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Found 9 results

  1. My Battle Predictor has finally reached a state that is workable enough to share. Hopefully this is near completion. This is a massive, user-friendly calculator that mimics what the in-game battle prediction does. The user inputs base stats, chooses equipment and ability selections from drop down menus, then selects a map to see the battle predictions against all enemies on that map given the chosen setup. Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bBlgPxchHTory0WiKJuvsc5w-ybUEXlmPBs864hgWXI/edit?usp=sharing Screenshot of example result below. Everything in this view is automatically generated except for the selections of the attack Range and Map. Setup and stats input are done higher up in the sheet: I hope you enjoy using this to aid, with practical examples, discussions on various builds or to simply experiment with builds and see what kinds of outcomes can be expected. Please make a copy of the sheet to use it yourself. There are also tabs listing all the game's equipment, weapons, spells, and battalions in a Filtered View. These can be used as a convenient reference if you just want to look something up. Using the filters/sorting functions to change the display will not affect the calculations. Features: A message for anyone who might like to help improve this calculator: Some ideas for future versions that may (or might never) be added: If you have any ideas, suggestions, thoughts, or feedback please do let me know. If you find this useful, that would be a nice thing for me to hear as well 🙂. Finally, I honestly don't know if anyone is even looking for something like this or if I end up being the only one who uses it lol, but regardless I wanted to thank everyone on this forum for being good sports and an excellent source of knowledge. Personally, I'm quite satisfied with even just the journey of creating this, figuring out every little piece of the puzzle bit by bit to make everything work. Special mentions go to @LoneRecon400 and @Whisky who aided in more direct ways towards this calculator but many ideas that went into this came from various discussions with many people here. So, Thank you.
  2. Made this sheet that lists what weapons can be used without losing attack speed for a given Str value. Not that it's hard to figure out on the go while playing (if wt <= Str/5, then yes) but it's hard to remember all the weapon weights lol. Not sure if others will find something like this useful or not, I use these str values as 'checkpoints' for when I can transition to a heavier weapon without losing AS. Important for maximizing avoid as well. Included are options to add equipment weight or the Weight -X abilities in the calculation. Can be useful for planning purposes to have this information laid out. I copied all weapon info from SF provided data and didn't bother filtering anything so there will be unusable weapons listed as well. Feel free to use and copy the sheet if you want to make your own edits/version (also so not multiple people are changing the drop down boxes at the same time 😀). Apologies in advance for the terrible formatting and color scheme, not my strong suit lol. Open to suggestions. I haven't spent a lot of time as of yet double checking anything so if you spot anything wrong with the calculations please let me know. Also, I'm not too experienced making shared sheets so if anyone has suggestions to improve it in any way, I'm open to suggestions. Nice to be able to see at a glance for example that an end game Hilda with 30 Str build as a Wyvern Lord evade tank, can on average only wield Training Axe or Iron Axe+ / Mace without sacrificing any AS (ie. Avo). But with just Weight -3 can move up to a Silver Lance+ and Spear of Assal. While Weight -5 opens up Killer Lance and even Silver Axe. None of this information is new or anything, but nice to view it easily at a glance if you're making plans. Link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N5pN0gzkyXca-23hU_kvQZIQ9MXqkN5em6TavUEXYqs/edit?usp=sharing
  3. I have been working on a builds 'optimizer' type calculator that can systematically and automatically suggest the best class for each character. It started as I was planning my team for a NG Maddening run, found myself kind of enjoying the process until I ended up where I am, with this calculator lol. So I thought I'd share some of the results to get some feedback and thoughts on my calculator. I don't know if something like this already exists so if you know of one please do let me know! MINOR SPOILER ALERT: All non-dlc classes are listed, including unique story-related classes that only get revealed as the story progresses. Let me start by explaining what this calculator does (or at least tries to do) and how it works. First it looks at the growth stats of a character and adds them to the growth stat of each class. In the sample images below, these are the values in the main