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Found 103 results

  1. So, I made it to the timeskip and noticed that characters don't appear in their new clothes outside of cutscenes unless they are in a certain advanced class. So, I thought it might be helpful if there was a list of what class a character needs to be in to see their new look in actual battles. I only have the ones for Blue Lions since that is the only one I've played so far, so if someone wants to list the requirements for characters from other houses that would be appreciated. I believe the House Leaders are in their new classes at the start of Chapter 13 regardless of what class they were in before. Annette: Warlock Ashe: Sniper Dedue: Fortress Knight Felix: Swordmaster Ingrid: Pegasus Knight Mercedes: Bishop Sylvain: Paladin
  2. This is a question I've always had, and I just don't get it. Why does everyone hate Matthis in particular so much? He's just a subpar unit, other subpar units like Macellan, Dolph, and the entirety of the Wolfguard are also bad units and are much more difficult to recruit/keep alive in their join maps, yet they aren't hated nearly as much. Even in the games where he's not that bad in, people still shit on him. In FE1 he's an earlygame mount that can use Silver Lances at base. In FE3 it's the same deal, hell I would go as far and say that he's better than Cecil, Roderick, Luke, and Ryan. In FE11 he's not great, and is one of the games I would say he's legit bad in because he can no longer use silvers at base and reclassing removes his niche as a mount, but even then he starts with a D rank in lances, which is one rank away from using the most broken weapon in the game, and can already use javelins at base, which is better than what Cain can do. Though, there's not much reason to use him over Abel, Vyland, Frey, or Roshea. In FE12, like FE11 he can no longer use silvers and reclassing removes his niche. In FE12 he's just Roderick with better base stats and has growths that are more defensively oriented. Discounting growths, I'd say that Matthis is one of more mid-tier units in the game. A bad unit that joins early is better than a bad unit that joins later. Recruiting him isn't even hard because you have to go around the mountain anyway to get Bord and Julian. For his personality, he doesn't have too much of a character just like 90% of the cast. Though, the few lines he does get give him a bit of a personality which is more than I can say about Cain, Abel, Macellan , or Dolph. From what I can put together from his recruitment and his dialogue with Marth in SD, he's a pretty calm and cowardly person. He initially fights for Michalis because Lena refused to marry Michalis and naturally Michalis forces her brother to fight for his army while threatening his life because of his dislike for him. After finding out that Lena was safe and part of Marth's army, he joins Marth's army as well. His recruitment convo with Julian in FE12 is a little bit more interesting. You can see how reluctant Matthis is to have Julian be the lover of his sister and see how he doesn't trust him. From his recruitment you can tell that he is mostly the overprotective older brother type, which is understandable, considering the past Julian has as a thief and even being so competent as a thief that he's the commander of Rickard. As an older brother of a younger sister myself, I would want my sister to be safe and not to date just anyone, so I can understand Matthis's worries. Near the end of their convo Julian manipulates(?) Matthis and by telling him that Lena and he wouldn't work out and it works and calms Matthis down and they become somewhat of friends. I find Matthis's supports with Kris kind of amusing, in his C support he's mostly worried about his sister and afraid of all the things that the dark priests can be doing to her. In his B support with Kris, he decides that he doesn't want to wallow in worry for his sister and wants to rescue her himself, so he asks Kris to help him train. When I initially read this it was pretty nice to see Matthis go through some development and how he wanted to be stronger. In his A support, it reveals that he just gives up his training and entrusts his sister to Kris (because Kris is a Mary Sue). At first, I was pretty disappointed that Matthis just gives up, but then I found it kinda funny. It's in character for Matthis, he cares deeply about his sister and wants the best for her, but he is too cowardly to be able to protect her. It would be boring if he was just a typical "weak person but wants to get stronger" type of character since Julian and many other characters have that same motive, this way he's mostly still a comic relief type of character, though he's still a static character which isn't necessarily a bad thing. He's not really a major character, he's mostly a side character so being a static character makes sense and works in Matthis's case. Something I wish though is that his supports were with Julian and not Kris, as it would work better and further develop the relationship being Matthis and Julian. Something I like about Matthis is that he's not really a brave courageous knight, nor is he a weak person who wants to be strong. He's just a regular ass dude who doesn't like fighting and adores the peaceful and tranquil life. His cowardice and seemingly denseness are flaws on his part, but they also make him seem more human. When a character doesn't have any flaws they become a Mary Sue. I love characters with flaws, and Matthis, in general, is just one huge flaw, which is something I like. I can see why people would dislike a character like Matthis (seeing how Makalov is similar to him and also gets a lot of hate), but I don't understand why he seems to have so much hate aimed towards him than any Archanea character, I just don't get it.
