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Found 4 results

  1. After mapping out strengths and weaknesses of each house, I am going to pick the Golden Deer because they seem to naturally fit (based on character strengths/hidden skills) into more Master Classes (my opinion is that the master classes will be worth pursuing over advanced classes). Here's a breakdown of what I am thinking of for a 9 person team, would gladly appreciate any feedback/thoughts 🙂 FYI - I left Byleth off of the list because I don't know the recruiting requirements for some of the strong characters in the other houses and this may impact how I build him/her, but would appreciate recommendations on what class to pick that would fit well with the rest or be nice to have 2 characters in.
  2. I am curious how you are building your new masked Marth/Lucina. What is your approach. I'll put mine below and would love some feedback as well!
  3. So, I hate keeping characters out of their original classes, because the portraits don't match. Donnel especially, because of that stupid pot on his head (heh, Donny's a pothead). I was wondering, what should I run on Villager!Donnel? Currently, I've got Limit Breaker, Armsthrift, Axebreaker, Aggressor, and All Stats +2, and I'm supporting him with Nowi. God, how much I wish that Villager could promote into Soldier...
  4. Some friends and I got into a discussion about Streetpass teams, and the building thereof. I thought that it might be interesting to have said discussion on here. So, in this thread, I invite you to post your Streetpass teams, units' skill sets, equipment loadouts, the whole shebang. I also encourage you to critique the teams others post (at least mine- I welcome the help!). Mine is as follows: -Sully!Morgan (Sorcerer): Skills: Limit Breaker, Aegis, Ignis, Sol, Patience Equipment: Mire, Superior Jolt (+5 mt, +3 crit), Waste (+5 mt, +3 crit), Ruin (+5 mt, +3 hit), Aversa's Night (+5 mt, +3 crit) -Chrom!Cynthia (Falcoknight) Skills: LB, Iote's Shield, Galeforce, Healtouch, Aether Equip: Brave Lance, Fortify, Physic, Recover, Elixir -Sumia!Lucina (Great Lord): Skills: LB, Aether, Pavise, Galeforce, Rightful King Equip: Brv Lance, Brv Sword, Spear, Parallel Falchion, Noble Rapier -MaMU!Kjelle (General) Skills: Aegis, Pavise, LB, Galeforce, Ignis Equip: Brave Lance (+5mt, +3crt), Brave Axe (+5mt, +3crt), Gradivus, Armads, Killer Lance (+5crt +3mt) -Lon'qu!Inigo (Hero) Skills: LB, Sol, Swordfaire, Galeforce, Vantage Equip: Killer Edge (+5 crit, +3 mt), Brv Axe (+5 mt, +3 crit), Brv swrd (+5mt +3crt), Tomahawk (+5mt +3crt), Killer Axe (+5crt +3mt) -Frederick!Brady (War Monk) Skills: LB, Healtouch, Aggressor, Luna, Pavise Equip: Bolt Axe, Brv Axe, Physic, Recover, Rescue -MaMu (Grandmaster) Skills: LB, Lifetaker, Ignis, Patience, Swordfaire Equip: Eirika's Blade (+5crt +3mt), Valflame, Book of Naga, Katarina's Bolt (+5crt +3mt), Celica's Gale (+5mt +3crt) -Sully (Paladin) Skills: LB, Aegis, Luna, Lancebreaker, Vantage Equip: Brave Lance, Gungnir, Brave Sword, Tyrfing, Elixr -Sumia (Falcoknight) Skills: LB, Healtouch, Galeforce, Iote's Shield, Miracle Equip: Brave Lance, Physic, Fortify, Goddess Staff, Elixir -Donnel (Dread Fighter) Skills: Sol, Aggressor, LB, Counter, HP +5 Equip: Thoron (+5mt +3crt), Brave Sword (+5mt +3crit), Brave Axe (+5mt +3crt), Celica's Gale (+5mt +3crt), Ragnell
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