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Found 1 result

  1. After like 7 Lunatic+Hard Playthroughs of Conquest I've decided to make a Tier List for it. I'm looking to make it as accurate as possible. Being an efficient unit (high move, shelter, ability to kill at 1-2 range or bosskill, etc) makes the unit go up, not having these qualities or having them but needing more effort makes them go lower. Here we go: Rules: -Conquest Lunatic Classic Mode -Full recruitment, No Deaths. -No DLC or Bonus items. -No outside my castle visiting feature. -No cooking or capturing. -No invasion battles. -Efficiency (slower than LTC but not slow enough to where we can just casually take 10 turns in a map to grind someone up. Think of it like if chapter 12 takes 2 turns in a LTC run by bumrushing ryoma, efficiency takes a bit longer to ensure that it is reliable to do so. So like 6-7 turns. How many more Turns efficiency takes varies from map to map, but basically whatever seems reliable and fast) Axe Wyvern Waifu Tier Camilla Top Tier Corrin Azura Xander Jakob (Ch2) Leo High Tier Beruka Silas Niles Felicia (Ch2) Mid Tier Effie Kaze Elise Selena Shura Arthur Peri Gunter Low Tier Nyx Keaton Charlotte Laslow Flora Felicia (Ch16) Izana Bottom Tier Jakob (Ch16) Benny Mozu Odin [spoiler=List in Picture form] Axe Wyvern Waifu Tier Top Tier High Tier Mid Tier Low Tier Bottom Tier [spoiler=Important Commentary on v1.0 Unit Placements] First Tier belongs solely to Camilla, for obvious reasons. She joins as early as Chapter 10, with ridiculous bases in every stat with amazing growths that ensure she stays obscenely good throughout the game. She flies, has good weapon ranks, good classes and a decent personal skill. She's extremely dominant and doesn't need resources to perform at her best. Second Tier kicks off with Azura, her dancing is invaluable throughout the game and it becomes kinda broken with Shelter units around. Corrin is an amazing, reliable and versatile combat unit for the entire game. She can pull off a myriad of classes too well, with cavalier or wyvern being her best options. Xander joins kinda late and wants your Speedwing. Those are his only flaws. Godlike 1-2 range and durability make him too useful in most of the lategame maps. Also has Shelter if you weren't already satisfied with him. Jakob is an amazing unit that joins you early and can go Paladin with a Heart Seal. While this does mean he starts E rank weapons, it offers too many benefits for that measly cost. It means you get an 8 mov unit early on. It means Jakob gets elbow room with just 1 level. With another level you get another Shelter unit. He even gets Defender early to skyrocket his already good combat. He just keeps getting better and better with little cost. Silas joins early with nice bases and growths, has a really good and abusable personal skill in a high move class. High Tier kicks off with Niles, who is a really good unit that joins you early and has a ton of unique uses. He gives movement on pairup, gets mov+1 himself, has the ability to lockpick, has no trouble doubling, etc. He can even go bowknight later on and have like 10 mov. That's kind of amazing. His growths in areas other than spd means he can and often will fall off later on when enemy stats make the jump though. Then there's Effie, with her high str and good personal skill giving her clutch offense early on. She can go Great Knight and keep killing and tanking things. Kaze joins later than in Birthright but is still pretty darn amazing. He has amazing spd that lets him double basically forever and has good 1-2 range offense thanks to shurikens. Very useful unit but too frail to be exposed to too much combat. Leo, much like Xander, joins late and wants your Speedwing, but has really good bases and a tome that makes him a 1-2 range nuke. He has good bulk on both sides and is just really solid at combat. Felicia (Ch2), while inferior to Jakob in every way possible, does have the ability to go Strategist and have good offense (but terrible defense) early on. She's like a better Elise without Dragon Veins to me since she can do combat to get more exp than elise and get going faster. If she doesn't go strategist she's still a nice support unit that can eventually be a flame shuriken nuke. Upper Mid Tier has Elise at the top. While Elise is really solid, I feel she's not a High Tier unit. That would mean she's just one or 2 spots below Leo and there's a very clear difference between them in performance. Elise comes early with a pony and is good at her healing job. Eventually she can be a playerphase nuke too with her amazing mag and spd growths. She can never really do EP combat thanks to her hp and def though. Beruka's bases are really solid and she flies. Her biggest downside is her Spd base being super low and her growths being on the poor side. Still, she's a flying unit with good single strikes and that makes her useful enough. Selena, much like Beruka, joins with solid bases early on. She's in a much more inferior class than Beruka though. She can pull