  3. Hey so, you know how each character under the "roster" menu will have a "Notes" tab that shows their likes, dislikes, interests, timelines, and other such biographical information? Well, I decided to start compiling screenshots of each character's Notes page. A bit of a foreword: I thought to come up with this because of all the people asking about how to recruit these characters/get supports with them up, and also because I myself have a hard time keeping track of all these characters individual personality traits and back stories. So I wanted to compile screenshots of the notes tabs of each of these characters, and then offer whatever insights I might have on appealing to them. The idea is this will somewhat act as an informative guide to help people figure out how best to boost supports between your character and the others - to help you figure out what gifts to give them and to maybe help you figure out what dialogue options you should generally go for when attempting to appease these characters. Generally speaking, if you know a characters interests, likes, and dislikes, you'll know how best to appeal to them. Also posting this stuff because I can't find anywhere else people have this kind of information compiled in a relatively organized fashion. By the very nature of this topic, this will contain spoilers about the roster - namely, the characters whom you can recruit. Within the spoilered boxes are screenshots of character bios which reveal information about their backstories and information, as well as stuff I may have to say that reveal additional details. You have been warned. Also, these are somewhat big screenshots, and there are quite a few of them (I copy them from imgur after I host them there), so they might take a bit to load. Without further ado, here's the list, starting from the students of the Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and Golden Deer, and then moving on to those with no particular affiliation to any given house. Edelgard: Hubert: Ferdinand: Linhardt: Caspar: Bernadetta: Dorothea: Petra: Dimitri: Dedue: Felix: Ashe: Sylvain: Mercedes: Annette: Ingrid: Claude: Lorenz: Raphael: Ignatz: Lysithea: Marianne: Hilda: Leonie: Flayn: Hanneman: Shamir: This all I have for now...
  4. So with the exciting announcement of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 at the VGAs, bringing this franchise out of an almost 10 year slumber, I thought it would be fun to discuss the possibilities of this game. Which known characters are you excited to use? Which not-currently-revealed characters do you want to be playable? Which locations do you hope will appear as missions? Which villains are you excited to fight? Are there any Nintendo characters that you would like to see crossover?
  5. For me (of the ones I've played): Shadow Dragon/Mysteries of the Emblem: Navarre I guess? Genealogy: Dierdre or Beowolf Binding Blade: Sue, Karel (The whole redemption arc is very cool, they explored it in depth in Elibian Nights) Blazing Sword: Matthew, Erk, Nino, Lyn, Hector (The cast is one of my favorite parts of this game, also not to spoil anything but the relationship between Will, Rebecca & Dart is top notch) Sacred Stones: Colm, Joshua (He has a weird "Count of Monte Cristo" prince in hiding thing going) Ross, Lyon (OK he's not technically in the main cast but give me a break) Awakening: Olivia, Lon Qu, Henry, Owain, Inigo, Priam (I prefer the second gen characters in this game weirdly enough)
  6. Same as the Rate the Video Game Song Above thread, but with characters. Give 2-5 sentences for each character. Byakuren Hijiri (Touhou)
  7. Want to debate about fire emblem so I decided on thracia 776 (in my opinion it is one of thee most polarizing FE games in terms of unit debates) I will argue about any units but I am going to start with this, "Marty can be one of the best units in your army if trained properly"
  8. So a while back I made this thread detailing why I think the song "Rolling Girl" by wowaka fits Severa's character very nicely. Now I'm wondering do any of you all have a song or piece of music that you feel just fits or otherwise best describes your favorite character. Music is a powerful thing and can otherwise convey things that cannot be done with words.
  9. What do you think the canon classes might be for the students of the Three Houses, based on the weapon types shown to be used by each student so far, as well as their overall design?
