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Found 1 result

  1. Since I really like the butler class I have been checking how to get an army of butlers. From what I can gather from the characters, their available classes and my understanding of this thread on marriage seals and children inheriting classes, this would be the playthrough for Nohr with the most butlers: M!Kamui (2nd class Rod Knight -> Butler) x Zero (Marriage Seal -> Butler) 1 and 2 Joker (Butler) x (Azura, Luna, Belka, Pieri or Nyx) -> Deer (Rod Knight by default -> Butler) 3, and 4 Azura x (Joker, Odin, Lazward, Silas, Kaze or Flanell) -> Shigure (Rod Knight by inheritance instead of Songstress -> Butler) 5 Felicia x Xander (Marriage Seal -> Butler) -> Siegbert (Rod Knight by inheritance -> Butler) 6 and 7 Effie x Benoit (Marriage Seal -> Butler, because he already has her Knight class) -> Ignis (inherits Effie's Rod Knight because he already has Knight -> Butler) 8 and 9 Charlotte x Arthur (Marriage Seal -> Butler, because he already has her Fighter class) -> Lutz (inherits Charlotte's Rod Knight because he already inherits Arthur's Fighter -> Butler) 10 and 11 Leo (2nd class Rod Knight -> Butler) x (Luna, Belka, Pieri or Nyx) -> Foleo (Rod Knight by default -> Butler) 12 and 13 Elise x (Odin, Lazward or Flanell) (Marriage Seal -> Butler) -> No male child :( 14 Silas and Kaze (Buddy Seal with Joker -> Butler) 15 and 16 16 Butlers For a 3rd Route Playthrough you can substitue: F!Kamui (2nd Class Rod Knight) x (any Hoshido male with a male child) (Marriage Seal->Butler) -> M!Kanna (inherits Rod Knight) and Dad's male child (probably won't inherit Rod Knight but Dark Prince) +-0 Felicia x (any Hoshido male with a male child) (Marriage Seal->Butler) -> male child (inherits Rod Knight -> Butler) +-0 Elise x Ryoma (Marriage Seal -> Butler) -> Shinonome (Rod Knight by inheritance -> Butler) +1 Takumi (Buddy Seal with Joker -> Butler) +1 Kisaragi (Buddy Seal with Foleo or Deere) +1 Grey (Buddy Seal with Deere) +1 20 Butlers, but you will have to use your F!Kamui as a non-Butler. For 3rd Route you could also use M!Kamui and marry any of the females you wish instead of Zero, because you have too many Butlers for the final map anyway.
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