guys. I had never posted before, but the doubt was killing me so I just had to ask. So, I was playing Conquest on hard chapter 23: Possessed when I noticed something very strange. I attached an image so you can see better. As you can see, all of the sudden Laslow's mov was reduced by 3, and the reason was stated as "move more". This only lasted on turn, and he had not engaged in combat for a couple of turns ruling out the possibility of an enemy skill being the cause. At firts I understood that it was a penalty for moving him to much, which would've been strange given the fact that I had moved him just as much as any other unit. Obviously after checking on the internet I realized that was not the case, or at least no one has reported it. Now, I know that the next chapter (ch 24) revolves around ground units losing halve their mov, in which case this would make sense, but given that this happened during ch 23, it raises the doubt, is there a new mechanic which nobody knew of that consists in punishing you for moving a unit around too much, or is this just a bug in the game? Ps, this is not an april fools joke, just clearing it out.
  6. Hey guys well i found out there is a glitch in this game that can net you infinite items and well.. natrually I want to do it.. no I need to do it as I am currently uploading video on youtube of me doing a playthrough of this game. And well I want everything to go smooth during this playthrough series so I would like to not have money probelms and equip problems like i did first time around playing this game plus this time I would like to promote all my pegasus knights to dragon knights this time before was just Sasha. So yeah what exactly is needed to pull this thing off correctly? I know the basics Shigen VS Vega on some chapter not sure which chapter that was never explained then get that orb thing that revives dead units.. Then after that get Krisheenu killed?? but when and where? and do I kill her before or after I get the orb? And if I am supposed to kill her after getting said item what chapter is best to do it so I know 100% that the glitch will work? whatever chapter it is it won`t be hard to kill her off Lol she has some of the most fail stats of anyone but I just mostly need to know specific when and where so I can get this thing right.
  7. Okay, so I'm doing a custom made, slightly edited, nooby hack that revolves around OP weapons, and I edit the rom as I go along doing an LP with my friend, in case anything bad happens, like Nino dying on turn one because all anima magic goes from range 1-10 (which I solved by editing her base res for only that chapter, thereafter her base res was edited back to normal). I'm at chapter 29 right now, and Merlinus promotes at level 19. Not sure if this is a forced promotion or not, but when he promotes, he gains his lack of promotion bonuses as usual, but instead of the game fading to black and going back to the base options, it just lets Merlinus disappear and it hangs there on the promotion screen for an eternity (it locks up). Is there any way to make it so that Merlinus does not promote? I know it's an event, but I'm not sure if it's a base event, a chapter story event, a "chapter already started" event or whatever. Also, what software would I need for that, since I know nightmare doesn't go as far as event editing, and I tried using it to change Merlinus' class but that didn't work.
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