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Found 4 results

  1. V3.08 is here. The hack now goes up to Chp 19 and weapon range should now display properly. Legendary weapons made the late game too easy, so I gave them a nerf. Tell me if it is enough. FE8 Chaos Mode V3.08 Screenshots: As of this moment, Erika's Route is being worked on. Chp 16 done Nothing is done to Ephraim's route as of right now. This hack includes: This hack is not complete yet, I just want to get it out to see what people's opinion of it is so far and I will to listen to suggestions. Let me know if the weapons should be more expensive and if there are any game breaking glitches. Credit to the battle animation are the following:
  2. Hello everyone . Lately , I played the chaos mode patch of FE7 and I reached chapter 16 , so the thing is that I want a little help in how to improve my style of play so I can beat this chapter and the next ones that are coming , and how to do well in those battles because when i played all of FE7 in normal mode it wasn't that hard really because I could just win most of battles aggressively and I didn't need a lot of time to play in a safe way , so I need some advice from you and if someone has played it I would like to know how he/she leveled up his/her characters and what strategy I'll have to follow if I wanna win without anyone dying and without spamming savestates 😂 Thank you ! And well , this is the battle i'm in now .
  3. I'll be streaming Fire Emblem 7 Chaos Mode, a ROM Hack made by Kolkinator in celebration of Halloween for about an hour. The stream will start 2:45 P.M. EST. See you there!
  4. Hi. I'm back. With yet another Chaos Mode LP. Please attempt to restrain your exuberance. What's different this time, you ask? Well. This is an Iron Man run. What does that mean? It means that if a character dies, they stay dead. If a lord (or other allied character that must survive) dies, then I'll do some sort of RNG process to select another character to die. When I say allied, I mean people I have control over. I'm not killing someone just because Pent's a dumbass in the desert chapter and gets crit-killed by a ballista. In addition, I'll be skipping chapter 13x, meaning I don't get Merlinus. I'm gonna try doing something similar to dualdragon's blind FE6 run where I post a fuckton of detail. I'm curious to see whether that improves or detracts from the experience. Let me know what you all think. You're welcome to place bets on how far I'll get and how many people will end up dying. [spoiler=Chapter 11] Using my real name and birthday. I briefly considered using the name 'Asshole', but I figured that was a little too on the nose. Matthew breaks down the wall and Hector chips this soldier. On EP 1, the soldier suicides on Hector, doing 7 damage and dropping a door key. His archer friend hits Hector, who misses the counter attack. PP 2: Matthew was supposed to chip, but decides to crit instead. Whatever. He gets a vulnerary, which Hector borrows and takes a sip from. EP 2: The thief moves towards the door. PP3: Hector moves to the entrance and takes another vulnerary dose, maxing his HP. The thief will attack him instead of opening the chest, in theory. EP3: Thief opens the door. PP4: Nothing happens. EP4: The thief attacks, as expected, and Hector 1-hits him and gets his chest key. PP5: The duo move northwest. EP5: Nothing happens. PP6: I accidentally move Matthew into that northwest archer's range, so I guess I'll move Hector in there to. I put Matthew there to rescue Hector next turn. EP6: The archer misses. His friends (2 soldiers and an archer) move in from the southeast. PP7: Hector chips the soldier, gets a great level, and is whisked away by Matthew. EP7: They're still in hot pursuit. PP8: Matthew drops Hector. In retrospect, I could have dropped him 1SW of his current position so he could chip the archer, but I didn't know that the more southwestern archer wouldn't move. I'm playing it safe. EP8: Still pursuing. PP9: Hector kills the wounded soldier, while Matthew crit-kills the archer (I suck at taking pictures of crits when I'm not expecting them, sorry). EP9: The remaining soldier is still coming. PP10: If I go after the soldier now, I'll be in range of the archer. I retreat and let him come to me. EP10: Awfully obliging, ol' chap. The next couple of turns are me getting just out of range. PP13: Hector chips and Matthew kills, getting a pretty nice level. Albeit one without strength. He also gets C lances and an iron bow. Hector moves northeast where they started in order to lure the steel bow archer. EP13: Nada PP14: Hector's ready to lure the archer, while Matthew can rain death upon the knight south of the treasure chest. EP14: The archer and Hector exchange blows, both hitting. PP15: Hector uses up his last vulnerary dose so he has room to get the one that's going to be dropped by that archer. However, he retreats out of the way first. I realize the knight also has a vulnerary, and Matthew has no room. So I send him after Hector to grab Hector's chest key and get the chest, along with some space. EP15: The archer starts using his vulnerary. Oops. PP16: Hector attacks once again. They both hit each other. EP16: Archer uses vulnerary again. PP17: Hector kills archer, getting vulnerary and a nice level. Matthew opens the door. EP17: Nothing PP18: Hector trades Matthew his chest key. EP18: Nothing PP19: Hector chips the knight. Matthew grabs the red gem. EP19: The knight hits Hector. PP20: Hector kills the knight, netting him a vulnerary and C bows. Matthew picks him up and heads towards Wire, who is the only one left. After several turns, Hector finally kills Wire after his vulnerary runs out. He gets a nice level. Fin
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