part of the table listed under the stats. For each level of classes (Beginner, Intermediate, etc.) it highlights in yellow which class results in the highest growth for each particular stat, just an interesting visual aid. So far, this is purely raw data: char growth (stat) + class growth (stat) Next, I assign a rating for each class for that character. Here I've come up with a rating made up of two parts: It evaluates how closely the growths for a class align with the character's natural growths. This part takes into consideration that some characters can be more flexible than others. A value is also given to the character's strengths / weaknesses in skills that are certification requirements for each class. The two parts are combined to gain the final Class Rating. Without getting into the specifics of how the metric is calculated, it can be thought of as: [class-char fit] + [skills value] = [Class Rating] Obviously this method will not be perfect. Firstly it is based almost entirely on stats. Meaning it ignores valuable non-stat considerations such as potential hero's relics, character unique abilities, crests, etc. It also does not take into consideration the base stats of a character. One nice thing about including a value for strength/weakness in skills however is that when a character is strong in a particular skill it usually means they will also unlock useful unique abilities down that skill line, or that there might be a useful relic they will be able to use. So I like to think that some 'wisdom' finds its way into the [skills value] part of the Class Rating. That's about it. Below are some sample results from each house. If this calculator does its job well, then the higher Class Rating value, the better that class should be (theoretically) for the character. The way to understand the class rating is not that it is finding the best class for that character. Rather it is trying to identify the class that best 'fits' the character's strong suits. This is done by considering the organically strong stat growths a character has as well as the skills they are strong in or have a budding talent in. It says nothing however about how good the class itself is, what benefits outside of growth stats it might bring, or how the class might fit in a builds progression for the character. Inevitably there will be a few eye-brow raising results. I don't think a calculator can ever supersede common sense and experience, but I think it does a not so terrible job as it stands. Oh I should also add that Class Rating values don't compare across characters. Meaning if one character has a higher rating for a specific class than another character, it doesn't necessarily mean they are better in that class. It could mean they are a better "fit" for the class, but not necessarily that they will perform better. Thoughts in general? Any suggestions? Feedback? Do you know of a similar calculator / optimizer out there already? Is there an interest towards getting an improved version of something like this? One thing I think can improve in the Class Rating is to include consideration for base stats as well, just haven't figured out yet how to best incorporate that. I think that alone would fix some of the oddities. Thank you for your time. Clarifications: 1. This calculator does not consider the progression path of the character. Masters classes won't consider what you chose for the Advanced or previous classes, etc. Another area where common sense is needed. 2. Comparisons of classes are done only within the same class level. So the rating of say, a Paladin, is not compared to say a Wyvern Lord. Each class level's ratings are ranked separately. This is another area where common sense has to intervene. If you want to CTRL+F jump to a character's results, here's the list in this sample: Byleth, Edelgard, Hubert, Caspar, Ferdinand, Petra, Bernadetta, Dimitri, Sylvain, Felix, Annette, Claude, Lorenz, Raphael, Ignatz, Lysithea, Marianne, Hilda, Leonie. Byleth: Edelgard: Hubert: Ferdinand: Caspar: Petra: Bernadetta: Dimitri: Sylvain: Felix: Annette: Claude: Lorenz: Raphael: Ignatz: Lysithea: Marianne: Hilda: Leonie:
  4. I have recently finished FE SoV and with that I have finally beat all of the Fe games released in the US (on Hard) and in the wake of this I have made an excel based list that has ranked the top units for me based on the % of the kills the unit got during their game. I then converted the the percentage into a "lethal rating" by using the formula "=Sum((% of kills*2.779)*100)+50." For example I got 92 kills with Wil in Fire Emblem from the GBA, and I had a total of 813 kills in that game. That means he got 11.3% of all the kills in the game and using the formula, that would give him an 81.4 Lethal Rating. I got bored and came up with this to kill some time, but if you have kept a list of your kill counts like I did, feel free to try it out and have some fun. I omitted Avatar characters from my list.
