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Found 5 results

  1. I'll start: Blue and Pink are my favorite colors, because, the blue and pink merges much cuteness
  2. Second Edition Red vs. Green has returned! The rules are simple. Add one if you are red, subtract one if you are green. If the number is positive by the end, Reds win. If the number is negative, Greens win. The game ends when special colors are removed. We'll start at 0, whoever posts first can count it to -1 or 1.
  3. So Since I was thinking about this, what are you guys favorite hair colors for the kids of Fates? Mine are Selkie with azura's light blue hair color, :3 Velouria with Camilla's hair color, and Caeldori with Felica's hair color.
  4. I switched Ryoma and Xander's classes (because I thought it would be funny) in Revelations, and it really bothers me how Ryoma's horse has the normal blue colors. I think they should have at least changed it to red in a couple places. Another problem like this is Effie as a general. Her armor doesn't stay pink. Am I the only one bothered by this?
  5. Hey all, So Xander will be my Femui's nearest and dearest going forward, but... but... As wonderful as my Avatar's son is, he has stupid hair hair that's very hard to work with. While I can't do anything about those bangs, I can at least find a hair color that's halfway decent. Any ideas about what might look good or even okay? I'm thinking either dark hair, dark red or blonde but despite this being Lannister Emblem I'd really rather not look like Xander's biological sister.
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