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Found 35 results

  1. Hi, As much as we say Conquest lacks bows, the fact is that every 1st gen unit can get a bow class (some only after promotion but still) without using Corrin at all. SO, I'm immediately getting to the point: Let's play a full bow wielding party! Rules: 1. No Boo Camp unless it's really too hard. 2. No stat-taker skills (strengthtaker and co). 3. Use as much gold farming as you can (you'll need it) and buy second seals/friendship seals from other castles. Marriage seal should not need to be bought from other castles since you've got 3 by chapter 14 or so. 4. Reclass ASAP if reclassing is needed to get a bow (except healers, you keep them until you've got 1 or 2 adventurers, depending on your need for staves, I suggest heavy heal spamming to get adventurers ASAP so you don't have to use E staffers too long and magic bow users at E rank). 5. It's not a race, if you're loosing your mind, just do something else and come back whenever you want. 6. Everyone get a bow class, even benchwarmers (at least they can shoot at each other from each side of the bench). It wouldn't be funny otherwise! 7. No other restriction, skill buy if you want since builds are the most funny thing to go for in such a run (especially if you don't want to do point blank DLC for each and every unit you'll play). 8. HAVE FUN! - - - - - My team would be: - Jakob bow knight (from Felicia S), not usable before long though; - Silas bow knight; - Kaze mechanist; - Mozu sniper, maybe Kinshi for diversity (+ she's the only potential kinshi who doesn't need good growth rates from the class since she's got good ones from personal + aptitude); - Shura himself; - Xander bow knight (A+ Laslow), although he could go mechanist too (A+ Kaze) but he would be completely unable to wield his personal sword and he would only loose HP, str, def and mov from paladin so I don't think it's worth it (bow knight gives instant +2 speed, which is all Xander needs to rock with much less investment than he'd need in paladin, 18 base spd >>16); - Leo adventurer or bow knight (A+ from Niles, I haven't decided yet); - Camilla bow knight (A+ Selena); - Elise adventurer (S Niles) to keep staves; - Laslow bow knight (saving a second seal + bow knight 2 speed advantage is better for him than mechanist mediocre bases + growths); - Peri mechanist (S with Kaze) because I think the class suits her more thematically (it's weird, unappealing, and puppets are creepy, sadly mechanists don't summon or control puppets...), but bow knight is possible too (A+ Selena); - Beruka bow knight (A+ Selena); - Selena Kinshi because we've got too many bow knights already; - Odin adventurer (we need staves and we're already lacking them too much); - Niles depends (if he's got enough mag he goes adventurer, if he's got too low mag he goes bow knight); - Effie sniper or Kinshi (A+ Mozu) (sniper is more effective but Kinshi is still fast, increases greatly her res and there aren't many flying archers for the moment); - Arthur bow knight (A+ Niles); - Nyx adventurer; - Charlotte bow knight (S Keaton); - Benny either bow knight or Sniper (a tank not vulnerable to bows is nice so Kinshi is out); - Keaton bow knight (A+ Laslow); - Gunter bow knight; - Flora bow knight (A+ Felicia); - Izana mechanist. Corrin can be anything so I don't mention him/her, although ballistician Cornflakes could be funny, if I don't end up giving dat class to Gunter with a +2 silver bow for a decent attack and accuracy, and he can get more attack without having to fight with moar and moar foarges.
  2. I want to try a self-imposed challange by playin in Hard Mode and using a gamehark codes which disables Critical Hits for my team only. Does anyone know if there if there is such a code? I'm playing on Dolphin btw.
  3. I did a fe8 no shop challenge, but that was a bit too easy so I'm going to do a harder game, fe6. Rules should be simple, just no shops in any situation. This is ch1-part of ch3 since I had to go in the middle of it. The first 15 mins is like me waiting for my co-commentator, the Amelia dude, unkirb (that's not his actual name but I call him that). Communication problems, but I'll get them fixed next video. Of course I'm also using rigging in this challenge and I feel like it's going to be a make bigger difference than SS.