  10. Which Fire Emblem cast of characters do you find to be the best and worst? Best Fire Emblem Cast for Me: I'd have to say Path of Radiance. The Greil Mercinaries are awesome. I would pick Radiant Dawn's cast too, but the Dawn Brigade kinda cripples RD's character quality a bit for me. Worst Fire Emblem Cast for Me: It's a tie between Awakening and Fates. I could not bring myself to care about any of the characters aside from 2-3 characters.
  11. Boy Roy is kind of the worst lord isn't he? from a character perspective, he's very generic, he's just sort of a noble, unconflicted good guy prince, with no strong motivations save for honor and duty and yeah it's probably because the game was never localized, that would be a fine counter-argument until you consider that stats wise he's bottom tier until his own game until receiving the sword of seals, anybody have similar complaints about the other protagonists? certainly not Ike or Lyn, Lucina, or Seliph, from a character perspective the original version of Marth is comparably flat but at least he's useful in battle, and usually the writers will use the support system as a way to provide exposition and flush out the characters, a great idea, but, i'm not sure to what extent it helps roy, shannas is good from a characterization standpoint, but of the handfull i've read i know Roy pressures himself to be a good leader, to act honorably, and to be a great warrior maybe i just don't like him, i don't know, he's great in smash though...
  12. So, one of the more common complaints about FEH is how sparse the writing is. Forging Bonds tries to sell characters with writing, but it doesn't do nearly enough. A few short monologues gushing about the summoner isn't really enough to show the player why they should care about the character. So, how would you "fix" it? You can suggest improvements to the specific plots of the first two books, ways to better integrate summoned heroes into the plot, ways to fluff out Zenith's lore, etc.
  13. So, this has been on my mind for a while now. I personally think that the reason why FE can be so hit and miss with it's characters is because the cast of playable characters is so huge, which I believe can lead to an increased risk of inconsistantcy in character quality and character balance. Now, the quality of characters is subjective, but I think that if future Fire Emblem games focused more on a smaller cast of characters, say 20 playable characters maximum, I believe that the writers will have a much easier time build stronger character development, as well as stronger unit balance. But again, that's just me.
  14. Below is an excel file that I made when the game first released. It shows all the stats you can expect over the given growths and in individual routes. It also has all the character and class data inside it so if you want to improve over it you are welcome to and share it with the community. Do mention me if you find this helpful in any way. I assume you are doing a no grind run on the base game and leveling your characters at reasonable level (6 for villagers and 10 for most other classes with exceptions of magic classes, myrmidons and celica). Sheets Listed classes : Contains data of all the classes with their minimum level to shrine up and the corresponding classes they change to classbase : Base stats and growth modifiers for all the classes Alm-char : Full expected stat progressions for characters in the Alm route. It is divided on a promotion by promotion basis so that you can clearly identify that stat auto upgrades upon promotion. Villages have been added with both lvl 7 and lvl 10 first promotion paths. For simplicity, if you plan on over leveling your characters change the level values in light green and the final stats at the end should modify accordingly. Cel-char : Same as above, no faye and kliff as they are pointless on her route. TIER 0-3 : Sheets divided according the tier at which they are recruited (0 for villagers and so on). Each sheet has clear stats listed according to the promotion path given at the from with levels. Alm-anal : a culmination of all the data in TIER 0-3 of characters on Alm route. I have created some scoring parameters, these are pretty straight forward except in the case of skl and spd. Both of them are penalised heavily if they don't have the bare minimum required to effectively hit opponents. Anything above is not given much weight and improves the character final score much less than the other parameter. This is completely my personal preference on scoring the stats and you are welcome to use your own scoring parameters that suit your gameplay. All these parameters are compiled and reflected in the STAT column. Over this I have given scores which depend on the amount of investment I need. For example : Promoting kliff at lvl 7 into a baron is much more resource friendly compared to a full lvl 10 promotion (not that you will ever use him as a baron unless you are a madman like me, he does great tbh). This score also takes into account when do the characters come into the team which is quite important too. Mathilda is basically both the best character and best psuedo-Milf you will find in all the fire emblem games and this scoring parameter confirms this. Cel-anal : Same as above. Sonya>Deen, but deen is the best dread fighter. FILE LINK, CLICK TO MARRY MATHILDA
  15. So after reading some posts on this thread I got to wondering how many dere types can we find in this franchise. Like there's the obvious Tsunderes like Takumi or Severa and Yandere Camilla but what about the himideres, kuuderes, mayaderes, danderes, etc. and how many can we find of each one? Let's have some fun with this. For a small crash course on dere types: https://animeharbor.com/guide/most-complete-list-of-popular-anime-dere-types/
  16. What are your thoughts on the characters we've seen so far? Do you like the designs/art style? What do you think their personalities will be? What are your hopes for any yet to be revealed characters? Personally I really like the art style and the designs we've seen so far! Though, Claude is my favourite. #TeamClaude I like Edelgard and Byleth as well and I don't even dislike Dimitri's design :P As for the other characters I have high hopes! Or at least high optimism. The consensus seems to be that the character artist is Kurahana Chinatsu who designed the characters for Uta no Prince-sama. I'm a fan of her art but I do wonder how varied her designs can actually get in terms of differing body types. I'm excited to find out though.
