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Found 8 results

  1. So, I just started painstakingly recording all of the rewards I get for feeding these animals: Spreadsheet here As you can see, this would take forever to fill out with enough info to be statistically significant. My progress alone will be incredibly slow. If you want to help, feel free to make your own copy of my "Template" sheet for your own records. Then, link it here so that I can copy it from time to time. I'd be grateful. If the way this system works is known, I would very much appreciate an explanation or a link to one. Even if it's just a theory.
  2. Just what it says! We have a thread for parents of human children, so I made one for those of us whose kids have four furry paws and meow. If someone wants to make a thread for dogs, go ahead, be my guest! To join this thread, fill this out for your cat or cats: Name Gender (tom/male or queen/female?) Appearance (fur and eye colors etc) Favorite Toy Picture (optional, you can add one later) Here we can talk about our cats and give advice on cat ownership, swap stories etc. My fuzzy roommate: Name: Cheeto, aka "Cheeto Bandito" Gender: Tom Appearance: Orange tabby with golden brown eyes. Somewhat big and heavy. Deep pink nose and pawpads. Favorite Toy: Plastic bottle caps Have fun!
  3. Congratulate our furry overlords in their most special day with the best thing we as a species could ever achieve: Cat Related Gifs! Or just say something. That works too. Happy International Cat Day!
  4. Like seriously Magyars told me to play this cat game for iOS earlier and I'm hooked on just how cute it is. Like really [spoiler=KITTIES] You put toys and food out to lure in kitties to play in your yard Then you record them in a Catbook PokéDex style. And when they leave they leave money for you to get them more toys. It's simple as heck but it's just so cute asdfjkl; So far I've met Mellow (The white one), Sunny (The calico sleeping on the porch), and Tabitha (the tabby/calico playing with the ball). IT'S SO CUTE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
  5. So this thread only deals with cute stuff: Pets Post your photos and / or tell us some funny, interesting or sad stories about your pets. Everything is qualified: cats dogs guinea pigs turtles snakes spiders etc... Even if you don't own a pet, you still can post stuff of wild animals (wild cats, dogs or pets of family members or friends). Actually I only have wildcats: PS: More images can be found on my profile. Going to upload more tomorrow.
  6. Could you imagine to live with 20 (wild) cats near by you? Whenever you open the front door, a horde of kitties are running towards you and give you a warm welcome. How would you react?
  7. This game has the best MMO experience out of any game I've ever played before. The servers rarely ever lag and the combat system was really well put together. Skills are extraordinarily useful and items never cease to surprise me.
  8. Guest

    Let's talk about our pets

    Let's make a thread about our adorable pets. I had a cat for 14 years but she sadly passed away a few years ago :( I recently got a kitten her name is May. she's half Siamese and I love her. She has a cone of her head because she was just spayed haha :p
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