  4. Hello the 1 person reading this post. A while ago, I decided to try Sacred Stones without using the shop at all. No armory, SS, battle preps, or anything. This run will involve saving as much uses on weapons as possible since I can't buy any and also because rout maps. Also ye there's going to be a lot of rigging, this is just a theoretical run, not an actual run otherwise I would be dead pretty quickly. This is the playlist so far involving an intro of the challenge, and prolouge to chapter 4. P-3 are seperated into 2 videos. One is a slide video based on the details of the chapter on what I do and stuff and the other is gameplay. Neither has audio. 4 is details + gameplay + audio. If you prefer the ones before 4, the one in 4, or both, please let me know so that I can make these types of videos in advantage. The audio ones can only be made in specific days while the 2 video ones can be made anyway. I am currently working on chapter 5, but there's also a thing called irl so I cannot confirm when it will be released.
  5. So I'm in the middle of playing through Radiant Dawn, and after seeing this I had the brilliant idea to do a challenge run of my own. The basic premise of this is that I use a random number generator to choose ten characters, and one heron, to use in the endgame. Also, I can only use these characters + the required units for the endgame throughout the entire game. The rules: - On maps where non-endgame characters are forced, they can move, but not fight. This means I can use them as shields for my weaker units, but have to unequip their weapons to prevent them from doing any damage - On maps where there are none of my endgame characters available, I can do whatever I want. Generally, I'll just mess around with the game, or try and use a single unit to solo it, just for fun. - I'm playing on easy mode, because I'm a baby who never plays any mode other than easy. (not entirely true, but I don't want to deal with the harder difficulties with this mess of a challenge) - I can't reset for better stats, or to rig a crit or dodge. More rules might be added later, but this is all I can think of for now. Anyways, on to the units I'll be using! Muarim Zihark Taroneo Rafiel Black Knight/Zelgius Astrid Soren Ranulf Janaff Ulki Tibarn And of course, the forced units for the endgame, Ike, Micaiah, Sothe, Sanaki, Ena, and Kurthnaga I feel like I got pretty lucky with some of these. Defiantly not as bad as it could've been. Anyways, on with the actual game. And thats that! These first too weren't that exciting, but it'll start to pick up as I continue. I'll update sometime, though probably pretty sporadically, since I'm pretty busy.
  6. Hey there. I had an idea for one of those "30 Day" challenges, but this time applying to Fire Emblem OCs. In short, it's a collection of common tropes/archetypes which have appeared multiple times across the Fire Emblem franchise. I don't mean to toot my own horn but this works as an art challenge and as a writing challenge, either way you can use the mediums to design a characters. I'll try to keep this as short as I can. and hey have fun
  7. Let's play a game within a game, and write a story within a story. A common complaint I've seen about FE 1/3/11/12 is the lack of development of characters. If that's a problem for you, we're going to fix it. I propose that anyone who is interested in this game/challenge takes up an Iron Man of their chosen Archanea game. From there we take notes of what happens (who kills bosses, who damages/defeats what enemies, what enemies kill your characters/supports that occur if FE12/conversations if FE 11) When finished, we write it into a cohesive story. Or you could do it chapter by chapter. Whatever works. Building characters you're using in the story as it progresses (thoughts, backgrounds etc). Use what we know about them, head cannon, and anything you can come up with that fits canon and your playthrough. I say "we", but given I'm mid-run of New Mystery, I'd have to restart so... really, at this point it's "you" until I've freed myself up again. Good luck, and may your death count not be too high.
