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Found 9 results

  1. Today I will show my Berwick Saga cheat which was made by myself.The format is RAW code *** No Weapon Replacement upon taken 2016DE70 03E00008 2016DE74 0000102D * Use alongside of this code Prevent Game from deleting banned weapon 20175110 03E00008 20175114 039E0027 *** All weapons that can cause status ailments in the game are replaced by normal weapon whenever the player manage to get a hold of them.I think this gave the A.I an unfair advantage over the players.This code will prevent the weapon replacement and allows player to use those weapon if they can get it. *** Get All Weapon upon Defeating Enemy 2016CEBC 3BE21998 *** This will make all weapon by the enemies droppable when the player kill them.A fun code to try, note that I don't recommend you using this code on your first playthrough, it could make the game too easy and ruin your experience. *** Controllable Enemies 0038EAD0 00000004 0038EB7C 00000004 This cheat will allow you to control your enemies on player's turn.It is best used when almost all of the enemies have finished their turns. *** Can view civilian's stat 2055D0AC 00E50023 * With this cheat you can view all NPC's stat when you are not supposed to.This code does nothing other than that,it is just to show that this is possible. *** Berwick Saga Map Modifier (L2+Left On L2+Right Off) D05039EA 0000FE7F 20550A20 240300XX D05039EA 0000FEDF 20550A20 8E030000 Where XXXX is Map ID Map ID with a * will be replaced by this chapter's Main Map 00: Invalid 01: Take the player back to office 02: Looters * 03: Stolen Swords 04: Food Supply 05: Champion of the Streets 06: Cruel Brothers 07: Mining Town * 08: Keith of the Mist * 09: Fledgling Knights 0A: Maria's Wish * 0B: Born a Knight * 0C: Situation in the Armory 0D: Color Chord 0E: Combat Training 0F: The Alter of Raze 10: Triple Counterattack * 11: Lumiere 12: Hero of the Sea 13: Ancient Treasure 14: Liverleaf * 15: The Phantom Corps 16: You Are In Command * 17: Yellow Killer * 18: A Knight's Pride 19: The Veterans 1A: The Labor Camps * 1B: Supply Line * 1C: Island of Exile 1D: Impossible Dream 1E: St. Stefano 1F: Ponies and Thieves 20: Maiden and Mercenary 21: Deadly Ballista * 22: Mountain Hunt 23: QUESTMAP34 * 24: Killing Blow * 25: In Pursuit of Thieves After 25 there are a lot of useless values so I will not go investigate on them. 26: Wife's Keepsake (Auto win) 27: Villain Hunting (Auto win) 28: Neam Medicine (Auto win) 29: Three Axes (Auto win) 2A: Barker's Poetry (Auto win) 2B: Shield of the Empire (Auto win) 2C: Nobleman and Girl (Auto win) 2D: Parental Love (Auto win) 2E: Stubborn Old Man (Auto win) 2F: Raijin Arrow (Auto win) 30: Mistake in the Shop (Auto win) 31: Forgotten Item (Auto win) ... Note: You must have at least 1 sidequest open to do this trick.If you don't want to start next chapter then you have to use the room mode and enter room 0x24 to reset the chapter.Note that chapter 1 can't be reseted. *** Berwick Saga Room Mod (L2 + Up to Enable, L2 + Down to return back to normal) D05039EA 0000FEEF 20555384 380600XX D05039EA 0000FEBF 20555384 8C460714 where XX is: 00: Office 01: World Map 02: World Map 03: World Map 04: World Map 05: Look like meeting room - Conversation with Formar the first time - The second time Formar gives you 10000D - Keep going to this room will always gives you 10000D 06: - Conversation with Rockefeller - The second time Formar gives you 7000D 07: Near the sea - Conversation with Elbert the first time - Second time Elbert gives you 7000D in your office 08: Dungeon 09: Black arena (soft locks) 0A: World Map 0B: Mountain - Conversation with Corona, there are also 4 ballistas there 0C: Sword and Shield Shop 0D: Spear Seller 0E: Bow Seller 0F: Seasonal Market 10: Stables 11: Atelier 12: Kingfisher Pavillon 13: Local Tavern 14: Mercenaries Guild 15: Veria Temple 16: Abbey 17: World Map 18: World Map 19: Lower Street 1A: World Map 1B: Merchant Guild - Warning : * Speaking to Alex will show the credits but the game continues afterward 1C: Collector's House - First conversation with Erzheimer, after this you can unlock Collector's House 1D: World Map 1E: World Map 1F: World Map 20: Conversation with Axel near