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Found 4 results

  1. So, cross referencing across 3 or 4 different pages to see all the different stats, growth rates, abilities, masteries, and whatever else has been a huge pain in the ass. So I decided to put it all together into one big chart. I also did a little write up about Advanced Classes and Master Classes to go with it over on reddit. If you find this helpful, maybe give it an upvote for visibility. I know the chart is going to help me a lot in planning my future runs, so I hope it helps other people. [EDIT: The chart is now complete with all DLC characters and classes! If anyone spots any mistakes, let me know and I'll fix it up!]
  2. As you probably know, Fire Emblem: Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, introduced Combat Arts: techniques that units could use with certain weapons or equippable items, to varied offensive and defensive effects. This system was expanded on in Fire Emblem: Three Houses: more choices for Combat Arts, now generally costing weapon durability rather than user HP. Most combat arts can be used with any weapon of a certain category (ex. Smash can be used with any axe), but some especially powerful ones can only be used on a certain weapon, by particular characters (ex. Apocalyptic Flame on Freikugel, limited to those with the Crest of Goneril - namely Hilda, assuming no NG+). These are generally limited to Hero's Relics, the principal class of Legendary Weapons in Three Houses. The question I'd like to pose is this: if Legendary Weapons from previous games had exclusive combat arts, what would they be, who could use them, and what would their effect be? For instance, here are ones that I've come up with for the Sacred Twins in Sacred Stones: Sieglinde Siegmund Vidofnir Nidhogg Audhulma Excalibur Garm Gleipnir Ivaldi I have elected not to do one for Latona: it has so few uses to begin with, and I'm not sure what form a "combat art" with a staff would take. In any case, let me know what you think! Do these proposed combat arts sound overpowered, unimpressive, or just right? And what combat arts would you create for classic weapons, Legendary or otherwise? I look forward to reading your replies!
  3. I’m not able to find any information on how Combat Arts like Lance Jab are affected by their designated stat (Lance Jab’s is speed). What is the increase per point? Does anyone here know this formula?
  4. Gamefaqs resident here. Myself and another member put together this post: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/204445-fire-emblem-three-houses/77938108 Hope it helps. Feel free to put whatever you want up on this awesome site.
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