off Bow Knight and Pegasus Knight rather well. The latter making her a flying Rescue user. She will be useful, much like Beruka but she won't be winning any mvp awards either. Shura joins late and costs you a Boots if you recruit him, but he can be useful as a Bow Knight with 10 move and has nice bases. Arthur closes Upper Mid. Being an early joining unit with a good support class and the ability to be another Shelter unit if need be. Mid Tier. I felt like these guys needed the tier gap because there's no way they're on par with the upper mids. Peri kicks off the tier. She has average bases and growths in a good class and joins decently early on. She can use Shelter right away too. Gunter provides amazing pairup bonuses to Corrin, can use Shelter, can fly and he can grab quite a few support skills like Rallies really easily. Not an amazing combat unit, but a valuable support unit. Laslow joins along with Peri in C12 and has decent bases. His spd holds him back, but he's usable. He's mediocre, but usable. His rally is neat to have for free. A lot of people will give me heck for my Charlotte placement I bet, but she doesn't give move. Her str spd pairup bonus is amazing for sure, but needs more mov. And she's terrible at combat. Low Tier: Now we get to the losers. Nyx is awful. She could maybe be early-sealed to Dark Knight and be decent in like one map but that's about it. She really is hopeless as a combat unit. She can go Bowknight and be a 10 move support unit but there are better options for that and they can do combat too. Flora joins with a B rank in staves in C19 so she can use entrap. She has good skl and mag, making her pretty accurate with staves too. She has that niche going for her. Staff rank is hard to build. Felicia C16 joins late and is extremely bad, but she can heal kinda well and maybe do decent chip with Flame Shuriken here and there. Izana joins suuuper late, but he has 2 rallies and can use staves on things. Keaton, while he does have nice bases, he joins at a time when no one wants a 5 move unit with good 1 range combat. This holds him back sooo much. Bottom Tier: These are more losers than the losers. Jakob C16 can be another Shelter bot maybe and heal for less than C16 Felicia if he stays Butler. Benny can instaseal to GK and give move and str def on pairup but that's about it. Mozu can be a decent sniper if you want to go through the hell that is training her and spend an early Heart Seal on her for some reason. Odin is the worst character in the game from what i've played. His bases are laughably bad and his spd growth cripples him even more. He will always be mediocre at best even if you do train him. He can probably do better if sealed to samurai asap, but heart seals are heavily contested resources. [spoiler=Bonus, ranking the Nohrian kids] Top Tier High Tier Mid Tier Low Tier Bottom Tier Percy and Sophie in the top as they are likely to exist because their parents are great/good. Percy has a Wyvern, with good stats everywhere and a huge defense stat that makes him actually really handy to tank things. He can get Shelter from his dad and fly, which is really good. Sophie is a Cavalier, which means she gets Shelter right away, has a good dad and often will join with good bases. She usually does well no matter who is her mom. High Tier: Nina is likely to exist thanks to Niles being an amazing unit himself. She's on the very frail side but she has good offense and has the mov+1 skill to make her even better. Ophelia doesn't have a good dad, but wow her offense is really good and she can go Dark Knight. She's a nuke. Too bad about that dad of hers...Kana can inherit good stuff like Wyvern to help out. His/her stats are mediocre/average at best but he/she can be made into a useful unit more often than not. Dwyer is decent if Corrin married Jakob and inherits the good stuff, otherwise he's just a healer on a pony like Elise but worse. Mid Tier: Midori can go Mechanist, which is a good class for 1-2 range nuking things. She's decent at best though. Siegbert isnt likely to exist before the very late maps thanks to Xander's availability. He's really average I find and strictly inferior to Xander. Soleil is a late joining Laslow without his Rally but with the ability to potentially be made better through skill genetics...not very promising. Can probably go Bow Knight and do decently. Shigure...it's painful to pairup Azura in Drafts! omg she's the worst!!!!! Now that I got that out of my system, Shigure can become a Rally Speed bot later on which is probably handy if he does manage to exist. Low Tier: Forrest is a late joining healer thanks to Leo's late arrival. Velouria isn't likely to be in play and doesn't offer much. Bottom Tier: Ignatius. Yeah...his dad is bad, his paralogue I hear is impossible after a certain point (havent done it myself yet) and hes probably just a pairup bot GK like his dad. Previous versions: [spoiler=v1.0] Axe Wyvern Waifu Tier Top Tier High Tier Upper Mid Tier Mid Tier Low Tier Bottom Tier
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