  17. An another insane idea in my mind for Fire Emblem from one of my posts and it will be special for Lunatic difficulty. If all Fire Emblem titles mixed to one, in "my castle" features, it will have an extra "DLC" chapter that only worked once and before reach any chapters which contained the stories (or paralogues) about met any character's descendant, and the 'extra chapter' works like below. The extra chapter is Rescue an NPC monster (which cannot attack and have relatively high HP and Def, no Skills, and with 0 in other stats so it would be mostly got double and critical hits by enemy) who appeared at north area on the map which hunted down by the massive numbers of enemy's (relatively easy) monsters with unlimited reinforcements, which good for exp.harvestings. Battle chapter ended if the NPC monster died or succeed to reach out south area of the map. If the Lord unit got talked to it before it reach out of the map and survived, it will follow you to the castle after the battle chapter ended (but not as an unit), and you will got a temporary extra feature. In the castle, the temporary extra feature is to talk to the Monster for it's request to the Lord. The extra feature would be gone after finished it's tasks or when the player decide to ignore it and continues to the next chapter. The Monster's tasks were request the Lord is to sacrifice each one of any male and female HUMAN/BEORC characters from the player's force (not from post-game's bonus characters that featured by enemy's or deceased characters). Lords, avatar (my unit), characters which already have A, A+, and S support, matured or cursed characters (like Jagen, Frey, Wrys, Moulder, Dozla, Gunther, Nyx, and many more), major characters who destined to be the ruler of the country (king / queen / crown prince / crown princess), and 'branded' characters could NOT be sacrificed. There will be very limited choice of it. The both sacrificed characters could not have their mates (including having child) and will have their own altered endings (and they would had sad endings because they weren't humans anymore). If the player "agrees" to do it, it might be recommended for any weakest characters who has terrible growth that forced to benched overtime and not very affected to the battlefields as well as their respective own 'stories' (note: when decide to 'agree', it will unable to continue to next chapter before the task completed). The sacrificed characters here were not perished at all. The Monster only takes their "humanity" in order to lift-off it's monster-form curse by a defeated demon god. After the task finished, the Monster's form would became a shade of light and thanking the Lord for help, so it can return to it's own respective realm. (The word "it" were used due it have no gender and no character's voice.) The characters were 'sacrificed' by reborn into demi-humans and reclassed to permanent classes that unable to reclass to another (including DLC) class, unremovable Skills, cannot buy and equip another Skills, and lost all of their own already-learned Skills, hence since they lost their "humanity". Note: the other characters cannot be reclass to the respective demi-human's classes. Example below. They have average stats growth and would be considered as the monster units, so they were weak againts anti-monster Skills or weapons (if exist). The level will reset to 1, HP 25, Str 7, Mag 7, Skill 8, Spd 8, Luck 9, Def 6, Res 6 after "reborn". They will become: Angel. From a sacrificed male unit. A winged humanoid creature which gains energy from the purity of water. Flier. Marine. Movement 7. Lance E, Dagger E, Staff E. Skills: 1. -the Character's own innate Skill-. 2. Albatross. -class' innate Skill-. Iote's Shield + restore 10 HP on the start of player's turn if stands on the water tiles. 3. Lv.1.: Raider. Beastbane + Wyrmsbane + Air Superiority. 4. Lv.10.: Edgebreaker. Axebreaker + Bowbreaker. 5. Lv.25.: Bladefaire. Lancefaire + Daggerfaire. 6. Lv.35.: Titan. Luna + Rend Heaven. Lamia. From a sacrificed female unit. An attractive creature with half women to upper body and half snake to lower body. Mountaineer. Forester. Desert walker. Movement 6. Axe E, Bow E, Tome E. Skills: 1. -the Character's own innate Skill-. 