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Found 1 result

  1. Hi first let me get my Character forcer question out of the way because I do understand it but I don't know if the order is correct. So would you please look at the below spoiler and tell me if that is how the order works or if I misplaced the order.. (*replacing the "---" with their own pointers) I'm just making sure if the H-chapters follow the E-chapters or not? Now to my question about Chapter Order+Cutscenes... My idea was to use the Lyn chapters for cutcene maps (such as lomas telling the story) but I want to know if that's a good idea or not? Or should I take the simpler approach and use the Lyn maps for playable chapters and some of the others for cutscenes? What do you recommend? Lastly, can the endgame chapter take place in any of the chapters or does it need to be specific?
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