  8. Hi, I'm starting a challenge for fun (not a try hard in normal/hard mode but a funny PT in easy mode). Axes, thunder tomes users and tigers are the only classes allowed with maybe an exception for Volug since the DB needs a few units for p3 defend chapters, and Sothe/Heather just for utility (as few combat involved as possible). I'm planning on using: Nolan (quite forced to anyway), Ilyana, Jill, Sothe (as told), Volug (as told, and in replacement of tiger Laguz), Muharim isn't worth the investment (sadly because I like him), because LOLavailability. /Haar (not like there are other axe users in his joining chapter anyway), Brom (same) and Mordecai (if I can make anything out of his crap bases and mediocre growths), Kieran (I'll try, don't blame me for the shit he could do because his accuracy and avoid are so bad and his personnal skill isn't made for him + paladins are really not that great in FE10 because of terrain), little heron will be used only if vital and kept in security. /Ike (forced if I intend to finish the run or the Burger King will OS him), not Boyd (please guys his bases for his level are awful and he's far from the promotion bonuses, he sucks in his joining chapter and takes forever to start paying off), Ilyana again, not Soren (1 sage is hard enough to protect and he doesn't even access to high level thunder tomes), Titania (she's nearly forced to finish 3-1 in time), and Gatrie only if his T2 has acess to axes, if not then sadly Gatrie won't be my guy (well Brom will join fast enough anyway), Mordecai (if he truned good enough), Haar (if I need him or else bye bye god tier flyer), Heather (utility), and I think that's it for axe/thunder/tigers. /The same ones + the new tiger (yes, the shitty one, but there's something about him I've always wanted to try, so I'll do it now), and I think that's it. Or are there other ones? Paragon will be given to the latest units exp-wise (notably said baby tiger who clearly has cat growths, at least he won't get doubled much ^^ unlike Mordecai). /Well now I won't change the cast for the tower, just keeping the best ones and benching the ones who couldn't survive. No POR boosts in case you ask. --- I did prologue with Micayah killing the mobs, then Nolan only until I get Ilyana. End of chapter 1: Micayah 5,14: 17 hp, 2 str, 11 mag, 9 skl, 8 spd, 13 lck, 2 def, 8 res. Nolan 13,59: 12 str, 1 mag, 15 skl, 14 spd, 7 lck, 13 def (I gave him the dracoshield), 4 res. Got unlucky on strength...I didn't modify my level ups, I didn't use Cheat Engine, everything legit. Maybe I'll use save/reload to maximize stats per level for the bad sarting characters (Jill, Volug whose exp gains suck, Brom at the beginning if he doesn't get good level ups from the get-go, Mordecai, the other tiger, Ike because he needs good stats to beat Fast Food) but not like resetting 30 times until I get a near-perfect level up like I like to do (just going for the stats they lack will be enough). Ike will be forced to use axes once he can, unless the boss attacks him from 2 range (forcing a 1-2 range legendary weapon named Ragnell). If he can be beaten with Urvan then Ike will use Urvan, but I highly doubt it (range, stats, WTD).
  9. Hi gamers, I'm willing to do a hard mode run if possible in no grind with as little pair ups as possible (only for when they can't do it without pair up and mostly for the early game since it's the point when units are weak). Which are the worst units I could toy with? -Ricken maybe -Miriel because she's a glass cannon -Gaius maybe (terrible base stats+class doesn't help with his bases/growths) -Frederick? If he is used past chapter 11 his usefulness falls heavily as a main unit -Zelcher? She has no reclassing options for physical unit -Maribelle? her performance in the desert is awful, some plains have many forests for her to be slowed down and her stats are overmeh -Nowi? -Gregor maybe? He isn't gonna double anyone before long and isn't really a tank + he lacks mobility as a hero or stats as a bow knight -Vaike? Yeah Vaike is a good bad choice -Archer Virion? It might be his worst class -Henry without nosferatu? He might get doubled all the time from his join time -Pegasus!Cordelia? -Not fighting Olivia because of no grind rule (Olivia won't reach level 10 dancer before long so reclassing her is gonna be hard) -Donnel? He starts very weak and if I throw him to the fighter class he might be less OP than in the mercenary route (and maybe warrior then for counter, rally strength for late game use). If you have more ideas or builds for said "bad" unit or if you want me to do a no reclass (except units who can't play in their base class like Donnel) then please tell me. It's gonna be fun! Or not...
  10. Give me a unit, what kind of build you want, and skills I can't use (limit one per category), and I'll give you a build idea.
  11. Give me a unit, what kind of build you want, and skills I can't use (limit one per category), and I'll give you a build idea.