2. Lander -class' innate Skill-. Natural Cover + Good Fortune + Negates all terrain's movement penalties. 3. Lv.1.: Slaughter. Armorsbane + Ridersbane. 4. Lv.10.: Bladebreaker. Lancebreaker + Daggerbreaker. 5. Lv.25.: Edgefaire. Axefaire + Bowfaire + Tomefaire. 6. Lv.35.: Titanesse. Sol + Astra. ************************************ Sorry for long posts. Now, if the insane feature above exist and "agree" to sacrifice, from each one human/beorc male and female: 1. Who will you sacrifice? (Their names and from FE series) 2. What will they becomes? (also allowed to take the demi-humans example-forms above) 3. What Skills will they have? (if you have any ideas and they'll allowed to be overpowered) nb. also allowed to take same characters to becomes another demi-human creatures and vise-versa.
  18. title says it all. What is the difference between a good support and a bad support? Because I hear all the time how there are so many bad supports character X has or how many good supports character Y has. I was just wondering how you all gauge the quality of a support. Personally a good support has to do one of three things. 1. Explain a character’s backstory and use that backstory in a way to help aid in character development or growth. 2. Use either or both characters’ core traits be it a gimmick, what they like or dislike, hobbies, beliefs, values, etc. to help aid in strengthening their relationship or character development or growth. 3.Use either or both characters’ core traits be it a gimmick, what they like or dislike, hobbies, beliefs, values, etc. in a unique way for whatever purpose be it serious or comedic but the characters must remain consistent with what is established about them through the story or other supports. If a support can do at least one of those things, then I will consider it a good support at the very least. Now that’s not to say a support can’t have all three. I mean the three things I listed do go hand and hand and are at least somewhat interchangeable. So what do you guys think?
  19. ~Welcome~ Here is a place to discuss: Character Builds, Character usefulness, and Skills. Basically anything about the characters you’d like to discuss
  20. Hello, so I am desperate and I have no activity to do in my free time and I thought of doing this rather than doing something else, creative. So, here's a poll
  21. If you could rewrite any SINGLE character in the FE series who would it be and why? I'd prefer to keep this to singular examples but if you have multiple answers feel free to share them all and got as in depth as you want. I SHOULD get this out of the way though, when I say rewrite I DO NOT BE WRITE OUT OF EXISTENCE so please no "just remove x from the plot" types of answers. These are fixes, not erasures.
  22. Okay so this has been something on my mind a little bit. What makes good character design? Now I realize that this sort of thing is almost entirely subjective but I'd like to know everyone's thoughts regardless. Personally I feel good character design boils down to answering one simple question: "What can I tell about this character just by looking at their design/artwork/portraits/etc." and if the answer is accurate to what the character is actually like then I feel the design is a success.
  23. Exactly what the title says, who are your favorite characters and why? They can be from any game in the series and there can be multiple. I'd ask for least favorites but I don't want this to turn into a predictable Fateswakening hate circle.
  24. There's something that has been bothering for quite a long time, why does so many people hate Kris, the MU of New Mystery of The Emblem. Some say that is because he takes all the spotlight from Marth, I mean sure, sometimes I think he becomes too much of a hero for a deuteragonist, but still, I never saw him as such. Considering the fact that the MU customization began with him (Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken doesn't count, I'm sure you know why), of course there would be flaws, but it just seems that he's too much hated, he may not be the best MU and absolutely not the best character, but still he ain't the worse either. What do you guys think?
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