  5. Are you getting sick of dealing with the one question surrounding Awakening: "Who do I marry to whom?" Do you wish there was a program where you could just tell it what all you want from your children characters and it'll tell you which parents can give you all those things? Me too! So I wrote a program that does exactly that. The first screen is just a marriage organizer. Drag and drop characters around to marry them to each other, right-click them to see their stat growth / cap modifiers and available jobs. It'll even calculate these things for the children characters, if they have married parents. If you hit any button on your keyboard (except escape, that closes the program) it'll take you to the spreadsheet screen. The buttons at the bottom are to add a Heuristic (i.e. a Thing You Want) to search for: a class, a skill, or a minimum stat growth / cap. You'll need to pick a letter to represent each heuristic by typing it on your keyboard. In the screens to add a Class or Skill heuristic, classes or skills starting with the letter you've picked will be highlighted, so you can use that as a search function of sorts. So, for example, which combinations of parents would produce a child who: A) has access to Galeforce, B) can reclass to Dark Mage, and C) has access to vantage? These ones, highlighted in green. Cordelia with Stahl / Lon'qu / Gaius / Gregor, Tharja x Gaius, and Olivia or Lissa with Libra or Henry. And the avatar with anyone but Miriel / Panne / Cherche. And Morgan can do everything. If you've married characters together in the organizer screen, you can reduce visual clutter on the spreadsheet screen by crossing their rows or columns, or removing them altogether. I'm thinking of making a Youtube video to illustrate how to use it, but for now, here are the download links. Win x32: http://www.mediafire.com/file/psy1q6tcc0bxdk8/Matchmaker_win32.zip Win x64: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6h0rqaq3sgzs0di/Matchmaker_win64.zip (the x64 version comes with the necessary java files to run it. That makes the filesize a lot bigger, but the program is a lot more stable and you don't need java installed on your computer to run it) Tell me what you think! Or if you find any bugs.
  6. Alright, 1st thread coming in hot n slimy. I have programmed a really REALLY rudimentary damage calculator for Fire Emblem: Fates. It's currently in Alpha, and hardly so. It only works on chrome. You can use it here: http://bit.ly/24iK1gL Jsjsjsjs It's not a rom, but a resource. I know you may have the question: "Well it's slick but what's it good for?" So I compiled a list of uses. a. Predict one of your units survival b. Check to make sure you can kill the boss before potentially sacrificing a unit to do so. c. Win debates by using an unreliable (it works but may be null in debates lol) calculator. Any concerns? Lemme know. Any questions? Lemme know. Any suggestions? Lemme know. You like the calc? Yay lemme know. I hope you enjoy! Edit: Fixed a bug that said you dealt NaN damage
  7. Hi guys. First time posting here. After looking around for awhile, I couldn't find any calculators for Fates akin to the awesome Awakening ones we were all using. So a few days ago I decided to create my own. Here is v1.0: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1A2dEo3SbwtgLKlQiRyfjHl48xUomB5bZozh5FFuK1GI/edit?usp=sharing To use it, either copy it into your own Google Drive or download it and open in your favorite spreadsheet software. In the pink fields, type whatever they ask for and, voila!, you have the character's growths and max stats. I plan to add more to the calculator in the future (as you can see on the documentation page), but I figured this was the crux of what most people would like a calculator for anyways. Let me know what you think and how I can improve or expand the calculator! And please don't redistribute it without giving me credit. Cheers!