  12. This is a challenge I came up with, initially as a joke between me and a friend, but I've decided to make it into a fully-fledged challenge. Here are the rules: 1. Play on any difficulty you desire. Your team must consist of Marth, a unit of your choice (and class of choice, but you can make this character a randomized one), and 13 randomized units with randomized classes (except for Special Classes (ex. Thieves, Manaketes)) 2. Kill off ALL generic units. 3. You must go through EVERY single Gaiden Chapter (but 24x is optional). 4. You may temporarily use units until you get the permanent, randomized ones (ex. Using Wrys before getting, say, Lena). 5. Reclass the randomized units ASAP. Alright, so here's how the randomizing thing will work: Step 1. Get a random decision maker (if on iOS, I suggest RDM). I reccomend http://www.textfixer.com/tools/random-choice.php 2. Put the names of every character in the decision maker excluding Gotoh and Nagi. When putting in Arran and Samson, list them as a single option as Arran/Samson then randomize with them. Roll for 13 units (or 14 if you're not doing a Unit of Choice) 3. You may re-roll characters up to 3 times (not per character, just 3 times period. This way it's less dickish.). 4. Once character randomizing is done, randomize the Classes of all Class Set A characters (Those with access to Paladin, Dracoknight, Sniper, Swordmaster, Sage, and Bishop) then the Class Set B characters (Those with access to Hero, Warrior, Berserker, General, Horseman, and Sorcerer). You may re-roll classes up to 3 times period. 5. Also, choose which Endgame character you want-- Gotoh or Nagi. Note that by choosing Gotoh, you may not visit Chapter 24x. If choosing Nagi, 24x is required. Then I'd suggest putting them on a list. I'll share my team with you that I got. 1. Marth - Lord 2. Abel - Dracoknight 3. Caeda - Sniper 4. Ogma - Berserker 5. Barst - Hero 6. Darros - Horseman 7. Julian - Thief 8. Merric - Sage (Unit of Choice) 9. Caesar - Hero 10. Radd - Paladin 11. Maria - Dracoknight 12. Linde - Bishop 13. Dolph - Warrior 14. Est - Swordmaster 15. Tiki - Manakete 16. Nagi - Manakete Yeah, I got way luckier than I would've expected (sans the Unit of Choice). Also, feel free to tag your Let's Plays involving this challenge with fe11gaidenrandom! Let me know if anything confuses you and I'll try to help.
  13. I'm doing a second run of Fates, on Lunatic this time, but since I'm doing Conquest Lunatic right now (it's a hell of a challenge) I'm interested if anyone knows of any good self-imposed challenges in Fire Emblem, specifically for Revelations, because Revelations will seem too easy to me after beating Conquest on Lunatic (if I beat it that its).
  14. May as well open a thread. So, on a whim and for science I started a new account and wanted to see how far in the game I can get only using 2* heroes. Something no normal player would do, but eh, why not? It's not like the game requires that much time at the moment anyways and it will stay a side project. So far, I've reached 11-5 and will wait until I get a few more ranged characters up, because that map is probably not possible with only melee units due to the turn limit and the enemy positioning. I just beat normal Narcian with my team which unlocked him for me (since he is one of the two only GHB units which appears as 2*). I am pretty sure I will hit a Brick Wall sooner rather than later, but if that actually does happen, I may "upgrade" the challenge to allow all free heroes (so GHBs, quest rewards or Tempest Trial). Basically, I want to see how far you can get with the bare minimum of everything. And if that doesn't work, I either call it a days or allow a bit more than the bare minimum. I am not completely sure what I will do once I really hit a brick wall, bu the options I have considered are: Upgrade the challenge from 2* only to free units only Allow Skill Inheritance Allow merging Allow a combination of all of the above So far I haven't spent any orbs and only did the free pulls. I am not sure I would really like the idea of merging as I could simply use 3* heroes then. Skill Inheritance could be funny, I already got a 5* Tharja and the idea of a 2* Sophia/Raigh with the Blade+ tome is stupid enough to be tested! xD The main team for most of the content was Sharena, Alfonse, Anna and Virion, who are level 39-40 already. I have several other characters already in the 20-30 range and I am still missing about half of the daily heroes. So there is still room for me. As I said before, I may "upgrade" the challenge and therefore am also using a few 3* units in order to finish the last few sacred seals quest. Well, maybe someone finds this intereting or may actually join me in my crusade. Anyway, I will update this thread from time to time if at least a few people show their interest. Edit: May as well post a video of my Narcian kill:
  15. So basically I want everyone to make an avatar for a specific class line, and send me your castle address and I'll beat your team, pick your avatar, and use them in my run. 1. Jeff (Apothecary) by Me 2 . Lorelei (Troubadour) by @LoneStar 3. Madoka (Great Lord) by @AceDrake 4. Nora (Oni Savage) by TAR on Miiverse 5. Corrin (Knight) by Random Castle 6. Flynn (Outlaw) by Random Castle 7. Austin (Mercenary) by Random Castle
  16. Would a themed run in which I only use Chrom, the Tactician and a list of characters from one game be possible? Preferably the run would be an ironman, with me killing off all characters that aren't in line with my specific theme, Chrom or the Tactician. If not, would it be more realistic to pull units from each era; an NES era play through, SNES era play through, GBA era play through, etc...? Thank you for your input.
