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Found 1 result

  1. So it's been a few years since I last played this game and... well.... I just felt like playing it. Not much to say here really, couldn't think of an opening or anything... Well this is my first time playing with the translation patch(kind of, I played ahead a bit on a different file right before this), so let's get to it. [spoiler=Let's see just how many prologues a game can have] Title screen or something. Doing hard mode because that's just how I roll. So a couple days I asked some people for avatar suggestions. The only one I really liked was a bald heal bot named Tonton, but I decided against it. I usually play as the male character when I have the choice, But as that's what I went with on my other file, I wanted to try something different. Same reason I went Myrm instead of Cavalier. The first of many. So the game starts and we are introduced to Katarina. "No, I want to become an Altean Swordmaster." Yes, "serve" Prince Marth. Truly a legend in the making. Didn't get a screen of Rody but he didn't say anything interesting anyway. Even in retirement, Jagen keeps his manly shoulder spikes. "...Should we tell him that there's only eight?" I don't know why, most of the competition appears to consist of two lolsoldiers, a lolarcher, and a cleric. Then why did you join the knight program? You know something doesn't seem right here. We're up. That defense is not suited for tanking at all. Which is why I end up doing such later on. Clearly. In other news, soldiers still suck. Boss time Boss time over Oh boy first level up... I'll take it. "I didn't know how I could prevail against such fearsome opponents." At least she admits her uselessness. Oh hai Marth What version of Shadow Dragon did you play? Last I checked, the Wing Spear and its Caeda were the heroes who ended the war. Even in retirement, Jagen strikes fear into people's hearts. But will Ashlynn and Katarina ever become knights? Will the next map be more than just a small box? Can Ashlynn ever live up to the legacy of my other avatar? Find out the answer to some of these on the next episode of this FE12 playthrough!(working title)
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