the beach 21: World Map 22: World Map 23: World Map 24: Chapter Main Scenario 25: Unknown Storage house (Soft lock) 26: Smithing Guild (can exit) 27: World Map 28: A different version of Mercenaries Guild, used for VS Mode? Loading the END save when prompted will enable you to replay the last missions with Reese and Ward 29: Black area, (soft lock) 2A: Black area, (soft lock) 2B: Outside of Abbey , conversation with Luciana 2C: Black area, (soft lock) 2D: Black area, (soft lock) 2E: Office, conversation with Lynette and showing credit 2F: Mayor Office 30-31: Cannot enter - Can save every turn 201D635C 00600011 - How to hack Berwick Saga characters * First you have to get PCSX2 dev build which you can find by Googling PCSX2 nightly build When on game, pause by pressing Esc and click on the Debug tab/Open Debug Window - The debugger will be open, but since the game is paused you won't see any code, resume gameplay. Press CTRL-G while in the code window and input 0018D5A0 - After you go to the address double click it to add it to the breakpoint list - Now in game press Triangle to view the information of the character you want to edit, PCSX2 will break(pause until you hit Run) - Take note of the value in the s0 register, it is 0x01E1869C, We will add 0x20000000 (to get PCSX2 address) to it making it 0x21E1869C.We will only care about the 4th column from left to right.The other columns are useless even if it has values - After you got the address you can remove the breakpoint and click Run.PCSX2 will resume normally. - We will fire up cheat engine to change the player's info.Here is what I have found(replace s0 with the address which is 0x21E1869C in my case: * Name (2 bytes) = s0 + 0x0A * Class Address (1 byte)= s0 + 0xF * Avatar Address (2 bytes)= s0 + 0xC * Unit Type (1 byte) = s0 + 0x1C - 0x68: Player's Unit - 0x69: mercenaries or guests - 0x00: nothing - 0x10: enemies * Skill: s0 + 0x34 to s0 + 0x40 (which means 0x34, 0x35, 0x36,...->0x40) where each address is the sum of: Skill 1 = s0 + 0x34 - 01: Axe guard: Use axe as shield - 02: Longbowman: +1 bow range, -15Hit - 04: Huntsman: Ignore forest Avo when using arrows - 08: Aim : Arrow + 33 Hit - 10: Swimmer - 20: Resistor: +3 Res within 5 hexes - 40: Search: Look around for items - 80: One-Two: Take two attack actions in one turn Skill 5 = s0 + 0x39 - 01: Deathmatch - Attack with 5 rounds of combat - 02: Swap Horse - 04: Throw - Range 1 attack with +10 Hit - 08: Parry - May negate attack, but damages weapon - 10: Prepared - Auto-switch to weapon that can counter - 20: Robust - Cannot be injured or crippled - 40: ??? - Not Shown - 80: Focus Chant - Magical attack with +30Hit, +10-30% Atk Skill 6 = s0 + 0x3A - 01: Siblings - + 100 Crit to Reese when adjacent - 02: Horse Lover - Restore 20 HP to horse after chapter - 04: Robbery - 1/4 chance to steal from defeated enemies - 08: Despoil - Acquire gold off defeated enemies - 10: Knock Away: May unequip enemy shield upon hit - 20: Iaido - +33 Hit, +3 Crit countering with sword - 40: Pulverize: Double power of attack at the cost of defend (Axe or Blades) - 80: Mug II May steal an item on hit Skill 7 = s0 + 0x3B - 01: Miracle - May avoid a lethal blow - 02: Armsthrift - Slow down weapon degradation - 04: Hide - Become invisible in various terrain - 08: Hurry - +1 Mov , but can only Wait if used - 10: Lance - Can Equip Lance - 20: Blade - Can Equip Blade - 40: ??? - Not shown - 80: ??? - Not shown for example if you want Axe Guard and Long bow man then at offset s0 + 0x34 you should add 1 + 2 = 3, do it the same for other address - How to capture any character When the cursor is on any character, put the breakpoint at 0x00178554 and read the v0 register.The 4 bytes status flag is at v0 + 0x5C, if you +4 to the address and add 80 to that value that character will instantly become crippled and can be easily captured, use this method you can capture anyone instantly instead of reloading the save again and again and hope that the character is injured, and just because he is injured doesn't mean he will be crippled before he dies. - How to hack weapon View the character info using Triangle and put the breakpoint at 0x0017C590, after that read the s2 register it is their inventory address.
