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Found 1 result

  1. Azama: Carefree Monk One of Hinoka's retainers, Azama is a prickly fellow with a curious stat spread. As a reference to Azama's low magical growth in Fates, Azama's attack is the lowest of all units in Fire Emblem Heroes. As a result, Azama's stats are concentrated in his bulk, particularly his HP and defense, which can make him obscenely difficult to defeat. And do not let his low attack fool you as his default Pain staff guarantees 10 damage after combat if he can attack allowing him to pile damage upon damage. The release of the Weapon Refinery has strengthened this further by giving him access to Pain+ which inflicts 10 damage to his target and enemies within 2 spaces of them. So, let's get ready for the pain train as we go over a bit on Azama. Level 40, 5* Base Stats Note: Bolded indicates stats that increase/decrease by 4. HP: 40 | 43 | 46 Atk: 18 | 21 | 24 Spd: 23 | 26 | 30 Def: 29 | 32 | 35 Res: 22 | 25 | 29 Default Weapon and Skills Weapon: Pain+ Assist: Martyr+ Special: Imbue and Solid-Earth Balm A Passive: None B Passive: None C Passive: Threaten Atk 3 General Overview and Universal Skills As with my previous analysis of another character, I'd like to go over some general things about Azama such as skills that he can use for any build unless specified for a particular build. This is to try and reduce unnecessary clutter and redundant explanations. The topics here will be healing spells (his Assists), Close Counter, and B and C passives and Sacred Seals. Iron Monk General use, physical wall, defensive Mystical Monk General use, mixed-magical tank, defensive
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