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Found 2 results

  1. Clive, Idealistic Knight Character Analysis: Clive is a Lance-wielding Cavalry unit who can be obtained as a Tempest Trial reward. His stat spread makes him incline to the role of being a tanky Cavalry unit with mediocre RES, his stat spread is also almost identical to that of Ephraim. Being a Tempest Trial unit means that he also has limited merges and is locked to just Neutral IV's like the Grand Hero Battle units. The big question here is that, is Clive a good unit? With investment, yes. He can be a pretty useful unit especially if you're one who's already making a second Cavalry team or you just need a tanky frontliner guy who can deal with physical units. Now onto his stat spread! Base Statline (Neutral IV) 4* Clive: 42 HP l 31 ATK l 23 SPD l 30 DEF l 17 RES 5* Clive: 45 HP l 33 ATK l 25 SPD l 32 DEF l 19 RES As said earlier, he's pretty bulky on the physical side making him an ideal candidate for Bonfire or Ignis, and has decent ATK to boot. Unfortunately his RES is mediocre and his SPD is middling so that means he must be kept away from mages since they can double-attack him; either he ends up dead or down in the red. Let's proceed to the builds! BUILDS Brave Lancer Clive 45 HP / 41 ATK / 20 SPD / 32 DEF / 19 RES 45 HP / 44 ATK / 20 SPD / 32 DEF / 19 RES ( with +3 ATK seal) W: Brave Lance+, AS: Reposition, SP: Bonfire A: Death Blow, B: Lancebreaker 3/ Swordbreaker 3/ Desperation 3 (only if with Brash Assault seal), C: Hone/Fortify Cavalry, SS: +3 ATK / Brash Assault seal This build aims to turn Clive into a physical Reinhardt. Death Blow makes his hits more harder, making Brave Lance+ hits become deadly. Lancebreaker so he can deal with bulky lancers or Swordbreaker for bulky sword units. Desperation 3 can be considered if you run him with Brash Assault seal. You can consider the +3 ATK seal for more punch. Bonfire is his special due to his good DEF stat and Reposition is pretty much self-explanatory. Blue Eldigan / Horse Ephraim 50 HP / 50 ATK / 28 SPD / 39 DEF / 22 RES (Slaying Lance+/Fury build) 50 HP / 51 ATK / 28 SPD / 39 DEF / 22 RES (Silver Lance+/Fury build) 50 HP / 47 ATK / 25 SPD / 36 DEF / 19 RES (Slaying Lance+/Non-Fury build) 50 HP / 48 ATK / 25 SPD / 36 DEF / 19 RES (Silver Lance+/Non-Fury build) 50 HP / 47 ATK / 25 SPD / 39 DEF / 19 RES (Slaying Lance+/+3 DEF build) 50 HP / 48 ATK / 25 SPD / 39 DEF / 19 RES (Silver Lance+/+3 DEF build) W: Slaying Lance+ (+4 DEF Forge)/Silver Lance+ (+4 DEF Forge), AS: Rally DEF/RES / Reposition / Draw Back, SP: Bonfire (Silver Lance+) / Ignis (Slaying Lance+/Silver Lance+ with Quick Riposte) A: Fury 3 / Triangle Adept 3 / Earth Boost 3 / DEF+3 / Close DEF 3, B: Lancebreaker 3 / Quick Riposte 2 / Quick Riposte 3, C: Hone Cavalry or any Hone (for mixed teams) / Panic Ploy SS: Close DEF seal or Hone seal that is not your C-passive / Panic Ploy seal My personal build for Clive is to turn him into a Blue Eldigan or Horse Ephraim. His stat spread is almost similar to the two characters that he can almost function similarly to them. For weapon, Slaying Lance+ is a good choice. Budget route can choose the Silver Lance+; use the +4 DEF forge to make him tankier. Assist can be either Reposition or Draw Back or if you want to really make him mimic Ephraim, then Rally DEF/RES. You get two choices for specials, either Bonfire or Ignis; I prefer Ignis for Slaying Lance+ builds or if you run a Silver Lance+ with Quick Riposte. Fury 3 is there for the nice +3 stat boost despite of the 6 Damage recoil, I'd say you run a healer with this one to keep him in LB or QR threshold. Lancebreaker or Quick Riposte 2/3 are your choices for B-slot so you can either punish lancers or punish enemies that poke Clive. Hone Cavalry is suggested for Horse Emblem teams; a Hone of your choice if you're running mixed teams. Panic Ploy as C-passive is also a choice if you wish to use him as a debuffer since he has high HP; but that means sacking a 5* Luke. Sacred Seal of choice can be either the Close DEF seal which allows him to become very tanky and CAN TAKE A HIT from Manaketes or if not, then a Hone seal then. Regarding the Close DEF seal, Clive gets an effective 45 DEF / 28 RES when attacked up close; however if Fortify Cavalry kicks in; then he gets an effective 51 DEF / 34 RES. Just imagine the damage that his Bonfire or Ignis can cause... especially the latter. Panic Ploy seal can be considered as the Sacred Seal of choice too since the seal is easier to obtain if one will use him as a debuffer. Other options for his A-slot are +3 DEF, Close DEF 3 and Earth Boost for Defensive variants. Triangle Adept is nice to turn him into a Red unit's worst nightmare. Ideal Teammates Clive works best in a full Cavalry team; thus I'd suggest having an extra Hone Carrier, a Fortify Cavalry and Goad Cavalry carrier so his offenses can reach full potential; and his defensive stats can become scarier given how strong Emblem buffs are. Being a blue unit means you need a Red unit around to deal with the green units. The biggest threats to him are green mages such as Nino, Sonia, Julia and Deirdre who can exploit his mediocre RES or those who are sporting Emerald Axes like Arthur, Narcian or Titania or have strong ATK power such as Cherche, Frederick and Bartre. If you're running him in a mixed team, I'd say his best teammate would be Lancina given how Geirskogul has a Drive boost to physical units. This thread is open for any additional data. CHANGELOGS: 12/23/17 - Added Panic Ploy as an option for Sacred Seal (credits to @MrSmokestack ) 12/24/17 - Triangle Adept added as option for A-slot passive 12/25/17 - Earth Boost added as option for A-slot passive, Also added Close DEF and statlines of non-Fury variants.
  2. I've tried, I've tried SO hard to keep you up to snuff, but I just don't think I can do it. I'd bench you if it were possible, but at least on normal (not sure bout hard) it seems like you always bring your entire army to every battle, so you just...sit around. I hate how much babysitting I have to do to get you to contribute in any meaningful way at all. Has anyone else had this problem with him?
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