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Found 1 result

  1. I always wanted to do an Awakening playlog and this place in particular is fond of them so I'm hoping at least someone will take an interest in mine here. I wanna do a high man, no kids Lunatic+ run. Highman runs are fun, even more so if no kids are involved, especially on Lunatic or above. I love the no kids variant as you have to raise a bunch of losers weaklings from beginning to end, making sure all of them pull their weight. There is always the decent possibility someone will lag and will be left behind so you have to backtrack. There is the equal possibility that someone will hog exp if they become too strong. This also means no Lucina, so Grima is harder to take down if I don't raise my units well. For the longest time, I avoided Lunatic+ because I didn't think I could do it. I found out recently I totally can. Counter is a nasty little bug, so my main way to deal with it is Nosferatu. I don't care, I'm not a good FE player. Couples I plan to use: Chrom/Sushi (an avatar name some people chose) Stahl/Cordelia Gaius/Tharja Henry/Sumia I usually get Libra and Olivia married through the art of dance. I'll do my best to get Frederick and Lissa to marry each other as well. My restrictions: No DLC No barracks No sparkly tiles I love Anna shops too much to give them up. Her items aren't free and may kill my budget if I am not careful, the same applies to why I don't ban the Bonus Box sellers. Poor money management can kill even the best of runs. I hope to begin this run by next week.
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