  17. Does anyone have any ideas for a fun challenge run for fire emblem 11, shadow dragon? Not really insanely hard ones, just stupid ones, like only characters that look like they did weed or something.
  18. For those of you who have beat Fire Emblem Fates and don't have much left to do in the game, much like myself, I have created a list of challenging My Castles to battle. It is always fun to test your team against a opponent who has put a lot of thought in creating there team/castle map. I recommend you battle at their castle for a extra level of toughest if you are into challenging battles. Please feel free to add/comment on any castles that you thought were challenging. Castle List: Ft. Raikuno 13990-24660 17481-52989 Twilight 18436-09879 45947-88840 Ft. Brian 08027-95513 67008-98436 DemonicPalace 15737-92170 65680-25217 Ft.Zhao 16142-87964 42189-62908
  19. I'm looking for a challenge in sacred stones, but I still want it to be 100%-able (completing map objectives without sacrificing levels through pre-20 promotion *ahem hardmodedistantblade ahem*, all chests, all characters) I've compiled a short list of self-imposed challenges that I might choose to use in my play-through, and I was hoping somebody could maybe suggest a combination of challenges to use, or suggest new challenges. Please keep in mind this is a vanilla game, I will not be using an emulator, so no hacked challenges like 0% growths. No Trainees No Seth Hard mode (obviously) No arena abuse (Yours here!)
  20. Leave your corrin, castle address and lvl/class in this post! Corrin: Eliz Class: A fighter Special skill?: Vantage Level: 10 Best to recruit: start of the game Castle address: 13594-87419-94525-33994 Have fun guys :D
  21. This is a challenge that somewhat occurred to me, but I'm not sure what kind of challenge it is. The principle is simple: The only characters you are allowed to use are those which the game gives you automatically. A few examples: You can't recruit a unit that begins as a red unit (say, Joshua), is found in a village/Info Conversation (Canas), or is present on the map as a green unit (Karla, as the only example I can think of off memory). I'm going to come right out and say that it'd be fairly obvious to assume that the run will be easier in some games than others (FE7 seems easy at a glance, FE10 is almost definitely pretty difficult). So, what do you think? An interesting challenge that might (keyword might) provide an interesting outlook on the game? Or something that takes more strategy than it offers? (I can think of a few games that have no automatically obtained thieves, for instance).
