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Found 2 results

  1. Mounted physically offensive units seem "okay" to me, so I think there should be a weapon out there to make them better or at least stand out more. Intelligent Systems, if you're listening, I hope you're able to add Cavalry Sabres as a special type of sword in a future installment of Fire Emblem. My idea for them is basically, when used by a non-mounted unit with the ability to wield swords, they're slightly weaker swords comparable to other swords for their level, but when used by a horse-mounted unit with the ability to wield swords, they give bonuses, such as higher physical offense, skill, speed, crit chance, etc. I'm betting this is much more likely to happen then my firearms idea. They'd be a pretty interesting mechanic I think. Plus, Cavalry Sabres are really beautiful swords :)
  2. I've seen quite a few cavalry guides around here in the past which have inspired me to make my own. I have a separate cavalry account where I'm trying to get at least 1 of every 5* horse in the game. So far, I have Eldigan, Prinscilla, Xander, Olwen, and 3 Reinhardts. I also have some level 40 4* cavalry units that I don't think are worth the upgrade. I've used other cavalry units like Leo on my other accounts, so I know how they work as well. Cavalry Base I would argue you need two kinds of units to make an effective cavalry team - or any team for that matter. One for physical attacks and one for magical attacks. These two types should be opposing colors but they can be the same if the rest of your team is different. Having more than 2 of a single color is a very bad idea. The two golden gooses for a cavalry team are Reinhardt/Olwen and Eldigan. With these two, you can actually 'duo' most of the game and a few grand hero battles. In the latest one (Navarre), I used robin to bait a dagger unit (he didn't even do any damage that wasn't healed the next turn, just survived a hit) and Priscilla to heal him after so he could survive a second hit. Besides that, Eldigan and Reinhardt "duo'd" the entire map without needing any heals. If you have Olwen/Reinhardt and Eldigan both, you should definitely be making a cavalry team! Below is the full 'guide'. It's really more of a discussion. After that, is an estimated 'guide' that is essentially cliffnotes of my discussion. If you don't want to read a lot, just look at the cliffnotes and if you disagree with something read the justification in the full discussion. I'm also not going too in depth when it comes to skill inheritance, because quite frankly, if you're that into the game, you already know what you're doing. Just focus on goad/hone/fortify/ward slot C skills if you don't know what you're doing. Have any other team compositions I didn't mention? I'd love to hear about them. Full Cliff Notes/Summary
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