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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Today I'm presenting one of the most downvoted characters from FE: Awakening. Virion is a character who shows up in Chapter 1 as an archer with D-bows and an iron bow where most characters still have E in their main weapon (even Sully, Chrom and Avatar start at E everywhere and weapons with very bad damage, and Chrom has the worst personal weapon I've ever seen in FEs with 5 MT until chapter 24 or 25 correct me if I'm wrong). He can ORKO most pegasi and maybe some wyverns if you give him a strength support backpack. His speed is lackluster at first and his base class archer won't help him with it. But what people tend to call a bad class set is actually an excellent class set: Archer can give him some free exp from badly positionned ennemy flyers (no need to double for that and his accuracy is probably the highest in the game), plus it gives him more crit rate from skill and skill+2 and AP +10 hit/avoid. It allows him to get a mounted 8 movement promotion with rally skill and bowbreaker (LULZ) and a foot unit with hit +20 (LOLUSELESS on Virion)and bowfaire (nice support unit skill). He can go Bow knight>Wyvern lord/Griffon Lord (one more avoid skill+sword breaker and immunity to any non-magic effective weapon/ or Deliverer +lance breaker for mobility and knight/paladin/pegasus counterplay in most cases, if he goes for both Wyverns he gets immunity to paladins, pegasi, swordmasters, most GK, etc.). What I prefer and what I did in my current solorun with him is go for level 10 (actually 11 in my playthrough) reclass into mage before chapter 4 and then alternate between Fred and Chrom suport until he doesn't need Fred anymore. Mage gives him +2 mag (which helps a lot for his not so good base magic, 9+2 for me at level 1 I was blessed maybe)and then Focus for crit +10 LULZ like Virion doesn't already have insane crit with any thunder-type tome. Then go for Sage to get the god-tier tomefaire (god tier on him at least) and have decent def/res with good speed (finally) and magic (yes mine got to 31 magic at level 11/18/15 sage) then reclass into dark knight because 8 move and life drain (and maybe slow burn but I don't care he already has 30+ speed at this moment). Doesn't even need any other reclass. Just archer>mage>sage>dark knight is enough he can reroll dark knight until he caps any stat. Mine has around 40 speed and skil around level 7 DK and 35+ magic/strength with 25 like def/res. He has around 35% crit rate with 10 CR weapons and focus.
  2. I thought of this as a challenge run for once I start my Lunatic and Lunatic+ Run and wanted to see if anyone else had the same idea. Basically what I'm asking is this: If your avatar was only allowed to be in 3 different classes, which class sets would you pick? Classes not allowed: Lord, Lodestar, Dancer, Villager, Taguel, Manakete,Gender Specific classes and Conqueror. Since the Avatar starts off as a Tactician by default, you have the choice of either keeping the class line or swapping it for a different class once you obtain a second seal. You can still use DLC classes such as Dread Fighter or Bride and it will not count as one of your three classes. For Example: My Class sets would be Mercenary, Myrmidon and Cavaliar.
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