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Found 2 results

  1. https://www.twitch.tv/gigisimmons If anyone is interested in finding a new chill spot to enjoy some FE playthroughs, come hang sometime. FE won't be the only game I will stream of course, but at the moment I mostly stream that. Come watch me mess up! No capture card at the moment, but I'll eventually stream a variety of games I have in my game library. I have a bunch of systems to play off of ranging from retro to brand new. Either way, come chill sometime, it will be great to have you there! Starting a playthrough for Fire Emblem on the GBA and Fire Emblem Sacred Stones. I'll be going back and forth between the two and FE: Path of Radiance which I already started. Come hang out, enjoy the nostalgia!
  2. Hello everyone, It's great to discover a community like this. I was referenced by a viewer during one of my streams of FE and I had no clue of this site. Seems really cool and a lot of good information to be found. I have always loved playing Fire Emblem ever since I was a child. My first FE was FE: Sacred Stones and I played that through at least a few times. Still had trouble getting ever one in the game! Anyways, I stream a variety of games if anyone is interested in finding a new chill spot online. At the moment GameCube games is all I have been streaming. I'm getting a capture card soon and I plan on streaming all PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo systems. I'll probably get the GameBoy emulator running soon as well. So that finishes my introduction. I really did not know what to put here except my interests in video games, but I guess that's appropriate since this site is based on video games. Hope everyone's enjoying life and I hope to talk to you sometime on here or during one of my streams. https://www.twitch.tv/gigisimmons
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