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Found 3 results

  1. Okay so this has been something on my mind a little bit. What makes good character design? Now I realize that this sort of thing is almost entirely subjective but I'd like to know everyone's thoughts regardless. Personally I feel good character design boils down to answering one simple question: "What can I tell about this character just by looking at their design/artwork/portraits/etc." and if the answer is accurate to what the character is actually like then I feel the design is a success.
  2. So one thing I've noticed is that Clair has perhaps the most drastic redesign over the course of the series. Her gaiden in-game design features her with Blue Hair (as seen below), while her awakening redesigned artwork as an spotpass unit and her artwork in gaidens manual has her with red hair, now with echoes and her inclusion in heroes, she has blond hair. Quite a drastic redesign for one character in my opinion (I'll be honest, I think Clairs new design looks a lot like Forte from Rune Factory 4) (Also I did not see this topic created before so if it is I'm sorry)
  3. Hello, I´m new here and I´ve been searching everywhere, but I weren´t able to find good reference pictures of the character designs. So I wanted to ask if someone has some pictures from the artbook or screenshots of certain characters. I would be really happy if anyone could show me pictures of the male pegasus knights (to know what their trousers look like or what boots they wear?), Nishiki and Flannel. Thanks! :)
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