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Found 1 result

  1. so i was talking to my son cat, as i do, and being a dick on the sf discord, as i do, and i had a thought the Pelleas Guy, subsisting entirely off of free summons and saving every orb for pelleas, is a legend... but what if that was a challenge run? on the other hand, what if i pull a unit i really want on my main account? double my salt? no thanks, miss me with that shit. well, the conversation that sparked this was how feh's lack of rng is actually the best random number system in fire emblem, so what about heroes... but with no rng whatsoever? THEM RULES nothing without a predetermined outcome is allowed. the free brave unit is legitimate because it's a guaranteed neutral/neutral of the exact unit chosen, but any summons (free or otherwise) are strictly forbidden. this means i'm living off of askrs, ghbs, tts if i can grind them, Three Heroes quests, fjorm, and of course Noble Sophia, Virion, Hana, Subaki, Donnel, Lissa, Gunter, Cecilia, Felicia, Wrys, Olivia, Stahl. and matthew and raigh, i guess. the goal? achieve a checkmark sweep on the Story Maps tab. this means all difficulties of all story maps, paralogues, and chain challenges; as well as all squad assaults. i will be cataloguing my travels in this thread as i feel like it. someday, in the grim far future that knows only war, i will dunk every orb this account makes on making a +10 just to leave on my friends list for posterity, or something. let's get it
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