  2. I'm going to make it clear that the only reason that I delved into FETwiddler was because of a save data corruption, so I went "fuck it" and delved into stuff. Omega Yato in Birthright, alongside adding Gunter. But apparently I allowed units to learn enemy-only skills, and well... Omega Yato on Birthright. After some testing stuff out, I was able to get unshadowbanned by straight up removing my save data and not equipping beast/corrin/azura/enemy only skills since my castle is able to be visited by others. I'm still a little curious and confused on how the Shadowban works entirely, since all I know is that it can be reverted by removing the offenders and updating data, the aforementioned illegal/enemy only skills, and that's about it. Apparently, the check starts when you save or update data. However, I'm still at a loss on how it works full-scope. I now know that adding units like Gunter or items like Omega Yato are a huge no-no, it's just when it comes to items to be sure. Forging some items that can't be forged results in a shadowban, yeah? Some people say that the shadowban is permanent, others say that it can be reverted if offending stuff is removed, and I don't know what to believe at this point. I am so sorry if I look dumb for this, but honestly? I'd rather be dumb than get shadowbanned over and over again. So here are two questions I have. How exactly does shadowbanning work, alongside what causes it, and why do I no longer receive feedback even after it's revoked? The former is something that I do want to know to understand it better. As for the latter, I can only assume that it was because of the shadowban. I've even tried the 5-Minute Trick, except it didn't work. People can still visit my castle though. I thought that this wasn't a thing lately, even in 2022. But since this happened, it's most certainly still there. If adding an enemy-only skill like Dragonskin gets you thrown into Va- ...you get the idea. As in getting thrown into banland, then how come stuff like this has happened before? I still remember a time that a castle had two Kanas, and one Corrin had a Falchion despite it being impossible, and yet nothing happened. Even if this may have already been answered, I'd still like to get a better understanding on how shadowbanning works so I can at least try to avoid it as much as I can in the future.
  3. This is my first time posting here so I don't know if I'm doing this right. So, I'm playing the Lil' Manster translation of Thracia and in chapter 15 I picked the B route, which I don't regret, but I really wanted to have Sleuf, Misha and Amalda. Is there any way this is possible, like with cheats? That is, if it doesn't break the game. *Update: I'm in chapter 23 and I got all the characters I wanted so far but Saias is not appearing!
  4. "Make All Enemies Player Controlled", turns all enemies into player units. Previously, I have only seen this code available in a PAL format by [g6flavor] PAL Make All Enemies Player Controlled, push 1&+ ON,1&- OFF v2* [g6flavor] 283D02FA 00000210 20697784 01000000 00697784 00000000 E0000000 80008000 283D02FA 00001200 20697784 00000000 00697784 00000001 E0000000 80008000 However a year or so back I somehow translated it to work in NTSC. NTSC Make All Enemies Player Controlled 283D78DA 00000210 2066B828 702E7468 0066B844 00000000 E0000000 80008000 283D78DA 00001200 2066B828 702E7468 0066B844 00000001 E0000000 80008000 same controls apply to run the command. Hope you all enjoy and sorry if someone has already posted this but i figured as of the last time i looked around no one had.
  5. Hello there folks, I'm playing FE6 again just for fun, so,and I wish a could have a infinite binding blade to make roy a solo chapter god, but 20 uses makes me cry, so, is there any way I can cheat the game to give the binding blade infinite uses? I've played some romhacks that make some weapons infinite, but i need to hack a FE6 rom to make the binding blade infinite or i can do it other way? If anyone knows, please, teach me.
  6. Stat Modifier - add or remove extra stats 94000130 FFFB0000 621BED30 00000000 B21BED30 00000000 200000XX 000000YY D0000000 00000000 XX= 50 Max Hp 51 Str 52 Mag ...etc 5A lvl 5D Move YY= Number 10 means 16 9=9 if you want to remove stat from your unit just make it 0 This will make your units stat a default Growth Rate Modifier - it Adds to Growth rate 52050A10 0A000003 02050A10 E1A00000 02050A1C E3A000XX D0000000 00000000 xx for ex: if you make 05 you will add extra %5 growth for all stats Edit Item in Item Slot 5 94000130 FFFB0000 621BED30 00000000 B21BED30 00000000 20000070 000000XX 20000072 000000YY D0000000 00000000 XX Item Id - YY Usage Left
  7. Hi, I was wondering if there was a movement code I could use in Path of Radiance? I saw that Dolphin has some codes pre-built for Ike and Titania, but after turning the codes on, using them to beat the boss in chapter 15 without killing any laguz, and turning the codes off, I noticed the movement stats were still maxed out. I figured out a code that would turn Ike's movement back to normal, but I can't find any codes online that would help me return Titania's movement speed back to normal. Is there any way I could figure out how to do this myself, or do I need a specific cheat that's already out there?
  8. Yo! As said in the title, can we report renown cheaters (I mean, those people who have 9 999 999 renown) and kick them out of the rankings? Because, you know, I'm currently 19th in Europe but the first 6 people are cheaters and it annoys me (and probable some others people too) a bit... Thanks :)
  9. I've looked through dozens of forum posts on several websites, but I can't find the sanswer to a specific question. I want to test some simple cheats in Fire Emblem Fates, nothing to extreme, just some simple convoy editing since grinding and forging weapons in the game is bullshit (Maybe also make some units into funny classes for a short bit). However, I got confused as I looked into the "Shadowban Checklist". If I, for example, had Forrest as a Witch or Subaki as a Wolfskin, would I get shadowbanned if they weren't in my street pass team? Does having them as those classes AT ALL get me shadowbanned?
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