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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I just got into fire emblem rom hacking, and had an idea for a rom hack but there is something I can't find the solution to. I wanted to make the game into a dungeon crawler style game. For this I am using FEbuilder, and using a base of Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones. In order to begin actually turning my idea into a rom hack, I first needed to make sure that every concept that makes up my idea actually works. Pretty much the only thing that is really blocking me is finding a way for the end of a chapter to lead to another chapter selected at random. I know there is a way for the next chapter to be selected by something happening in the game, since that is essentially what the Eirika-Ephraim split is. It also seems rather simple to generate a random number and have a certain event happen or not based on the value of that number, but I simply haven't found a way to do that. I also tried seeing how the game makes the Eirika-Ephraim split by analyzing the events but it was confusing and I figured asking here would be better, since even knowing how the game does it wouldn't solve the problem. So, does anyone know how I could put a condition on a "Go to next Chapter" event and have that condition be determined by RNG? I also have 2 other, less important questions that I didn't find an answer to while researching: Can I preserve the health of characters through chapters? Can the Chapter list be extended?
  2. Since Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is the first Fire Emblem game that have Post Game Content, but I do like to see if they add more stuff to the Post Game Content for the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch title. I do like to see something like they do it similar to like the Pokemon games' Post Game Content like new events, more lines, more maps that aren't in the main game's story plot, explore more villages and new ones as well, new maps and locations, etc.. What do you guys think if Intelligent Systems will handle the Post Game Content for the upcoming Fire Emblem Switch title? I do like to see if they can add more stuff to the game's post game content such as new events that can't be used in the main story line and can be unlocked after defeating the final boss of the game, unlock maps, explore more new villages that aren't in the main story plot line, have some villages unlock more stuff that can't be used in the main story line, have characters can comeback and meet them in a reunion like have the player can explore the castle or village and happily to see his/her friends after they survived the final battle explore more area just similar to like how the army in Valentia can travel Archanea and but bigger than that. Also, I do like to see if they can add Boss Rush Challenges like beat every available maps that can unlock the Boss Rush Modes and none of the characters won't get killed (act more like as Casual Mode style defeat) in the Challenge as well or replay one of the maps similar to like Fire Emblem Heroes.
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