  8. Hello everyone! Are you planning on optimizing your team on revelations? Are you tired of having to manually calculate the maximum stats modifier for the children characters? So fear no more! Because i've dedicated a few hours to bring everyone: The Fire Emblem Fates: Maximum Stats Modifier Calculator! So, basically i decided that i wanted to make the best out of my pairings in revelations. That meant i had to look into the pairing bonuses, the skills i would pass down and... *sigh* Their child modifiers. What that meant was that i was having to calculate the sum of the parents modifiers and add "1" to each stat. It may sound simple, but i had to do this so many times that i thought "hey, maybe excel can help me with this!" and then i remembered i don't know excel. But what i DO know is Construct 2. So hey, why not give it a shot? And well, this is the first time i'm posting on this forum, so i apologize in advance for anything that i might have done wrong related to it. (For instance, the image that for some reason is too small). Also, i'm no programmer, i just happened to know basics of construct 2. So if anyone finds any mistakes in the program let me know. Oh, and i must warn you that Corrin/Kamui ISN'T included in the calculator. That would mean having to deal with boons/banes and i would have to add any character who can only have children with Corrin (Yukumura, Izana, Gunter, Flora, Shura, Fuga, Reina, Scarlet and of course: All the children characters) So that's it, i hope you enjoy this tool. Graek Tarmikos Download: https://www.4shared.com/rar/Z_0NTN4Fba/FEcalculator.html
  9. Hey guys! As many of you know, a very important mechanic in FE5 and FE3 Book 2 is the ability to actively influence the growth rates of units by having them carry crusader scrolls (or star shards in FE3's case). If exploited, this mechanic can turn units with moderate or even bad growth rates to actually useful units. However, whenever I find myself playing either FE5 or FE3, I tend to forget the exact base growths of most of my units and/or the exact bonuses granted by items (especially some that influence multiple stat growths), therefore having to look them up. This is more evident in FE5's case where the inventory has 7 available slots, therefore allowing for more complex combinations of scrolls. Furthermore, the way that crusader scrolls function may not be immediately obvious to those new to the game. So this gave me the idea of building a tool that would automate these computations and would also allow any user to keep track of these computations easily, without having to lookup or even remember anything. It's nothing too fancy really, just some html, css and a bit of javascript coding that gets the job done. Please allow me to demonstrate. Let's pick Marty (the man whom Dagda loved) as our test subject: Upon selection, the calculator displays an output that consists of three parts: the character's modified growths, the character's chances to cap each stat and his average stats (many thanks to Sara. for suggesting this addition). Modified Growths: The first part details the unit's modified growth rates under the specified set of crusader scrolls. Of course, if you select no scrolls, what you'll see is simply the unit's base growths. Regarding the displayed data, the unit's starting class is also shown along with his growth rates, in case someone wants to compare between units of the same class. Now, as it becomes instantly obvious, his Str, Skl and Spd are downright horrible and should be tampered if we want him to have a fighting chance. Let's load his inventory with a bunch of scrolls: Whenever a new scroll is added or removed, the output table changes appropriately to reflect his current growth rates. In order to be able to instantly tell which growths have been modified and in what way, growth rates that have been increased are colored green, while growth rates that have been decreased are colored red. Additionally, you are able to view the bonus modifiers granted by each individual scroll by simply having your mouse cursor hover above it. That way, there's no need to remember the exact bonuses granted by each scroll when planning your strategy. If the user wishes to view a summary of the exact bonuses on any particular stat, he can again hover his mouse over the corresponding cell of the output table. Finally, if a growth rate becomes negative due to the effect of crusader scrolls, the calculator treats it as zero (please see: http://old.serenesforest.net/general/growth.html for details). This is shown below for Marty's Mag when he's equipped with the Noba scroll. Chances to Cap: The second part of the output details the character's likelihood to cap each of his respective stats. This is similar to the "Chance to Cap" data listed in the Path of Radiance section of serenesforest (see: http://serenesforest.net/path-of-radiance/characters/chance-to-cap/). Furthermore, as far as I'm aware, no such data are currently listed for Thracia 776, so this calculator might as well provide you with a fast way for computing those. What's more, these chances will automatically change as you change the equipped scrolls. Notice that since we're capable of instantly tracking how the "chances to cap" change for each stat, it is somewhat easier to determine which combination will benefit your units most (based on what scrolls you possess and what you aim to do). Average stats: The last part of the output consists of a series of tables containing estimates for the character's average stats, for a specified set of crusader scrolls. Of course, the very first row contains the selected character's base stats. Stats that have reached their respective caps, will be distinguished by flashing like this: Similarly to the previous tables, the average stats tables are also updated everytime you either select a different character or change scrolls in the inventory. For a different set of scrolls, Marty's predicted average stats become: Promotion gains can also be viewed instantly by hovering your mouse above a cell containing a stat name for each promotion (starting class is excluded). The next image shows this for Marty's Str when promoting to a Warrior. Of course, if the inventory doesn't contain any scrolls, the average stats displayed will be identical to the ones found here: http://serenesforest.net/thracia-776/characters/average-stats/ Here's an example of this using Evayle: What do you guys think? Would it be of any interest/use to the community? Any suggestions are welcome. The application can be downloaded from GitHub: https://github.com/Sharpshooter23/FE5-Growth-Rate-Calculator Feel free to play around with it or to read through its source code.
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