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Found 3 results

  1. For those of who are interested in the combos and pair ups. I am unsure if this has been posted on another thread, but I thought perhaps it would be good to have its own. Please lock the thread if admins feel it is not applicable.
  2. Check out this sick combo video from TBH4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUbQi5EQFrAnA47CmXjmmbXg&v=Z9ht7f0vHvY Also check out the Lucky v Mango set cause that stuff is so insane.
  3. Avatar with +Mag and any flaw that does not hinder Mag. Avatar's set: Sage class. HP and Mag capped Limit Breaker skill Vengeance skill Aggressor skill Tomefaire skill Magic +2 skill Thoron tome with Might forge max. A-Rank in Tomes Spouse's set: Sage class, Mag over 30. S-Rank support Other allies apply Rally Magic. MATH TIME Avatar's Mag cap: 50 Limit Breaker: +10 Tomefaire: +5 Magic +2: +2 Spouse's Mag stat support: +3 Spouse's Mag class support: +4 Spouse's Mag S-Rank support: +2 Rally Magic: +4 Avatar's Total Mag: 80 Thoron tome might: 14 Might forge max: +5 Thoron Total Might: 19 (Highest possible Mt for Sage, Mjiolnr/Valflame/Book-o-Naga is non-forgable, Aversa's Night is dark magic) Avatar's total Mag: 80 Thoron total Might: +19 Aggressor skill during player phase: +10 A-Rank in Tomes: +2 Avatar's Total Attack: 111 Total Attack: 111 Vengance with 1HP remaining: +[(79/2) = 39.5] = 39 Critical: *3 Total incoming damage: 450 Someone please tell me I messed up somewhere, because if it really is possible to incur over 400 damage in one hit then I'm gunna flip tables.
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