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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, guys. I'd like to talk to you about a dilemma I am in. Firstly, for this story to make sense you have to know that I live with my mother and stepfather, and my father lives elsewhere. In March, my Dad spoke to me out of the blue to tell me he was going to get married to his fiance of several years, who I am quite close to. I hadn't spoken to him person for almost two years, so it was nice to see him again. Over the weeks and months I visited him with my younger brother quite regularly. He used his phone a lot, and kept it with him all the time. I looked over his shoulder one time, and noticed he was messaging a woman from his workplace- he is a care-worker that works very long shifts. I noticed that he had messaged her saying she 'missed him' and was 'looking forward to work.' This didn't seem too bad, but it seemed strange. This continued for a few months- seeing the messages and him acting strangely. One day I stayed over because of a party that we had gone to together- his wife's mother's birthday party. I had the oppurtunity to look at his phone without him knowing, so I did. I went on his 'whatsapp' messager app and found the messages from her. They was definitely something going on- some of the messages were sexual, and there were pictures- nothing sexual thankfully. I took a photo of some of the more offensive messages. After this event I only met with him twice more, and now I have been trying to cut him off a bit. I feel sick having this information- my step-mother is a good, kind person who treats me like a proper member of her family. What should I do with this information? Also, any of you guys been in a similar situation with unfaithful parents? Thanks.
  2. I want to beat Lunatic+ with a +Skill -Def MU. The only way I can see this being possible is with really good level ups. Fortunately I have a digital copy of the game, so I can back up my saves. Does anyone know how to burn the set of RNs used for level ups?
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