  22. Hi everyone, I think you know why you entered to this post, but if it is not obvious, well, I am challenging you! Yes, I am challenging everyone who has the next things: -Fire Emblem Fates: Any version of the game -Is in the American Fire Emblem Fates Servers: Sorry for the ones who are in the EU/OC/JP Servers, but my 3ds is from America -Anyone that is wanting a challenge. What is the challenge: Defeat my castle army: My castle army is a very hard army You can see my Layout there What are the conditions to win: DEFEAT, not seizing, DEFEAT my whole army. If you seize it your win will not count for the challenge. Take a screenshot of it: You can take a screenshot by going to the home menu and then to the miiverse app of Nintendo 3DS It must be on my feedback in my castle. You can only try it once per day. What you would win: -In the Serenes Forest Chat I would call you Milord or Milady [insert your name here] -When you enter to the chat I will say to you: Welcome back Milord/Milady [insert your name here] -You will gain my respect. -When I have a free day in the month you can choose for me from a pool of characters of Fates, what character you want me to draw. (I have atleast 1 free day every month). -If you SEIZE my castle then, good for you because you seized a hard castle but you didnt beat my army The prizes will last to you atleast 1 month. If you defeated my army, you can try to defeat it again the next month. My army is getting stronger every day, so, start now and try it now that is not that powerful. I will put to you some images of my army. Thats my Castle Layout. You can see who is in my army Thats my information, there you can go and take my castle address. Well, I think thats all, if I need to update something I will put something like this: ------------------------------ [ UPDATE: ] Updated things :) ------------------------------ With nothing more to add, thats my challenge, I hope you like it and try to DEFEAT my whole army. Thanks for passing by. ------------------------------
  23. I had a thought. While this could work for other games in the franchise, it seems really neat for Fates. What if Intelligent Systems inputted a Challenge Mode, whereupon they designed maps/mini-maps based on learning the usefulness of skills and practical advantages to having certain skills? Ideas I have had are: 1) Lunge-Attack Stance. Set up two characters surrounded by two enemies with stairways on the opposite side to the player: SEPPES S: Stairway E: Enemy P:Player Reinforcements pop up from the stairway where an opponent has been killed. Players must make use of Lunge skill in conjunction with Attack Stance to protect partner, or block a stairway. Challenge is affected by difficulty setting. 2)Poison Touch/Grisly Wound/Savage Blow Units must one round each enemy they come across. Enemy can one shot a unit on enemy phase, and challenge rule is no deaths allowed. Enemies are positioned so that careful field placement will ensure being able to close in from outside range. Player must stack damage with skills in the right order depending on enemy (weapon triangle, bonus damage etc) to one round. 3) Attack-Guard Stance A semi-tank unit is plugging a wall while enemies pour in in single file. Some have ranged weapons too. Player must make use of secondary unit pair up for guard stance and attack stance whenever the situation demand it to survive a set number of turns. What do you guys think would be the response if this sort of thing was implemented? Also feel free to add any ideas you think would be really cool in the comments below! :D
  24. I've noticed that most high-difficulty clears revolve around either a Chrom/FAvatar duo through most or all of the game, or quadruple Galeforce inheritance using Chrom/Sumia and MAvatar/Cordelia. I've decided to investigate the Chrom/FAvatar route, but without Avatar. In other words, Chrom solo (hence the title). The rules: In battles where the preparation screen is available, only Chrom may be deployed. When other characters are forced to be deployed, such as Avatar in Ch.23, not having preparations yet or joining after preparations, they may be used as seen fit (I recommend minimizing their use so Chrom gets maximum EXP). DLC is allowed, but I won't be using it. It makes the Archer/Sniper part of the class path easier, so I won't judge. Grinding is allowed, and I will be using Risen skirmishes and Spotpass teams for this purpose. All Renown is allowed (I'll be using 1020 starting). Event tiles are allowed. Deaths are allowed, because if they weren't Chapters 5 and 6 would be impossible. I've routed this on Hard, using a class path of Lord 20->Cav 10+->Archer 10+->Sniper 15+->Bow Knight 15+->Great Lord 15+->Great Knight 15+->Paladin (Final class) and capped all stats but Mag at the end of it (For what it's worth, Mag was 10 at Endgame). A note for people willing to try this is that if you want a good turncount you will need to spend about half of your total budget on throwing weapons. Also, during the Archer/Sniper part of the class route, you will want to spend most of your time in skirmishes on maps where enemies can be bottlenecked, like the Longfort (Ch.3) and the Border Pass (Ch.5). Paralogue 3 (if you're willing to sack the villagers) and Chapter 8 are also good spots for these classes (but if you're using Par. 3 for this, only do it as a Sniper).
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