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Found 2 results

  1. Hi again, I'm willing to play another run with specific units, but I don't want to be the one picking them (I feel like picking the same ones all the time). Also, I plan on using DLC for grinding but only to a certain extent (understand: reach the point where they don't need to be babysitted anymore; not when they're able to solo the game, it's not funny). I can reclass them once, only once, and like this: reach level 10/11 unpromoted, reclass, reach level 11/10, instant master seal. The goal is to have the same number of level ups than if I didn't reclass them. Another option (not as good though) is to reach level 10/11 unpromoted, master seal, reach level 11/10, reclass into a promoted class. Special classes are allowed to be reclassed at level 10 only (manakete, tag├╝el and villager). I prefer keeping manaketes in their original form though if they're not gonna get more than 38 level ups and a promotion. Because manakete is a good class with 6 move, great tanking ability, 1-2 range 80% hit rate base weapon and a buffed weapon available in spotpass (mostly used for grinding rather than in-game for ethics). DLC classes allowed, but I don't want to make full DLC teams, it's not funny (and brides are only useful for their skills since their weapons kind of suck for hybrid units). If I play MU, he/she is going to be played only for rally spectrum by endgame (+def/-str or something like that since it gives him/her the stats to tank late game ennemies without reclassing or getting stat boosters). This allows me to bring weaker units through the game by rallying them each turn and giving them the stats to be usable in late game (like not RNG-blessed Ricken, unlike the one I'm using in my current playthrough where he was blessed with 15 or 16 speed as a 20/1 dark knight) IF YOU WANT ME TO PLAY IN NO GRIND (story only and maybe paralogues) IT WILL BE ON NORMAL DIFFICULTY since I'm not in the mood to make shits like Miriel work without grinding and taking the 1st master seal for early bonus stats is not good since it kills the unit in late game (or even as soon as in the Valm arc). Or either way I only use strong units (units who don't suck the exp and are good to go when they join) but since I've already done this kind of run I don't want to do it again. I think it's gonna be a no support run (meaning no C-/B-/A-/S- supports) like the one I'm doing. Only Chrom is likely to get married unless I don't use any of his potential wives. Stupid auto-S support (-_-). If there are classes you want me to try for said unit, suggest them (Ricken GK XD or Zelcher Walkyrie LMAO). Spot pass is allowed for recruitment and shops (recruitment in order to complete dread knight or bride DLC, featuring Sephiran, Ike, Ashnard, Ephraim, Lyon, potentially black knight but I achieved to finish dread knight DLC with only the 5 ones written first without anyone dying and Chrom on Ashnard on the left castle) and also for the bullion at 1k renown (it saves me a gold DLC from the beginning and allows me to play it faster without my story-related units so they don't gain unwanted levels and don't waste weapons even if it's not a real problem), the second seal and any NEEDED stat booster (spotpass characters will get the spotpass legendary weapons but that's it). But no wyvern Panne, it's not funny because she's too strong. If you want me to make a spotpass units only run, suggest a game and units. I don't play uggly ones (except a few like the ones with Catria who got a graphic update, most units from games older than TSS are uggly so I won't use them because uggly isn't cool). The goal is not to play the ones with capped stats outside from DLCs. Default difficulty is hard/casual because hell no I'm exhausted of resetting for nothing. I can also play resetless (permanent death) if you want, it's up to you. PS: I'm gonna do the same for Fates later or in parallel, so if you have suggestions for Fates, go on. I have Birthright and Conquest, I'll do one for each route. Children are forbidden since they're no fun and recruiting some of them is a pain in the *ss*.
  2. I am going to play blind/blindly! I excluded GBA games, because I want some fresh air. I am going to use Shin Patch on FE 4, 'cause I love challenge and some balance ^-^ I am going to post my playthrough on forum, or at least try. Feel free to vote! And also feel free to tell me, why'd you exactly choosed this game. Feel free to tell me the tips about the game you chosen! Thanks for voting and posting :D
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