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Found 2 results

  1. Having made it through Dark Souls Remastered and Dark Souls 2, it's time to round out the trilogy with Dark Souls 3. This time might be a bit more of a doozy. I've added the rule that the host of the world is basically a Lord, and a host dying will be permadeath for that host, and they'll have to start over. Also we got a new friend to help *insert Together We Ride*, who is a Thief. Also the two other are Mage Fighter, Pirate/Brigand. And I'm an Archer. We're squishy bois. We'll probably die. Feel free to watch as we potentially scar ourselves forever. Update on Dark Souls 3: We've, so far, only beaten Gundyr and Vordt, and our Mage Knight died and rerolled into Dark Knight. Which is fine, because our Thief also died and rerolled into Mage Knight. So, you know. Lateral moves. Thankfully we're not far, so rerolling isn't a huge issue.
  2. Hello, this is my LP of FE4. Here it begins. Hopefully you'll enjoy: I apologize in advance, if some units are going to die, because I'm very VERY bad at this game. [spoiler=Prolog part 1] Welcome to FE4 Genealogy of the Holy War. It's the first time that I play this game and it's also my first blind LP of a regular FE game. Since I'm enjoying FE5 a lot atm, I thought to start doing a LP of its prequel. Since it's blind LP I know almost nothing about this game. I know that for example skills and marriages exist, but I don't know, how exactly these mechanics work. I try to find it out as much as possisble by myself. However tips and hnits are always appreciated! So let's start this: A rolling timeline - cool! Never have seen it in FE before. Geography Judgral's (I show it uncutted, because I need it to understand the entire story) Grandbell Lots of douchfaces I know this guy Agustria Verdane Current situation I think I know, what they're going to do... Sirgod They're f**ked! Sirgod and Noish This is Oifaye, when he was a cute teenager. "Mr. Frankenstein" Ardan and Alec Map Since in FE4 the maps are much larger than in any other FE game and the fact that the SNES9x has a different image format than VBA, I can't show you the full map. I only will show you the images, where the main action takes place. Jungby in the south, which will be defended by Midir. Probably vainly... Chalpys in the east, where my units start. Another castle in the west, which isn't taken (yet). My allies Noish Noish is a social knight, who can use sword and lances. Cavaliers are divided in this game: sword, axe, lance and bow cavaliers exist; also cavaliers, which can use two weapon types already. So far as I know mounted units can't be dismounted in FE4. Explanation of some terms (please correct me, if I'm wrong): Lover: I believe, if you attack next to your partner, you'll get an automatic critical. Talk: If you talk to this person, you'll get a reward. Gold: ? Arena: ? State: ? Anima magic divided in this game like in FE5 and Tellius. His stats for level 3 are pretty insane. In general the base stats of the allies are pretty high for their level, because also the enemies have damn high base stats (will explain it later). Each of my allies has at least one skill. Noish even has two: critical and charge Tbh I don't exactly, what charge will do, but think I'll find it out sooner or later. Sigurd Sigurd is the main character of Gen 1. He's a lordknight. He has awesome weapon ranks (* = max rank I think). He also has two leadership stars, which could give him +10 hit and evasion like it does in FE10. Pursuit sounds like adept from the Tellius series, another attack. Overall a pretty damn good unit! Ardan Ardan is a swordarmor knight with expectable stats of a knight. Armorknights also seem to be split in sword, axe, lance and bow. He has nice sword rank and the ambush skill. It seems to work like FE13 vantage. Not as good as it's in FE5. Alec Alec is another socialknight. One level below Noish with accordingly lower stats. Same weapon ranks like Noish. He also has pursuit and nihil, which works identically like it does in FE10. It cancels the skill(s) of the opponents. Midir [ Midia is a bow cavalier. He can't do anything against all these brigands with her only 2 range weapons. His stats are alright. He also has pursuit and charge. Boss Now the castle in the west Evans is seized by this guy: Look at these stats: 55 HP and 16 speed - insane! Too bad that his weapons weigh him down so dramatically! The hand axe weighs 20 (!!!) and there's no buffer in this game. So his speed should be 0. Enemies In this chapter you only fight axe and bow brigands. Like I earlier said not only my units have pretty damn good stats, but also the enemies. The brigands have up to 40 HP. In the first turn I'm killing the first enemy. Right: Stats of your unit's weapon Left: Stats of the enemy's weapon One imprtant advice: You must defend the castle where you start. If an enemy captures it => Game Over; same goes when Sigurd dies. Also make sure to place an unit in this castle, whenever an enemy is very close to it. The castle throne also gives you very nice boosts. In the enemy phase Midir couldn't defend Jungy as I expected. The enemies capture not only the castle Jungby, but also Aideen. Aideen will be brought to Evans and a brigand destroys the bridge. First I must recapture Jungby! Enemies will come towards me and will burn villages! Two more allies - Azel and Lex Lex Lex is axe cavalier with excellent base stats and weapon level and two awesome skills: Ambush (like Ardan) and elite, which gives you double experience. Probably one of the best units in this game! Azel Azel is a mage with very nice base speed. He hasn't as awesome skills as Lex has, but still a pretty good unit I think, since is the first non physical unit in this game!
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